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Hazza42 commented on Gundam Ship Miniature by Hazza42
September 4, 2019
Gundam Ship Miniature
Hazza42 @Black_Knight Hi, I've just made it available in a bunch more materials including cheaper plastics. Let me know if there was a specific Shapeways material you would like it printed in!
Hazza42 commented on Cobra Mk III (Scale Model) by Hazza42
July 16, 2017
Cobra Mk III (Scale Model)
Hazza42 @MonkeysUnkle Make sure you get some 4A thrusters for her when you do, that'll make her the fastest ship in the game!
Hazza42 commented on The Jade Rabbit (1:6 Scale) by Hazza42
June 10, 2017
The Jade Rabbit (1:6 Scale)
Hazza42 @josueroblesnavy Absolutely! I've rescaled it for you here: https://goo.gl/P6wzVT
Hazza42 commented on Sovereign 8" Scale Model by Hazza42
April 2, 2017
Sovereign 8" Scale Model
Hazza42 @Masterscifiengineer No problem! there should be a less expensive 2" version available now.
Hazza42 commented on Pip Boy 3000 (1:6 Scale) by Hazza42
January 8, 2017
Pip Boy 3000 (1:6 Scale)
Hazza42 @nephlye106 You're correct! The controls are on the wrong side. This is an exact replica of the Pip Boy from Fallout 3 where, for some reason, the controls are on the left instead of the right like they are in Fallout 4. Maybe one day I'll get around to making a Fallout 4 Pip Boy with the controls on the opposite side.
Hazza42 commented on Pip Boy 3000 (1:12 Scale) by Hazza42
December 11, 2016
Pip Boy 3000 (1:12 Scale)
Hazza42 @AndySchulte105 Hey, if you're still interested, I've made a 1:6 scale version here: http://shpws.me/N4Qr
Hazza42 @harrycross03 unfortunately no since printing costs at that scale are far to expensive on Shapeways! This one is less than 2cm long and meant for 1/18 scale action figures
Extra Short Paddles for Xbox One Elite Controller
Hazza42 @fb69d6e I know, there's not really anything I can do about it unfortunately as Shapeways takes care of all the printing and shipping and not shop owners. Printing in stainless steel is quite a complex and length process though, that coupled with the fact that its currently the December rush and everything takes longer to produce.
Hazza42 @Riekopo I did used to, but there were allot of issues involved. The main two were that it didn't have as stronger magnetism for snapping into the controller as regular Stainless Steel. The other was that it had a slightly larger margin for error during the printing process and people were getting paddles that didn't fit and were too loose.
Hazza42 @sessha90 Unfortunately not, they're just a hair too big! They do still sort of fit, but they are touching and its affecting how easy they are to press. They fit great if the larger paddle is the other way up.
Hazza42 @sessha90 Same! That was the inspiration behind these. By the way, you can order official replacement paddles for the Elite Controller here: https://devicesupport.microsoft.com/en-US It requires registering your xbox one and choosing 'replace an accessory'. Then just choose the Elite Controller from the list and follow the steps. So you could use 4 of the official smaller sized ones if you wanted! They're still not as small as my ones, but at least they will all match.
Hazza42 @sessha90 That's for two paddles, left and right, like you see in the picture.
Hazza42 @trevor_griffin0726 No problem! The main reason I made them was to try and prove to Microsoft that there was a market for these small paddles. I would love it if they released official ones that matched the quality of the ones I already had!
Hazza42 @trevor_griffin0726 The colours don't match, but they do fit alongside each other no problem.
Hazza42 @jaretbb126 I'm sorry happened to you, occasionally parts can be printed slightly too large or too small due to the printing process. The missing magnetic snap though is odd. If you ordered in stainless steel then it certainly should snap in since all my prototypes did.
Hazza42 @zegreus Well that is certainly odd, you should have been given one of each. I have had quite a few orders of these lately, which Shapeways likely printed in a single batch, so it's likely that one of the engineers in charge of printing them simply got some mixed up, which also means someone else out there has two left paddles! I would definitely contact Shapeways and ask for a re-print. You can find the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the page. Sorry about the mixup! You're definitely eligible for a free re-print though.
Hazza42 @rogers_grant Thanks for the feedback, I may remove Acrylic as an option entirely. I know its cheaper but having the magnets to hold them in is what makes them usable!
Hazza42 commented on Mini Mini Nuke (1:3 Scale) by Hazza42
February 18, 2016
Mini Mini Nuke (1:3 Scale)
Hazza42 @MateriaHunter Here you go, a 1\6 scale Mini Nuke: http://shpws.me/LHrt Enjoy!
Hazza42 @MateriaHunter Absolutely! I'll let you know when it's ready.
Hazza42 @shaneh445 Thanks for sharing pics! It looks great! I wish I could sell it for less, unfortunately Full Colour Sandstone is a material where the machine space used makes up most of the cost and although it's hollow to save on materials, that doesn't save on machine space. I would be printing it at full scale if that didn't raise the cost to over £500!
Hazza42 commented on Hard Light (1:12 Scale) by Hazza42
January 29, 2016
Hard Light (1:12 Scale)
Hazza42 @Bouyeman Wonderful! Glad you like it!
Hazza42 commented on Gjallarhorn (1:18 Scale) 2 Pack by Hazza42
January 29, 2016
Gjallarhorn (1:18 Scale) 2 Pack
Hazza42 @Bouyeman They should be! I have multiple scales of Thorn and Hard Light on my store, but if the ones you ordered both said '1:12 scale' then they should both be correct. Being a hand cannon, Thorn is much larger than a regular pistol but it's definitely at the correct scale!
Hazza42 commented on Skyrim Daedric Sword Letter Opener by Hazza42
January 21, 2016
Skyrim Daedric Sword Letter Opener
Hazza42 @jameseye I personally use Cinema 4D, I know it's not the best for modelling (I hear Maya is very good) but it's the only 3D software I ever properly learned! It's also the easiest to pick up in my opinion after trying out a bunch of 3D programs and deciding to stick with Cinema.
Hazza42 @bnthridiot Thanks! Glad you enjoy it! I agree, it should be a little larger really, I've updated to to 5" tall for anyone who orders in in the future =]


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