Peter Grant


I'm also "AutobotBee" on and "BeePrime" on There is a pattern, yes.

PotP Outback gives a hand
PNeithan @energonhotshot04 It took me a moment to figure this out, but when I did I knew it was awesome
PNeithan favorited Rosannah Speaker by PNeithan
17 days ago
PNeithan favorited Legendary Huff Wind Vane by WayGroovy
22 days ago
PNeithan favorited Hammer of the Primes by TrentTroop
23 days ago
Alternate Head (2.0) for Titans Return Galvatron
PNeithan @energonhotshot04 No rush! I've got several of your pieces so far, quality stuff man. Keep doing your thing!
PNeithan @energonhotshot04 Wow, I liked the old one, but this is very impressive. Any chance of you doing the IDW version too?
PNeithan favorited Battle Claw PotP Fist-Plate by TrentTroop
February 16, 2018
PNeithan commented on Krunky Dragon Fighter Upgrades by SteamShield
February 14, 2018
Krunky Dragon Fighter Upgrades
PNeithan @SteamShield This kit rocks. Got Snapdragon next to Apeface just like they should be!
Frenzy/Rumble, Screaming for TR Rewind/Rumble
PNeithan @TrentTroop Thanks for cooking this baby up. Finally got the band back together.
PNeithan favorited Hot-headed Captain's Face by SteamShield
February 7, 2018
PNeithan commented on Panther head for Blackjack by SteamShield
February 5, 2018
Panther head for Blackjack
PNeithan @SteamShield @corvus1970 Sadly Beachcomber's head appears to use a peg up from the body rather than the peg down into the body like this head uses. If you look up from Beach's "seat", there is no peg protruding through.
PNeithan favorited Set of Four 5mm Missle Pods by Exelby
February 3, 2018
PNeithan commented on IDW head for TR Overlord by energonhotshot04
January 30, 2018
IDW head for TR Overlord
PNeithan @energonhotshot04 Thanks to your kits, Overlord is finally how he should have looked in the first place!
Rumble/Freezon Head for PotP Windcharger
PNeithan @TrentTroop Not your fault, totally mine for jumping the gun. Thanks for the new version. :)
PNeithan @Arazyr I had originally contacted him about doing just that. I saw this go up and didn't pause to consider what it meant by which molds it would work with. I kinda just figured "Hey, legends Rumble/Frenzy head, should be fine." Not quite the case. I'll figure out something to do with this eventually. I do hope that someone ends up doing a head for the Rewind/Rumble mold that will work.
PNeithan @Arazyr No. I just recieved this today and it is entirely too big to fit the Rewind/Rumble mold. The peg/clip isn't the right size and the head itself is just way too tall. This model is definitely for the Bumblebee/Roadburn mold.


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