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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist
We are just 3 friends @The Verse. WE WILL NOT SELL OUR 3D FILES!!  DO NOT ASK!

1/160 N Scale Diesel Electric Generator
Mechanoid @modelmechanic This is a nice piece. I got one of these a while back for a test, and found this piece also works nicely as a 1/87 pickup engine. It fits right in. Nicely done.
Mechanoid favorited Heavy Machinery Engine, HO by nvrr49
September 15, 2018
The Original Nautilus Submarine by Jules Verne
Mechanoid Absolutely Spectacular! I am glad you were able to help @Starvihawk with this project. This only needs to have it's scaling figured out.
Mechanoid commented on Spacer1999 Transports 1/1000 Scale by Mechanoid
September 2, 2018
Spacer1999 Transports 1/1000 Scale
Mechanoid @Eagle6t3 Hello, Mechanoid is just my handle, my first name is Samantha. Sadly what is wrong with me, there is no cure for. It's terminal. Just a matter of time. But thank you. As for you son having something he can play with. might I suggest you take a look in this section of my shop. There is a larger scale Mk-IX and a 5 inch long Eagle, that the Mk-IX is scaled too. The Eagle does NOT come with a pod, so I made 2 different pods, A standard pod and the medical pod. You will notice them all in that section. Also on any model page you open, you will see on the right of the picture and directly under the models name, a blue hyper link. TheVerse, clicking that will take you to my entire shop, with many sections, including on for the models for this show. The 5 inch long Eagle and the pod of your choice along side the Mk-IX Hawk, should give you son some rather interesting play time. They are not intended as toys, so take that upon yourself if that is what they would be. Just paint them and then use a clear coat to seal it all up to help protect your son. I am glad my designs interest you, and give you much joy. That is why I started this. I hope my shop gives you and your son joy. And lastly, since you enjoy the items from the 60s and 70s, check this section out in my shop. Just don't drool too much, keyboards and computers don't react too well too drool. LMAO Have a good day.
Mechanoid @Eagle6t3 Hello, I'm the creator. Sadly due to extremely bad health, I haven't been around much. Plus I'm older, so between the 2, I'm limited on what I can do. I'm sorry I haven't been around to join your conversation with @Covertwalrus. I ask you both to forgive me. First off, here is the link to my Mk IX Hawks. Second, "Dinky"? You mean smaller? If that is what you mean, I have a set of these in 1/3200 scale, to fit the Moonbase Alpha model that is or was on the market. Check my Micro Lunar section. I also have a larger of both the Eagle and the Mk-IX in the Odd Scales section. If there is anything else I can help with, Please Gentlemen, just speak up. I might be slow in responding. But I'll do what I can.
Mechanoid commented on 1/1000 Scale 2050 War Eagles X5 by Mechanoid
June 3, 2018
1/1000 Scale 2050 War Eagles X5
Mechanoid @johnmck21870 The Eaglets, both styles, are once again opened, and the new set of just the standard 2050 War Eagles is going up.
AMP Suit 1 to 285 non-combat standing 4 pack
Mechanoid They arrived! Absolutely spot on. Thank You. These will go perfectly with what I have in mind. Absolutely beautiful work.
Mechanoid Thank You. This will be on my next order. Thank You. They look great.
Check out this cool product! - 1/ 87 Scale 4x4 Traction Matts 2 Sets
Check out this cool product! - 1/87 Scale 40ft Goose Neck Trailer
Mechanoid commented on 1/87 Scale Railgun Rifle Set by Mechanoid
May 27, 2018
1/87 Scale Railgun Rifle Set
Mechanoid @weregobbie There you go, profile image.
Mechanoid commented on 1/87 Scale EXO-LOADER 30mm by Mechanoid
May 25, 2018
1/87th Snowplow truck 12' wide straight blade
Mechanoid Do you have a blade for pickups? I like this design, but it's way too big for an Amarok.
Amplified Mobility Suit without weapons 1 to 285
Mechanoid @MFitz Yes, just standing there. I like what you did, and thought I would ask if you could take the 1 pose just standing, and make it a set of 4. Thinking they would make nice robots in racks.
Mechanoid Nice set, but just wondering, any chance you could make a small set of maybe 4 that are just standing?
1/1000 Scale Explorer One Remastered
Mechanoid @charitychuck I am so happy that you are pleased. May the ship serve you well, in what ever calling you have planned.
Mechanoid commented on 1/1000 Scale 2050 War Bees x10 by Mechanoid
December 5, 2017
1/1000 Scale 2050 War Bees x10
Mechanoid @Starvihawk Small and cute, but more like Chucky. Evil. And thank you.
Mechanoid commented on 1/1000 Scale 2050 War Falcon Squadron by Mechanoid
December 5, 2017
1/1000 Scale 2050 War Falcon Squadron
Mechanoid @Starvihawk Thank you again for the kind thoughts.
Mechanoid commented on 1/1000 Scale 2050 War Dragons x4 by Mechanoid
December 5, 2017


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