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Robert Clark


Big into miniatures. From 25-28mm scale troops to 1:7000 ship combat games. Here to buy everything I can use for my table-top experience!

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March 10, 2017
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December 22, 2016
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December 12, 2016
weregobbie commented on Starbase 375 by lord_of_the_red_rings
November 27, 2016
Starbase 375
weregobbie Possible to get this in acrylic or wsfp?
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November 27, 2016
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November 27, 2016
weregobbie commented on DefiantII by ScornMandark
November 25, 2016
weregobbie @ScornMandark look at that price. Awesome! I appreciate it, already added them to my cart!
weregobbie @ScornMandark its ok. no need to make them thicker if you don't want too. Fud is good enough, thank you. :)
weregobbie Can you make a squad order (6 ships) with all of the same materials plus acrylic?
Ships At 1/7000 For Weregobbie Romulan
weregobbie Looks great and the price isn't crazy!
weregobbie Can I get this modified? You've done so much as it it. And I thank you. 10 of the current birds of prey, 6 ehawks, and 4 of the 1/10000 V'Melak Class? :) Any new Rom or kdf ships in the future?
1/2500 Bad Kitty "Tiger" Heavy Crusier
weregobbie How do you keep the ship from breaking with such thin arms? Fud is fragile beyond belief lol. Besides that, love seeing the lyran ships. I always liked the dn myself, but they felt extremely fragile against similar classes in sfc.
weregobbie commented on 23rd Century Bad Guy by FringeMechanica
November 20, 2016
23rd Century Bad Guy
weregobbie @FringeMechanica will do! And there's no rush. :) thanks!
weregobbie I know it would be a slight pain, but can you make a set of hydran ships at 1/7000 and 1/5000 scale?at 1/7000 scale this heavy cruiser would be 1.6 inches long roughly.
MicroFleet Station Pack For cliff_a_west
weregobbie Yes to the 8 stations. and can you do it for the set of 4 individual rations you have?
weregobbie @javelin98 just the bases is fine. And if you could do both that's awesome. I'm working on getting game pieces together for a campaign. :)
weregobbie @javelin98 ookie dokie. I thought inch hex bases were rare to find lol. Is there any way you can make a set of stations with inch sized hex bases?
weregobbie How big are these hex bases?
weregobbie commented on NR Heavy Cruiser 10cm by 1sickbastard
November 20, 2016
NR Heavy Cruiser 10cm
weregobbie What's the size for 1/7000?
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November 19, 2016
weregobbie added a product to a list
November 19, 2016
weregobbie commented on Bonehead Fleet by Goji62
November 19, 2016
Bonehead Fleet
weregobbie Can we get fud?
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November 16, 2016
weregobbie commented on USS Excelsior (re-sized) by lord_of_the_red_rings
November 11, 2016
USS Excelsior (re-sized)
weregobbie Does this aahip have the bottom half of the bridge? I can't tell on the phone. (The bottom half of the saucer section). If it does, can I fleet a set of four of them in the same material options?
weregobbie commented on R-Rocket UFO 008 by sublimate
November 11, 2016
R-Rocket UFO 008
weregobbie @sublimate thank you. Much appreciated
weregobbie commented on Ships For Tolwyn2 by coelian276
November 10, 2016
Ships For Tolwyn2
weregobbie I definately like the size of it next to the excelsior class.
weregobbie Is that the 1/10000 Rom warbird?
Mothership x5 (V, The Visitors), 1/150K
weregobbie Awesome, any chance I can get it in acrylic or fud?
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November 7, 2016
FF-X7 Bst Core Booster 1:1000 9x Armada
weregobbie Loved the armada pegs on them. They are excellent. Always impressing my friend. Keep up theawesome work
weregobbie commented on KDF Flagship 5000 by 1sickbastard
November 7, 2016
KDF Flagship 5000
weregobbie Long time no talk. Can you do me a favor and pm a list of your KLin cruisers? I'm building a list for the fleet. Want to know what I can work with.


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