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ruixilyy commented on UK CA York [1941] by matt_atknsn
April 1, 2018
UK CA York [1941]
ruixilyy Suggestion: Please add longer mast to the ship. It will look much better. Thanks.
ruixilyy commented on 1/1800 US CA New Orleans[1942] by matt_atknsn
January 29, 2018
1/1800 US CA New Orleans[1942]
ruixilyy @ChucklesTF Yes, its FUD. FUD is great in detail but after some time the hull (especially for those narrow long hull like the cruisers) still tends to be bent to some extent. I have to use a hair dryer to make it straight (every several months).
ruixilyy New Orleans class CA Tuscaloosa. I add the top of the mast using plastic rod. It looks better with longer mast!
IJN Akashi, Taigei & Kashino 1/1800
ruixilyy The reprinted corrected scale items arrived two days ago. Here are the final results. I like this kind of auxiliary vessels! I would suggest that you may make the USS Vestal (repair ship), as well as the French submarine tender Jules Verne, and US seaplane tender Tangier.
ruixilyy @MastersofMilitary Probably I have to request a reprint of the set in the newly revised corrected dimension. The model designs are very sharp and so I do have high expectation for them.
ruixilyy Again, the IJN Kashino is wrong in scale. Kashino has the length of 137m, which should be about 7.6cm in 1/1800 scale. Now the model I received is 10cm long. It is about 2.4cm longer than what it should be! For the last ship in this set, IJN Akashi, the same issue: way way out of scale. IJN Akashi is 157m in length which should be about 8.7cm in 1/1800 scale. Now the model is 11.5cm in length, a 2.8cm longer than what it should be. For such expensive items I am totoally disappointed. Considering the great quality of the IJN Nisshin, Akatsushima and the Japanese destroyers Set I and II from the same designer, the Taigei set is really below the usual expectation .
ruixilyy Just received my FUD taigei set. Unfortunately Taigei is totally wrong in scale. IJN Taigei was later converted to IJN Ryuho so it should have the same dimension as Ryuho (which I also ordered and received today). The Ryuho model is correct in scale but Taigei is way too large/too long.
HMS Electra (E/F class) 1/1800 x5
ruixilyy E class destroyers HMS Electra, Express, Encounter, Esk and Eclipse, by Admiral Ting. Top view.
ruixilyy E class destroyers HMS Electra, Express, Encounter, Esk and Eclipse, by Admiral Ting.
ruixilyy commented on HMS Suffolk 1/1800 by direwolf
May 5, 2015
HMS Suffolk 1/1800
ruixilyy HMS Suffolk and Berwick (Admiral Ting), port view
ruixilyy HMS Suffolk and Berwick (Admiral Ting)
ruixilyy commented on Vampire (V/W class) 1:1800 x5 by direwolf
May 4, 2015
Vampire (V/W class) 1:1800 x5
ruixilyy Could you do this in Frosted Ultra Details?
ruixilyy commented on USS Chenango 1/1800 by squint181
May 1, 2015
USS Chenango 1/1800
ruixilyy So what's the difference between this one and Sangamon? Already bought 4 Sangamon so I am wondering whether to order this one or not.
ruixilyy commented on Taiyo 1/1800 by squint181
April 30, 2015
Taiyo 1/1800
ruixilyy My Unyo (Taiyo Class Escort carrier)
IJN Seaplane-Tender " Mizuho" 1/1800
ruixilyy My painted version.
Seaplane Tender IJN Nisshin 1/1800
ruixilyy This is a nice model and the details are perfect.
ruixilyy commented on 1/1800 US BB42 Idaho [1945] by matt_atknsn
April 17, 2015
1/1800 US BB42 Idaho [1945]
ruixilyy Hope the other US Battleships (in 1/1800 scale) can be released by Sunday!
ruixilyy commented on USS Constellation CC-2 1/1800 by squint181
March 6, 2015
USS Constellation CC-2 1/1800
ruixilyy My painted CC-1 Lexington (aka CC-2 Constellation). Admiral Ting.
ruixilyy commented on 1/1800 IJN CV Hiryu[1942] by matt_atknsn
February 26, 2015
1/1800 IJN CV Hiryu[1942]
ruixilyy My Hiryu. This is my 3rd Hiryu and this time I hand paint the red sun!
ruixilyy commented on South Dakota Class (BB-49) 1:1800 x1 by afrodri
February 26, 2015
South Dakota Class (BB-49) 1:1800 x1
ruixilyy My South Dakota BB 49


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