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Cynthia Howder


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker

DNA200 DNA250 mount+dual 18650 sled -Alpinetech P+
mamu @adriennestylez86 I've not worked with the G so am not familiar with its internal dimensions. The width of the DNA200 board + dual 18650 sled is about 51mm, so you would need an internal width at minimum that amount.
mamu commented on DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v1 Faceplate by mamu
April 29, 2016
DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v1 Faceplate
mamu @fb2c57f The v2 faceplate is the same size as the v1. I have instructions for these faceplates along with dimensions and mounting cutout:
mamu @fb2c57f I have a screen bezel/cradle, screen holder, and mounting plate for the DNA200. In my shop - DNA200 Section. Thank you.
mamu @sdmf74Here's a guide: 1: You need to know the inside width, height, and depth of the enclosure. 2: You need to know the width, height, and depth of the lipo pack you are planning to use. Listed dimensions do not include the discharge wires and balance connector wires - adding 5mm-7mm to the height should provide a good estimate as to how much height inside the enclosure the lipo pack will need. 3: The DNA200 board requires 71mm in height, 18mm in width, and 12mm in depth inside the enclosure. If you're going to use an XT30 connector placed between the underside of the board and the lipo pack, you'll need to add an additonal 3mm-4mm. 4: There are various 510 connectors available that have various heights. Both FDV and Varitube list the total height of the connector. Use that height and subtract the enclosure's wall thickness to get an estimate of how much inside depth the 510 will require - and don't forget that the center pin moves down when screwing an atty on - you'll need clearance for that movement as well as for the wiring soldered to the center pin. 5: Using the known dimensions, draw it on paper how you want to place each part inside the case. It's customary to place the DNA200 board along the side of the enclosure with the lipo pack behind the board and the 510 connector above the board and lipo pack. Don't forget that Hammond enclosures have corner screw posts that reduce the available inside dimensions.
mamu @oceanwhispers93 Well done! Thanks for sharing.
mamu @Chris_144 #0 and 6mm in length. I've heard that eyeglass screws are the right size, but I've not personally tried them.
mamu @lalemandrew You can use any buttons you want, but the button holes in this Faceplate are designed for the size of buttons that come with this Faceplate and also the v1 buttons I sell in my shop. If you want to customize the button holes, the better buy would be my DNA200 v1 Faceplate that has no button holes.
mamu @dude93308Thank you for the kind words - very much appreciated! Happy modding!
mamu @chronzzThank you!
mamu @yott - there has been no design change to the faceplate or screen holder. I'll need to see a picture of what you're referring to. If it is a defect in the print, then yes, contact shapeways - they will ask for a clear picture of the defect.
mamu commented on DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 - Mounting Plate by mamu
April 6, 2016
DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 - Mounting Plate
mamu @ianthusiast You'll need to subtract about 13mm off the inside width of this box for the space the DNA board needs - what is left over will be the space for a 3S lipo pack.
mamu @ianthusiast No, you do not remove the buttons on the board. Yes, you can use a 12mm fire switch, just be sure you place it high enough so that the switch's nut clears the top of the board.
mamu @fitribinahmad No, you don't need the faceplate. This mounts on the inside wall of the case.
mamu commented on DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v2 Faceplate by mamu
December 14, 2015
DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v2 Faceplate
mamu @jeansburger The faceplate is a bit wide for the side of the case, but it does fit if you drill the cutout for it carefully.
mamu commented on DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 Faceplate for 12mm Switch by mamu
October 24, 2015
DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 Faceplate for 12mm Switch
mamu @dean7188no, don't have a template. You can use the frame size and mounting hole size as a guide for the clearance needed. The DNA200 board is 71mm long and the fire button plus its nut is seated above the board.
mamu @shimmy1973 All dimensions are listed in the About this Product. *Mounting hole: 88.65mm x 20mm*
mamu @d_spiggal the frame dimensions of this faceplate is 91.6mm tall x 23mm wide, so you'll need to know the side dimensions of the box you're going to use.
mamu @lalemandrewAny 12mm button for the fire switch - I use Mitec MSW-1202. For the up/down buttons, you can use any v1 up/down button set in my shop, or 2x 4mm x 3mm magnets for the buttons with 2x 6mm x 1mm magnets for the button's flange.
mamu commented on DNA Large Screen Bezel/Cradle - v2 by mamu
October 7, 2015
DNA Large Screen Bezel/Cradle - v2
mamu @Nu2Dis the design does not meet shapeways minimum wall thickness to print in metal.
mamu commented on DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v2 Faceplate - no buttons by mamu
September 24, 2015
DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v2 Faceplate - no buttons
mamu @chronzz no, it's extremely cost prohibitive in metal.
mamu commented on DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 - Companion Template by mamu
September 11, 2015
DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 - Companion Template
mamu @alee132 Yes, the v1 Faceplate buttons holes are the same size as this Companion Template. Up/down button holes = 4mm round. Fire button hole = 8mm round.
mamu commented on DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v1 Faceplate - no buttons by mamu
September 8, 2015
DNA75 DNA200 DNA250 v1 Faceplate - no buttons
mamu @annanabel No metal prints, is way too expensive.
mamu @justmeindallastx - done.


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