JHead commented on Type 055 "Renhai" by Wits
24 days ago
Type 055 "Renhai"
JHead ...and one more. see them all at my Flickr Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeff_head/albums/72157664037285468
JHead Another pic:
JHead I got the 1/350 scale 3D model and then detailed it out. Here's how she looks with a Z-19 helo on the pad to the rear and with detailed CIWS, FL-3000N (HH-10 missiles), etc. Great Job Dutch Naval Miniatures!
JHead commented on Gerald R. Ford Island by Wits
26 days ago
Gerald R. Ford Island
JHead ...and one more:
JHead Another pic of the 1/350 scale Ford Island:
JHead The 1/350 scale version turned out GREAT on my 1/350 build of the USS Enterprise, CVN-80, the third Ford class carrier. 1st steel was cut on her this year. Added details, railin, sensors, personnel, etc. See the youtube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SHcc9Q_s10
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December 9, 2017
JHead commented on Braunschweig Class by Wits
August 19, 2017
Braunschweig Class
JHead Any plans for a 1/350 scale version of this German corvette?
JHead favorited Admiral Gorshkov 1/350 by Wits
August 7, 2017
JHead commented on F125 Baden-Württemberg Class by Wits
June 9, 2017
F125 Baden-Württemberg Class
JHead This was a great build and thanks for including my photos. I built the F222 Baden-Württemberg vessel. Again, we are able to get vessels here in 1/350 scale that simply are not available anywhere else on the market. Thanks Dutch Naval Miniatures!
JHead commented on Admiral Gorshkov 1/350 by Wits
June 9, 2017
Admiral Gorshkov 1/350
JHead As with the F222, German Baden-Württemberg I built from Dutch Naval Miniatures in 1/350 scale, this Russian Gorshkov class Frigate was also GREAT. Thanks Wits (Sander Witsenburg) for putting vessels out there in 1/350 scale that we simply cannot get anywhere else!
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January 9, 2017
1:350 Scale USS Ronald Reagan 2006-2012 Update Set
JHead Here's another pic showing that aft-port quarter and the sponson for the Phalanx. These were added in late 2014 to early 2015, which gave the RR a full 2 x RAM, 2 x ESSM Launchers (Mk-29), and 2 x Phalanx self defense capability.
JHead Currently there are also two Phalanx CIWS mounted on the Ronald Reagan. One of them you have covered because it sits on the starboard forward Sea Sparrow/ESSM sponson, on the flat spot behind the ESSM launcher. The other is on the port side and sits lower than the Sea Sparrow launcher sponson, jutting out at an angle between that sponson and the fantail. It is a small sponson of its own. You can clearly see it in the following linked picture: https://i.redd.it/iilzxit2kpkx.jpg , or in the pic I am attaching. As I say, the forward one on the port side can fit on the sponson you already have because there is room and a space for it.
1:350 Scale USS Nimitz 1984-1991 Update Set
JHead Heave you checked out the following Nimitz review build site? It has several of these sponsons and I was just wondering if you had seen it. http://www.ipms-phoenix.org/articles/article13.htm I am VERY interested in buying this set and giving you feedback. check out my 1/350 scale Hobby Shop: http://www.jeffhead.com/modelbuilds/ I would be very interested in working with you for any upgrade sets to these various models. As you can see...I build a LOT of them. Sincerely, Jeff Head jefflhead@msn.cm


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