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One year later...Galvatron Head 2.0! http://shpws.me/PKs0 Alternate Head (2.0) for Titans Return Galvatron
Alternate Head (2.0) for Titans Return Galvatron
energonhotshot04 @azghael Nope, just a dab of glue.
energonhotshot04 It's actually a mix of two brands. Here's what I posted on TFW: "It's a mixture of Citadel Genestealer Purple, several drops of Createx fluorescent violet, and if I recall correctly just a very, very small drop of createx blue. The two brands aren't 100% compatible but it works fine if it's mostly Citadel in composition. I'm sure you can use purely Createx paints to achieve the color, but it's an airbrush paint with some amount of transparency that became really dark when I handbrushed on a few coats. I didn't have any createx white on-hand to compensate, so I started over with the Genestealer Purple to brighten it up a bit and add a more opaque base for better coverage." I actually hadn't thought to try a paint pen.
energonhotshot04 @DobiPL You'll have to paint it. Shapeways only prints and ships the model.
energonhotshot04 @PNeithan I'll consider it, but I have a few projects lined up that I need to finish first.
Twin Stunner Laser Rifle for PotP Grimlock
energonhotshot04 @ecruzmr I already have. :) https://www.shapeways.com/product/UBZ8XQ26U/6mm-twin-stunner-laser-for-upsized-potp-grimlock?optionId=118040434&li=more-from-shop
Replacement Knee Joint for Rockin' Action Megaman
energonhotshot04 @TimeSmyth The color dyes are exclusive to Processed Versatile, and unfortunately these parts are too small to qualify for processing/polishing. For the replacement you have to pry the rubber off one end of the plastic pin with something flat and sturdy. Then you can pull the joint out and replace it. I recommend heating the rubber up under some hot tap water to get it flexible enough for both the disassembly and the reassembly.
Replacement Elbow Joint for Rockin' Action Megaman
energonhotshot04 @Satellite_Chainsaw I haven't but it might be strong enough. If the connection wasn't too tight it should be fine.
Sonic Boom Rifles(pistols?) for TR Fastlane
energonhotshot04 @DeliriousFire It's a set. You can click the 3D button in the top-right of the preview images and see what the actual printed model looks like.
Neck Adapter for TR Overlord
energonhotshot04 @vinnyprime The torso is only held together by two screws and maybe a tiny drop of glue somewhere near the waist end of the assembly which separated without any strain. The screws are all that's needed to hold it together in my experience. From there it's just a part swap and reassembly.
energonhotshot04 commented on IDW head for TR Overlord by energonhotshot04
February 10, 2018
IDW head for TR Overlord
energonhotshot04 @zenithf0rte No, you have to paint it yourself.


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