Walter Keppler


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist

Check out this cool product! - 1/5000 Kteremmy D12 - 251 m (w/support)
1/7000 Joshua Paul Heavy Frigate - 04 ships pack
shiftdel Done, I had to increase the thickness of some parts. There is no price difference between 1 ship and this ship pack, so I am releasing the pack as requested:
shiftdel @johnmck21870I can make in WSF, although I am not sure if there is any advantage of a ship pack like this on this material. I will see wish option will be cheaper.
Check out this cool product! - 1/7000 Hutzel E - Heavy Cruiser
Check out this cool product! - 1/7000 Hutzel D - Survey Cruiser
Check out this cool product! - 1/15000 Korolev heavy cruiser - Pack of six
shiftdel commented on 1/7000 Korolev Heavy Cruiser - solid by shiftdel
March 10, 2017
1/7000 Korolev Heavy Cruiser - solid
shiftdel At the end, it seems that it can be printed in WSFP, although the refusal to print rates on SW on polished materials is higher.
shiftdel Yes, I am already working on thickening some thin parts, in order to release on this material (only WSF, for WSFP I would have to thickening too much, it would kill the model).
1/2500 - Hutzel A - ECM Cruiser (solid nacelles)
shiftdel Yes, but I will need to enlarge some parts, as they will too thin to survive the printing process.
Check out this cool product! - 1/7000 Scimitar Fast Destroyer - 08 ships pack
shiftdel commented on 1/3788 Magellan Cruiser v2 by shiftdel
November 11, 2016
1/3788 Magellan Cruiser v2
shiftdel Thanks, polished materials are hard to work, I would need to thick a lot of places, and it would probably kill the model lines.
shiftdel I could, but it will probably be refused to print by Shapeways, because it do not fit the minimum wall thickness requirement for this material
shiftdel commented on 1/2500 Magellan Cruiser v2 by shiftdel
November 9, 2016
1/2500 Magellan Cruiser v2
shiftdel It is available now:
shiftdel yes, I can, I will work on it and I will let you know when it is done.
1/7000 Joshua Paul Heavy Frigate - 02 ships pack
shiftdel No, I would need to make major changes on the models, as they would not comply with the minimum wall thickness for this material, and the price difference, at this size and number of ships, is not as much to compensate the use of a much lower quality material as WSF.
shiftdel commented on 1/2500 Destroyer Jenghiz V3 by shiftdel
October 22, 2016
1/2500 Destroyer Jenghiz V3
shiftdel Are you meaning a deflector like NX01 one, in a cut in front of the saucer or the FASA style? The later would be difficult to be printable at this scale, certainly would be rejected for WSFP, or maybe even for WSF.
1/2500 QuD (Insurrection) Frigate - Attack mode
shiftdel It would be quite difficult to release it in 1/7000, at 2.2 cm total length, the disruptors would be too thick to look right, but I will see what can be done
1/7000 Destroyer Jenghiz v1 - 10 ships pack
shiftdel I´d released yesterday some packs with the Akula class: 6, 8 and 10 ships:


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