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Platform Replacement w/Pits Full Kit for DeAgo
LrdSatyr8 @millerad76@millerad76 Since I have not had a chance to use the Paragrafix floor, I truly do not know. However, from what I have seen, the Paragrafix flooring probably requires the removal of alot of the support structure of the stock platform. Most that work is done for you with my replacement. As long as the areas where the pits are not removed it should have no problem working with it.
LrdSatyr8 commented on Maintanence Room for DeAgo Falcon by LrdSatyr8
February 7, 2018
Maintanence Room for DeAgo Falcon
LrdSatyr8 @oblagon2000i Listen... I don't know what your modeling skill level is, but just about any upgrade part that you buy for any kit will require some work in most cases to get to fit. There is no photo trickery there at all. You wanted evidence, I provided it. If you're not happy I apologize. Many have purchased this kit and didn't have any problems. I have it in my own build and didn't have any problems. I have offered a solution, showed proof that it does work and you continue to flame. Just can't please some people!
LrdSatyr8 @oblagon2000 Oh... I'm sorry... wrong picture... I really don't know what I'm talking about... perhaps this should convince you. I didn't make this room... it was made by Dragnse7en and he did tell me that you had to sand the sharp corners on the back of it to fit, but I put it in my build a long time ago. But I do know it does work and of all the people that have put this in their builds you're the only one that has had any issues.
LrdSatyr8 @oblagon2000i don't know what you're doing wrong but this fits perfectly. I've got it in my build and the hallway tube isn't affected at all! Many people have purchased this room and installed it with no problem. Just because you cannot figure out how to fit it doesn't mean that it's defective. I don't appreciate the defamatory comment at all!
LrdSatyr8 @dragnse7en Fixed... my apologies
Turret Tube Hall Replacement HD for DeAgo Falcon
LrdSatyr8 @oblagon2000 I understand, but then again the cushions are a major component to the structure so it really isn't feasible. The stuff pictured is the WSF.
LrdSatyr8 @oblagon2000 I've thought about that, but the cushions are so far apart that they aren't that difficult to paint. Here's mine...
LrdSatyr8 @fb9c045 can't wait to see them in your kit bro... Send me lots of pics when you get them
LrdSatyr8 @fb9c045 remember, the tube itself will not connect the turrets, it's not suppose to, it will merely appear from the inside as it does. The geometry of the Falcon itself makes connecting the tubes in the position that this hallway appears in the movie impossible. This just makes that area look more accurate to the movie. Read the description above.
LrdSatyr8 @fb9c045 yes... This will completely replace the hallway that comes with the DeAgo and fits perfectly with the turrets
Christopher MacBrian's Maintenence Room for the DeAgo Falcon is back! - http://shpws.me/OUsf Maintanence Room for DeAgo Falcon
Recent Update - Landing Bay Tri-fold Bay Doors v2 - http://shpws.me/OKXI Opened Tri-Fold Bay Doors v2 for DeAgo Falcon
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/OKP7 Platform Replacement with Single Pit for DeAgo Fal
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March 21, 2017
I finally got a new product for everyone. A replacement platform with built in adjustable pits that should work with any floor including the stock one. Lemme know what you think! http://shpws.me/OeUI Platform Replacement w/Pits Full Kit for DeAgo
Front Wall Insert v2 with Separated Tube for DeAgo
LrdSatyr8 @fba6ee2 yep... Just like I stated in the description. I made a complete wall with this part already in it as well if you want to have a frame of reference.
LrdSatyr8 @fba6ee2 yes it does
ESB/TFA Corridor Light Kit for DeAgo Falcon
LrdSatyr8 @fba6ee2 I made them specifically with the use of a 1.8mm LED but you should be able to leave the tube section off and use a 3mm with little modification
LrdSatyr8 commented on DeAgo ESB Bunk Wall by LrdSatyr8
December 22, 2016
DeAgo ESB Bunk Wall
LrdSatyr8 @rberry0166 Yes it does... it was specifically made to fit the stock bunk!
NEW - Open Landing Gear Bay Doors for the DeAgo Falcon! - Check them out now... http://shpws.me/MVzn Open Landing Bay Tri-doors for DeAgo Falcon
LrdSatyr8 favorited deAgo cockpit lightproof cover by tengel
October 17, 2016
LrdSatyr8 added products to a list
October 5, 2016


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