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Matt Groff


Model builder

fba6ee2 commented on YT1300 DEAGO HEADLIGHTS by TonyRR
November 26, 2018
fba6ee2 Tony is the grill open to see the light and how can it be light blocked ?
fba6ee2 Looks great. I hope you make more conversion parts to make it look like the McQuarrie version.
fba6ee2 commented on DeAgo Falcon Hold Bunk ESB by Doublefire
June 6, 2017
DeAgo Falcon Hold Bunk ESB
fba6ee2 Dude, this is the best set up I have seen! Are you doing more?
fba6ee2 commented on YT1300 DEAGO LANDING BAY DOORS by TonyRR
March 26, 2017
fba6ee2 Thank you TonyRR. I appreciate it. Cost isn't too bad, especially for your design. You make great stuff!
fba6ee2 Hi Tony, Can you make your doors available in FUD? I just cant buy that grainy low quality plastic anymore. Plus do you have other pictures of your doors? More computer renderings? I can't find any on the Face book groups. Thanks. MATT
fba6ee2 HI Tony, do you have any pics of these installed?
DeAgostini Millennium Falcon Sublight Grille (one
fba6ee2 Really like this dude!
DeAgo Falcon Safety Lights Black Hi-Def Acrylate
fba6ee2 Hi Redwolf, so these work with Chris Holland's warning lights?
DeAgo Falcon Engine Grill Bent So It fits boundary
fba6ee2 Redwolf, can this be made with FUD or anything actually smooth?
fba6ee2 Your stuff is top notch. Can you have FUD available?
fba6ee2 Looks good!
fba6ee2 commented on Falcon DeAgo Cone v4.1 by ralph_conway
January 13, 2017
Falcon DeAgo Cone v4.1
fba6ee2 Hi Ralph, Can you elaborate on your cleaning method that involves olive oil soap and water. How much of each liquid? ,Thank you. Matt
Front Wall Insert v2 with Separated Tube for DeAgo
fba6ee2 @LrdSatyr8. Thanks James, just wanted to make sure.
fba6ee2 So I take it I will need to cut a rectangle hole the same size as the back pipe frame for this to be installed?
fba6ee2 @LrdSatyr8thanks James
fba6ee2 Hi, I have this part coming to me and was wondering if your ESB bunk wall will still work with this? I plan on using the stock bunk. Thanks.
deagostini Millennium Falcon Landing Gear Rod able
fba6ee2 @redwolf2008will this turn out grainy and hard to finish?
ESB/TFA Corridor Light Kit for DeAgo Falcon
fba6ee2 Can I modify the tube for a 3 mm led to fit?
fba6ee2 commented on YT1300 DEAGO HALL PILLARS BIG SEPARATE TUBES by TonyRR
December 31, 2016
fba6ee2 Well fingers crossed, I just ordered your part. Hopefully it will match as I prefer your design. Im not sure whos is more accurate though. Your top front is reset deeper with the thin tubing while the other top front is more flush without the tubing.
fba6ee2 Hi TonyRR, can you confirm that this will work with the Falcon Deeper hold wall part 3 made by 3Dynamics? I just order it and didn't think about the new added wall. I guess it's the angle I'm worried about. Thank you.
DeAgo Millennium Falcon Floor Extended alt version
fba6ee2 Hi bluevoice, my floor and other parts from you shipped from Shapeways a few days ago and I was wondering how your floor mounts to the stock mount. I know I have to do some cutting because of the added deep maintenance bays but does your floor have at least two of the mount locations like on the stock floor? Thanks
fba6ee2 Your welcome. Thanks for the picture. I just ordered, the floor, floor grid, maintenance bays, and froor expansion parts 2 and 3.
fba6ee2 Ok cool. Thanks for doing this. It's fantastic. As long as you can confirm all the components for the extended cargo hold work with the stock falcon kit in going to order all the parts. Good luck with the move. I know its not fun. Moved last year into a new home and im still unpacking.
fba6ee2 Thanks Bluevoice, so can I go ahead and at least buy the floor and grid?
fba6ee2 Any update on all the parts working?
fba6ee2 commented on deAgo cockpit lightproof cover by tengel
December 11, 2016
deAgo cockpit lightproof cover
fba6ee2 Thats awesome. Thanks, I'll put an order in.
fba6ee2 @tengel. Thank you. How well does it block the light?
fba6ee2 Hi, do you have any pics of this installed?
ESB Port Side Wall for DeAgo Falcon 1 of 2
fba6ee2 Hi, what material is best out of these two, polished or non polished?
fba6ee2 commented on DeAgo Millennium Falcon Main Hold Floor by tengel
November 30, 2016
DeAgo Millennium Falcon Main Hold Floor
fba6ee2 @tengel Yes please look into a mounting bracket.
fba6ee2 Yes, please let is know if this secures to the mounting bracket shown.


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