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jscott991 commented on Vindicator Cruiser (1/7000) by Mel_Miniatures
February 18, 2017
Vindicator Cruiser (1/7000)
jscott991 Nice looking. This ship would look so much better with a smaller keyhole. :(
jscott991 @Mel_Miniatures What about keeping the "hole" but making the part that juts out a little flatter? Is that a possibility?
jscott991 @Mel_Miniatures Any chance you would make a version of this with a smaller keyhole or even no keyhole at all?
jscott991 commented on (Armada) Dreadnaught v2 by Mel_Miniatures
January 1, 2017
(Armada) Dreadnaught v2
jscott991 This ship is positively gorgeous in person, but it's HUGE. It doesn't fit very well with the FFG Victory or ISD. Why so big?
jscott991 commented on Enemy Battle Cruiser 005 by occam13
December 11, 2016
Enemy Battle Cruiser 005
jscott991 @occam13 This truly looks fantastic in person. It is probably the best of its kind. The only problem is that it is just a bit too small to be a 1/3788 represenation. It doesn't quite fit with a FASA/Gamescience Fed CA (SFB scale).
jscott991 commented on 1/3788 Magellan Cruiser v2 by shiftdel
November 11, 2016
1/3788 Magellan Cruiser v2
jscott991 Then don't worry about it. The black hi-def is probably what i will order in that case. Thanks again!
jscott991 @shiftdel Thanks! Looks great. Any chance you could offer it in WSF polished?
Baker Class REFIT  New Axanar Ship
jscott991 @Nashstarshipyards How about a saucer section width of 1.367 inches?
jscott991 @Nashstarshipyards Why does the Baker refit not scale with the Axanar Baker and the regular Baker? The saucer is significantly bigger for some reason.
jscott991 commented on 1/2500 Magellan Cruiser v2 by shiftdel
November 8, 2016
1/2500 Magellan Cruiser v2
jscott991 @shiftdel I really appreciate it!
jscott991 @shiftdel Would you consider doing a version of this a bit smaller, 1/3788 scale, to go with SFB miniatures?
jscott991 commented on Enterprise by Nashstarshipyards
November 2, 2016
jscott991 @Nashstarshipyards Again, great ship once it's printed. However, like your other JJ ships, I think the nacelles mounting struts need to be a little thicker to avoid warping or bending during shipping. The first one I received was actually broken and the second was quite bent up (although heat fixed it to some extent).
jscott991 commented on Enterprise Class A by Nashstarshipyards
November 2, 2016
Enterprise Class A
jscott991 @Nashstarshipyards This is a fantastic looking ship once it's printed. However, the two that I've received from Shapeways have problems with the nacelles being warped. I think you need to make the struts attaching the engines to the engineering section a bit thicker. It would help a lot and wouldn't hurt the look.
jscott991 commented on Kelvin Type TOS Style V1 1/3788 by coelian276
October 31, 2016
Kelvin Type TOS Style V1 1/3788
jscott991 @coelian276 These looks great in FUD. I would recommend making the phasers on the top of the saucer stand out a little more. They don't really show up in the printed version as well as the two on the bottom of the saucer for whatever reason. I ended up getting 4 of these and it's the same thing on all of them. Otherwise a perfect replacement for the rather clunky Fed Destroyer and Scout by Zocchi or SFB.
jscott991 @coelian276 Awesome! Any chance of the Kelvin Enterprise being made in this scale?
jscott991 commented on Klingon Battle Cruiser 1to5000 by apollo
October 22, 2016
Klingon Battle Cruiser 1to5000
jscott991 @apollo I will keep watching for the update. :)
jscott991 Seems to be missing it's impulse engines.
jscott991 favorited Klingon Battle Cruiser 1to5000 by apollo
October 10, 2016
jscott991 commented on Enterprise 2009 by lord_of_the_red_rings
October 9, 2016
Enterprise 2009
jscott991 @lord_of_the_red_rings This is a solid design (I ordered it in WSF). However the lack of impulse engines and the photon torpedo launcher is kind of noticeable at this size.
jscott991 commented on Kelvin by jamesspecketer
September 29, 2016
jscott991 This is a solid design. However, having bought it in WSF, I highly recommend further buyers to just pay for FUD. The WSF washes out most of the details.
jscott991 favorited Kelvin by jamesspecketer
September 28, 2016
Constitution Class (Kelvin Timeline) 1/7000
jscott991 @Justadude87 Awesome paint job. She sure is tiny.
jscott991 commented on Uss Kearsarge by jamesspecketer
September 15, 2016
Uss Kearsarge
jscott991 Any chance of this being offered in WSF polished?
A note to miniature designers: scale matters. Are you building ships in 1/3788 (SFB scale), 1/7000 (Micromachine TNG), 1/1800 (Axis & Allies), 1/3125 (Federation Commander), etc. This really makes a difference.
jscott991 favorited 1/1800 IT CV Aquila [1943] by matt_atknsn
September 6, 2016
jscott991 commented on Hiigaran Heavy Carrier by OmniJackal
September 1, 2016
Hiigaran Heavy Carrier
jscott991 This looks extremely similar to the Fifth Element cruiser, which I've been looking for a while.
jscott991 commented on 1/1800 KM Mackensen BC by Variable
August 31, 2016
1/1800 KM Mackensen BC
jscott991 This is the best looking WWI ship on Shapeways ( I think I own them all). However, the WSF polished is extremely prone to damage. The masts, turrets, and things that stick out on the sides have all arrived broken or bent. It's quite a crapshoot.
jscott991 commented on (Armada) Venator Star Destroyer by Mel_Miniatures
August 26, 2016
(Armada) Venator Star Destroyer
jscott991 @GottMitUns205 That's an absurdly well painted Venator!
jscott991 commented on Von der Tann (Panzerschiff P) 1:1800 by direwolf
August 26, 2016
Von der Tann (Panzerschiff P) 1:1800
jscott991 You should consider offering these in polished WSF. They look very good in WSF (I have your Scharnhorsts and Lutzows), but I've noticed the polished takes some of the graininess away.
jscott991 commented on (Armada) First Order Set by Mel_Miniatures
August 25, 2016
(Armada) First Order Set
jscott991 Very cool. Hoping you'll tackle the First Order Star Destroyer at some point.


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