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Surefoot Kit for Hoist Trailbreaker
echotransformer @arsnof: That's the X2 Toys upgrade kits, which includes parts for Trailcutter and Hoist--the shield, backpack, and 'gun hands'.
Combiner Wars & Unite Warriors - Bruticus upgrade
echotransformer Hi KobraNerd, yes I have added it for you. Note that this material is untested, so please consider it in Beta.
echotransformer @Moonus88 I added a digital mockup for you, note that it also shows the gun extensions. :)
echotransformer @Moonus88, I do not have a picture handy but I will try to make a digital mockup at some point for you...
Combiner Wars and Unite Warriors - Defensor upgrad
echotransformer @Slick_prime Thanks for the interest, however I am unable to make these files available to you outside of Shapeways.
echotransformer HI there, thanks for the interest...unfortunately I don't own the oversized version so I don't know how large to make them. Do you own one? If so, and you can provide precise measurements I would be happy to try and upscale it for you.
echotransformer @Moonus88 I added a digital mockup for you! :)
Combiner Wars and Unite Warriors - Bruticus Barrel
echotransformer @amd098 Thanks for the interest! Yes I have added these in black. In terms of Defensor, I have this part that allows you to mount Hotspots guns in a few different ways:
echotransformer commented on Wrecktifier Sheild Kit by echotransformer
January 12, 2018
Wrecktifier Sheild Kit
echotransformer Hi David! Wow that's amazing, you bought it all? Thanks, that's awesome. I recommend custom-mixing Tamiya Acryllic paints and/or Testors Acrylic paints. Unfortunately there weren't any 'out of the bottle' colors used....for each part I needed to mix custom colors and adjust. It's not as hard as it sounds...the key is to mix small amounts in and build up in very thin layers. For example I would darken the Testors orange using a tiny bit of black. As a color guide you can check out this video... Also, if you need better pictures send me your e-mail address via IM and I can send them to you. Best wishes painting it up, it's super fun!!!
echotransformer Sounds good, I have updated those models for you!
echotransformer @tigerhawk533 Hi Tigerhawk, yes for sure! I have added it for you. I recently receive some prints of a different product in this material and was very impressed. Please let me know how the snap fits perform...this material likely won't flex is well as WSF and they may need tweaks. What other parts did you want to see in this material? Can you make a list? Thanks, Echo
echotransformer @GamorreanJedi Sure have a look at this forward to around the 11 minute mark to see how it attaches in combined mode:
Combiner Wars and Unite Warriors - Hood Upgrade
echotransformer @kylogoemon Sorry for the late reply, yes I will add that for you!
Groove Trailer--REV2a (beta)
echotransformer @Moonus88 Hi there, sorry I'm not certain what your question is about, are the photos not showing up for you? In the listing page I have included some pictures of the trailer, as well as it attached to Defensor. Let me know if I can be of further help!
TFC Uranos -- full "Echo" upgrade kit
echotransformer Hi Origami73, Yes, the combined legs can still bend at the knees, you may need to support the connection and clear some of the jet kibble as you click the ratchet, but you should get full articulation. In terms of the polished plastic, what happens is the polishing removes some of the material to make it smooth, and can make the fit loose. I have redesigned the snaps so this should be better, but as of yet this finish is still untested so I recommend regular finish for best possible fit.
echotransformer Thanks Furran. I used Tamiya Acrylic paints for this, and mixed their white, yellow, beige, red, black, and silvers to various amounts to tweak the colors to match the TFC plastics. What I would do is add small drops to a mixing tray, blend them, then check against the TFC plastic. I'd thin them out to be very watery, and paint directly on the Shapeways part (no primer). It's important to do light colors first because it bleeds. Then I'd just keep building it up with minor tweaks to the color with each coat until I was happy. It's much easier than it's actually a lot of fun. Here's a video on the Hercules parts (unfortunately I don't have the exact recipe for Uranos, but I can tell you it was WAY easier to match than Hercules green and purple!)
