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Shatterblaster for TR Hardhead now available: http://shpws.me/OPla Shatterblaster for Titans Return Hardhead
Scatter Blaster for CW Swindle
energonhotshot04 @Scottman_XIII There is a hole, actually. It's on the other side. :)
energonhotshot04 @kylogoemon Glad to hear! You'd have to ask Shapeways about polished black, though. I'd have it as an option if it were available.
energonhotshot04 @Sabrefox I guess because I hadn't thought to change its status. :)
Replacement Elbow Joint for Rockin' Action Megaman
energonhotshot04 @dtjordan7 Shapeways has a minimum size for those materials and these don't meet the requirement. You'll have to paint them.
Transforming Neck Unit for TR Galvatron
energonhotshot04 @csleczka First you take the screws out of the pelvis and remove its halves, then you take the screws out of the shoulderpads and pull the torso apart. Replace the old assembly with the new one and reassemble.
energonhotshot04 Alright, it's now available. WSF works great, so you will have a working copy one way or another..
energonhotshot04 @Scottman_XIII It didn't completely pass the thickness auto-checks and I didn't want anyone to end up with a faulty print. I'll make it available if you want to beta test it, though.
Ionic Displacer Rifle for TR Astrotrain
energonhotshot04 @carlojmalijan It's something I want to do, but I haven't started on it yet.
Hypersonic Concussion Blasters for TR Sixshot
energonhotshot04 @guyprime White Strong and Flexible is what it says on the label. I've popped the handles off and back on three times and they still function perfectly.
energonhotshot04 @guyprime If I did remove the hinge they wouldn't be able to combine for gun or wolf mode. The hinge also serves as an extension to the peg so it reaches the fist hole, since the figure's wrist is a half-centimeter taller and would meet the back half of the gun before a normal-sized peg could reach. I could make a version with double-length pegs instead of the hinge and connection feature, but I don't see the point. I've been getting requests for swords and I've been thinking over exactly how they'd work in the alternate modes. No guarantees yet, though.
Rifle for Titans Return Astrotrain now available! - http://shpws.me/Okr5 Ionic Displacer Rifle for TR Astrotrain
Hypersonic Concussion Blasters for Titans Return Sixshot now available! http://shpws.me/OkiH Hypersonic Concussion Blasters for TR Sixshot
Gun for TR Broadside now available - http://shpws.me/NtJa Plasma Pulse Gun for TR Broadside (Edited)
Condor Cassette Laser Boosters
energonhotshot04 @carloj2011 I could, but I don't have any plans to do so at the moment.
energonhotshot04 @ubertenorman They plug in over the tail blocks of the Combiner Wars/Titans Return Laserbeak/Buzzsaw mold.


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