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jasolo commented on CIWS+RAM (x12) by jasolo
November 12, 2019
CIWS1 (x12)+CIWS2 (x12)+RAM (x24)+Harpoon (x24)
jasolo @JHead Yes. Do you want the same numer of elements (72)? Half?
jasolo @chrisswim I've reduced the model to 1/285 at
jasolo I can reduce it to that scale save the diameter of the cannon of the CIWS because of the rules of the Frosted Ultra Detail plastic (must be 0.6 mm instead of 0.44 mm). And maybe the Harpoon will cause problems during the cleaning (little space between the missile tubes).
jasolo The scale is around 1:265.
jasolo commented on F-35 (25x) (1:340) by jasolo
October 24, 2016
F-35 (25x) (1:340)
jasolo Done, @fb3f43c , check this url:
jasolo @KOOLHOVEN , this aircraft is also available as 1/300: The scale 1/340 is for its use with ships made with Tente, a construction game similar but incompatible with Lego.
jasolo commented on F-35 (15x) (1:300) by jasolo
July 29, 2016
F-35 (15x) (1:300)
jasolo El límite para WS&F sería 1/420, con espesores de 0,7 mm. Por otro lado WS&F tiene la pega de ser poroso, con superficies escalonadas y menos detalle que Acrylic. Lo del pie clásico no sería problema, me supongo que en las piezas hechas con moldes era la mejor solución, pero con la impresión 3D se pueden obtener pies más realistas.
jasolo @Atlantis A 1/600 las paredes serán más finas y no se podrán imprimir en WS&F. El único material negro para esos espesores sería Black High Definition Acrylate, pero de momento está en fase de pruebas y disponible sólo para los diseñadores.
jasolo commented on Antena radar (Radar antenna) by jasolo
June 29, 2016
Antena radar (Radar antenna)
jasolo @rtangwai Check this:
jasolo @rtangwai I can join several of them with sprues to low the cost. How many?
jasolo commented on Jet1 20x by jasolo
May 6, 2016
Jet1 20x
jasolo @rtangwai Just uploaded the model with 20 2-tailed jets:
jasolo @rtangwai How many? 20?
jasolo @rtangwai The 1 tail version was a discarded idea as told by an Exin exworker. I can make a pack of several 2 tails jets if you are interested on.
jasolo commented on Escherian Head Earring by jasolo
December 6, 2015
Escherian Head Earring
jasolo I packed one once in a small plastic bag and it squished top to down as a spring, but got its original shape after stretching it out. Yours seems to be squished right to left, so maybe it could be unfolded. Strong & Flexible material should withstand the process without breaking.
jasolo @bcbasslet You should contact the customer service team (Contact Us link at the bottom of this page) to ask a free reprint or at least a refund.
jasolo commented on Universal Ring Dial 2 by jasolo
April 27, 2015
Universal Ring Dial 2
jasolo @nordmed With other materials you lose the detail of the marks (Strong&Flexible) or they lack the needed elasticity to mount the sundial (you need to deform a little some parts to insert others. Metallic real sundials use pins as axes instead). About the other detail plastics, black doesn't seem good for seeing the marks and transparent color has also problems of visibility.
jasolo commented on (1:285) CIWS+RAM+Harpoon (x12) by jasolo
April 12, 2015
(1:285) CIWS+RAM+Harpoon (x12)
jasolo @chrisswim Check this:
jasolo @chrisswim The scale of all the items with CIWS, RAM and Harpoon is around 1:265 when it's not indicated the scale.
jasolo commented on OtoMelara canon 8x by jasolo
April 12, 2015
OtoMelara canon 8x
jasolo @chrisswim The scale is 1/320.
20 CIWS + 10 RAM-1 + 10 RAM-2 + 12 Harpoon
jasolo @chrisswim The scale of all the items with CIWS, RAM and Harpoon is around 1:265 when the scale is not indicated.


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