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Enabled FUD and BHD materials for
1/1800 USN BB35 Texas[1944] 1/1800 USN BB35 Texas[1944]
matt_atknsn commented on UK CA York [1941] by matt_atknsn
April 1, 2018
UK CA York [1941]
matt_atknsn @ruixilyy Cheers mate; I have to do the masts relatively short, since as the longer they get the higher the chance the mast 'wire' would break off during printing :(
Check out this cool product! - UK CVL Furious [1941]
matt_atknsn favorited UK CV Furious [1941] by matt_atknsn
May 27, 2017
Enabled FUD and BHD materials for 1/1800 USN BB57 South Dakota [1942] 1/1800 US BB57 SouthDakota[1942]
Getting myself up to speed after the paternity leave; currently doing backlogs... first up: added 1/4000 scale option for this/these USN BB67 Montana [1945] (x2)
matt_atknsn commented on 1/900 Douglas SBD Dauntless (x12) by matt_atknsn
November 14, 2016
1/900 Douglas SBD Dauntless (x12)
matt_atknsn here you go sir:
matt_atknsn commented on 1/900 Douglas SBD Dauntless (x6) by matt_atknsn
November 14, 2016
1/900 Douglas SBD Dauntless (x6)
matt_atknsn here you go sir(s):
matt_atknsn commented on 1/700 F3H Demon (x6) by matt_atknsn
October 17, 2016
Heya fellas,

Been quite chaotic recently coz of my little spud (sleepless nights abound :D )

I'll be uploading the ships in the next few days. Below is the list of upcoming ships:
- US DD Farragut [1944]
- DKM CA Adm. Hipper [1941]
- DKM CA Prinz Eugen [1942]
- IJN BC B65 Project
- UK BC Renown [1942]
- UK BC Hood [1941]
- UK BC Hood refit (KGV-style with 8x dual 5.25")
- UK BB Prince of Wales [1941]
- UK BB Howe [1944]
- DKM BB Bismarck [1941]

After the batch, the list would have a UK BB 16E38 (a 4x triple 16" gunned Lion), DKM Gneisenau and Scharnhorst, then DKM light cruisers (nothing specific)... No WoWS German tech tree though :p

US WWII Battleship Row (1941, 9 ships)
matt_atknsn Hi casselsc, affermative for 1/2400, but unfortunately I cannot scale these to 1/6000; I've designed the tolerances with 1/4800 in mind... if I scale these into the smaller scale, the wall thickness will be below minimum :(
matt_atknsn commented on USS ZRS4 Akron by matt_atknsn
April 12, 2016
USS ZRS4 Akron
matt_atknsn Hi seadog1796, the top fin is separate from the model as the hole would help the evacuation of the support material from the interior. You can see the separate fin from the other side in the 360 view. Hth
matt_atknsn commented on HMAS Perth [1942] by matt_atknsn
October 9, 2015
HMAS Perth [1942]
matt_atknsn @Shinnentai Going to be hard differentiating groups 1 and 2 of the Towns in 1/4800 :D (render of HMS Manchester [1942]
matt_atknsn commented on French DD Le Hardi [1942] by matt_atknsn
October 4, 2015
French DD Le Hardi [1942]
matt_atknsn @aacmajor Hi, it's for the set of three vessels
matt_atknsn commented on 1/1800 IJN CL Kitakami[1941] by matt_atknsn
September 23, 2015
1/1800 IJN CL Kitakami[1941]
matt_atknsn Sorry, no; the model year (1941) is true for Kitakami and Ooi until the later half of 1942 when they were converted into fast transports.By 1944 they still acted as transports; until Ooi's sinking 19 July, while Kitakami was modified into a kaiten-carrier Aug 1944 - Jan 1945. Cheers!
matt_atknsn commented on US BB36 Nevada [1944] by matt_atknsn
August 3, 2015
US BB36 Nevada [1944]
matt_atknsn @Jnightfall Ouch! thanks mate, will have this fixed ASAP, sorry for the inconvenience :(


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