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GrimDarkBits commented on BFG Heresy Barge by GrimDarkBits
May 25, 2019
BFG Heresy Barge
GrimDarkBits @Bulvii I just checked and printing in Smoothest Fine Detail is not possible for this model. I would recommend Smooth Fine Detail but I haven't done upkeep on my shop since Shapeways changed their pricing structure and I'm shocked to see how expensive that material is for this model now! I did add PA12 material, which is cheaper than Smooth Fine Detail and should offer a slightly better surface finish than the Versatile plastics. Good luck!
GrimDarkBits commented on BFG Fighta-Bomba Markers (x36) by GrimDarkBits
January 29, 2019
BFG Fighta-Bomba Markers (x36)
GrimDarkBits @midnightlunacy looking great, very orky!
BFG Iron Jaw Assault Boats (x24)
GrimDarkBits @tom46 thanks for the feedback, that's an easy enough fix!
GrimDarkBits @BitsBlitz Thanks for the tip, it actually comes out reasonably cheap as FD and FUD! I'm updating all my small models to give this option. Previously the WSF plastic was around half this price or less so I hadn't bothered enabling it on most models (personally I prefer the more cheap and robust WSF material, even with loss of detail, for game markers like this, but give the customer what they want!) And the new pricing rules are sensible, they add an additional charge per part in the model to discourage tons of tiny parts they have to sift for (like mine). So adding a sprue can now make it cheaper, depending on how much extra was being added for the part count and how much material is in the sprue. It's a better policy in the end, but it will require work on my part.
GrimDarkBits @BitsBlitz I can sell them as FUD no problem, barring any issues with part thickness I'll update it right now. However the prices for a lot of my models right now are astronomical thanks to the new pricing rules and are not ideally what I'd like to sell them for (as I'm getting basically zero sales at the moment!) I'm (very slowly) updating my models to take the new rules into account. Putting models like this on sprues to reduce a multi-part print to a single part actually ends up being cheaper now, in spite of the added material. Look at my 3-per-base torpedo markers for a good example, which are now back down to roughly original price: It's rather tedious and I have a lot of models that need attention, plus I do this in my spare time for fun, and adding sprue bits to old models isn't quite what I'd call fun. Slowly but surely I'll get to it. Thanks for the comment!
GrimDarkBits commented on 6mm Aeonic Orb (x1) by GrimDarkBits
May 12, 2016
6mm Aeonic Orb (x1)
GrimDarkBits @Scouls502 currently the model isn't designed for the acrylic plastics, so if you tried to print it in it there would be issues. I'll see what I can do about changing it. FYI the cost would be about 20% cheaper than the Frosted Ultra Detail material.
GrimDarkBits commented on BFG Talon Interceptors (x32) by GrimDarkBits
November 5, 2015
BFG Talon Interceptors (x32)
GrimDarkBits @Mechanoid Each fighter is about 1/4" long (and recently re-worked to bring the price back to sane levels!)
BFG Heresy Marine Cruiser (2.8 in)
GrimDarkBits @niraco79 Well, I won't remove White, Strong, and Flexible as an option, because some people do like having a cheaper material even with the loss of detail (personally I do all my Epic: Armageddon minis in WSF because I'd rather have more models for cheaper!) But I've now included a warning that some detail is lost with WSF. Thanks for pointing this out, I want to be sure that customers get what they want when they order!
GrimDarkBits @niraco79 Hi, I'm sorry if you weren't totally satisfied with the model you received. I do definitely recommend ordering it in one of the Frosted Detail versions - I've updated the description to make that more clear, and changed the default material to Frosted Ultra Detail. Also I know it's not easy or ideal, but with a careful paint job I've found you can still pick out the soft details in White, Strong, and Flexible models to highlight them.
GrimDarkBits @lestatbcn really nice, I like the extra turrets too! Thanks for the picture!
GrimDarkBits @spazmaster40k Thanks for the comment! Softer detail is definitely a downside of White, Strong, and Flexible, but with a fine brush and a steady hand you can sharpen up corners and pick out details by applying exaggerated highlights. In my opinion WSF is great for wargaming models at this scale, with a little work you can end up with a good-looking, durable tabletop quality model. Enjoy!
28mm Tank Cannon Turret and Bunker (x2)
GrimDarkBits @wolf6 That can be arranged!


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