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Curtis Clark


Pellaeon class Star Destroyer
Masterscifiengineer This would be awesome in Stainless! First Legacy Era ship ever in that material.
Weyland Yutani deep space transport cruiser
Masterscifiengineer Could this be modified to work in Stainless Steel? (You'll have to eliminate the sensor masts and possibly reduce the level of detail.) This is a really cool ship, I just don't like detail plastic as it has cracked on me before.
(Armada) Lucrehulk Star Destroyer
Masterscifiengineer Could you scale this down to 3 inches long and modify to stainless steel?
Masterscifiengineer commented on Basestar_lower by HavocsSpaceShipyard
December 16, 2018
Masterscifiengineer Stainless Steel please?
Terminator 1&2 Hunter Killer Aerial 1/120
Masterscifiengineer Could this be modified into Stainless Steel and Bronze? It would be more durable and a more appropriate material for a Terminator!
Roger Young Starship troopers 80mm
Masterscifiengineer Could this be done in Stainless Steel? Starship Troopers should have a Stainless ship.
Son'a Collector 1/15000 Metal
Masterscifiengineer This looks awesome!! I'll start saving right away.
Masterscifiengineer commented on Colonial Battlewagon by coines23
November 25, 2018
Colonial Battlewagon
Masterscifiengineer Stainless Steel please?
Masterscifiengineer commented on Shadow Omega 5 inch by PulsefireddotCom
November 11, 2018
Shadow Omega 5 inch
Masterscifiengineer Thank you!! I'll start saving up right away!
Masterscifiengineer Could this be modified into Stainless Steel? It would be the first metal Shadow Omega ever.
Lockheed Martin SR-91 Aurora
Masterscifiengineer Could this be made in Stainless Steel? I've always wanted an Aurora in metal!
Masterscifiengineer commented on Son'a Collector 1/7000 by coelian276
October 28, 2018
Son'a Collector 1/7000
Masterscifiengineer And an overall length of 4"?
Masterscifiengineer Stainless Steel please?
Colonial Battlestar Valkyrie 1:10000
Masterscifiengineer Could you modify this to print in Stainless Steel, please? There has never been a metal Valkyrie made yet.
Haunebu 3 Disk Aircraft (WW2 Fiction)
Masterscifiengineer I've always wanted a German UFO in metal, could this be modified into Stainless Steel?
Masterscifiengineer commented on Ju-287 V2 Bomber by HappyBattleSheep
October 24, 2018
Ju-287 V2 Bomber
Masterscifiengineer Could this be made to work in Stainless Steel? I've never seen this plane in metal.
(Armada) Cylon Basestar
Masterscifiengineer 3.5" Stainless Steel version please? There will never be a Titanium Series Basestar, so you're the only hope.
Masterscifiengineer commented on Xel'naga Keystone by Kebsou
September 29, 2018
Xel'naga Keystone
Masterscifiengineer It's perfect!!!
Masterscifiengineer commented on Xel'naga Keystone by Kebsou
September 10, 2018
Xel'naga Keystone
Masterscifiengineer Awesome work! I've always wanted to see this object in Stainless Steel!! While this size is very portable, could a bigger version (say 4") be made too?
V'ger 1/1000000 Attack Wing
Masterscifiengineer Could this be modified to work in Stainless Steel? This size would be perfect for my Steel fleet! V'ger is one ship that's never been done til now.
Taiidan "Saarkin-Cho" class Carrier
Masterscifiengineer Stainless Steel, please?
Masterscifiengineer commented on Hiigaran Battleship by Carter77
July 29, 2018
Hiigaran Battleship
Masterscifiengineer How about modifying it to work in Stainless Steel?
Qwaar-Jet (Stainless Steel)
Masterscifiengineer This ship is AWESOME in Stainless Steel!!! She is the first metal 3d printed Homeworld ship I've ever seen!! Hats off to you, Tempest_512!!
Masterscifiengineer commented on PlanetKiller by benaiah
July 20, 2018
Masterscifiengineer "They say there's no devil, Jim, but there is. Right out of hell, I saw it!" – Commodore Matt Decker, 2267 ("The Doomsday Machine") Solid Neutronium hull, Total Conversion Drive, Antimatter Neutralizer, Subspace Jammer, and 100% pure Antiproton Beam. Best planet killer ever!!!
(Armada) Baleen Heavy Freighter "Eravana"
Masterscifiengineer Awesome! Could you make a mmch version in stainless steel, please?
(Armada) Harrower Dreadnought
Masterscifiengineer Awesome! Could you make a mmch version in stainless steel, please?
(Armada) Pellaeon Star Destroyer
Masterscifiengineer Awesome! Could you make a mmch version in stainless steel, please?


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