Echotransformer Hercules Upgrade V5  drill only
echotransformer @peterballard13 Hi Peter the drill is 30mm diameter at the base and 60mm long.
echotransformer @chrisprime0479, sure, does this pic help? You can see the size compared to the Rage forearms. The proportions are intended to mimic G1...
echotransformer @Moonus88 when both halves are pegged together, the peg is 5mm and should work with many Transformers
Echo Herc Kit V5  Crotch flaps only
echotransformer Hi Jon, unfortunately I can't say as I don't own one to test it on. I might work as some knock offs are pretty accurate but I am unable to guarantee it.
echotransformer commented on CAB COVERS V1 by echotransformer
January 18, 2016
echotransformer Hi Nzekt, yes the rectangles are windows, I painted mine black and they looked pretty good. Here's a pic of them installed on their respective figures.
echotransformer @Nzekt Hi there, these cover the back of the little cabs on Structor, Neckbreaker and Exgraver...for example you can see the open back of Structors cab in leg mode and this covers it.
TFC Uranos Backpack upgrade "Echo" kit--rev5
echotransformer @davea27742 No, unfortunately I don't have any plans for longer legs for CW Long Haul at this time. But I agree, they are too short!
echotransformer commented on D part1 REV2 by echotransformer
November 20, 2015
D part1  REV2
echotransformer @jtsangnj that is good information thanks for the report. My test results were different--the printed nylon held up much better however I have noticed variable density and quality between various parts that Shapeways prints, perhaps a poor quality print is why the part failed sooner than expected...
Uranos Thighs V4--THIGHS ONLY
echotransformer @davea27742 yes, unfortunately those are out of tolerance. I recommend contacting Shapeways customer support. They may ask you to take measurements to show the parts do not match the CAD files I provided them.
echotransformer @davea27742 the parts have been tested and should fit just fine, however, sometimes Shapeways builds the parts too small--they are out of tolerance. I recommend contacting their customer support and raise a ticket. Thanks, Steve
echotransformer commented on Herc Hip replacements REV2 by echotransformer
September 29, 2015
Herc Hip replacements  REV2
echotransformer @yutada : no this does not come with the D-ring, yes please order separately. To my knowledge, Shapeways doesn't allow a kit of two different materials, that is why you need to buy separately. I have tested the Shapeways D-rings with the Shapeways Stainless steel hips and have I proved stability over stock...they will wear with time (also better than stock) but now are easy to replace. I do not recommend using the Stainless steel hips with the stock d-rings. Please note that some filing of the Stainless steel hips may be required for an optimum fit. I used a Dremel rotary tool. Please also use R/C car gear grease for maximum life.
echotransformer commented on Echo Herc V5 the full Monty by echotransformer
September 28, 2015
Echo Herc V5 the full Monty
echotransformer @yutada: yes the parts are available, you should be able to add them to your cart, you can enter your location in Malaysia and the Shapeways website will tell you if they can ship there. (I'm pretty sure they do)
echotransformer @nguoibantot071789 yes, unless you are okay with Shapeways white, black or purple you would need to paint them. I have created videos on how to paint...these videos on my YouTube channel which should's actually not that difficult and uses easy to clean Acryllics with a brush! :)
Echo Herc Kit V5  Covers Only
echotransformer @djstudiant sure I have added that option for you...
Thigh Filler for Boosticus and Wrecktifier
echotransformer @chrisprime0479@chrisprime0479 Not exactly...although this backpack works with Wrecktifier and the thigh fillers and the treads, there will also be a new pack pack kit with risers for the treads coming soon. It really depends on what you want your Wrecktifier to look like in the end...with raised treads, or treads on his back. :)
Wrecktifier Hand Kit--V5
echotransformer @GamorreanJedi the plan is to eventually release all the parts, see my Facebook page at Echo.TF.Toys for more details!


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