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Coman Razvan


niraco79 commented on BFG Heresy Marine Cruiser by GrimDarkBits
May 28, 2015
BFG Heresy Marine Cruiser
niraco79 Painted Cruiser
niraco79 @GrimDarkBits you could review the design or remove the white material. The digital preview is misleading. Still the design is original and the frosted looks very nice. i will post a comment after i will paint it with a picture
niraco79 and the seems was too big on my first comment. Also i forgot that the cruiser is a little smaller than it should be if you compare with Battlefleet Gothic counterparts.
niraco79 Received today a cruiser and barge, both in the cheaper versions of material. For the cruiser i would not recommend the cheaper material to anyone. The loss of detail is extreme (guns are almost non visible, prow details fade towards the prow edge, wings details are almost non visible) The guns also have low visibility (i wonder why it was not used a cropped version of the barge guns - middle section). Mildly disappointing. But the frosted, if they take the details ok, should be a very nice model.
niraco79 added products to a list
May 27, 2015
niraco79 commented on BFG Heresy Barge by GrimDarkBits
May 27, 2015
BFG Heresy Barge
niraco79 Received the barge today in black cheap material. Was a good investment for the cost. Details are visible, easy to paint. Grainy feel exist but was expected. Model has a nice design. I presume if the cheap material looks so good, that the frosted detail version is amazing. Like the cruiser is smaller than the original BFG counterparts (with like 0,75-1 cm). A GW Battlebarge is 12 cm, but probably the feeling comes from the height which is like 30% bigger on the Battlebarge more than the length (i think here there are some limitations from the printing process as the belly has some huge printing holes). As a conclusion, it is a nice model.


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