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David Aguero


davea27742 added a product to a list
April 24, 2017
davea27742 added a product to a list
March 10, 2017
davea27742 commented on Detective Adapter by InsaneGalvatron
October 1, 2016
Detective Adapter
davea27742 Got it today. Head on nightbeat figure needs to be turned to the side. Even then it is all loose and floppy . It doesn't hold the head in so more of a display thing then actual play type item. Would be nice if it locked the head into place.
davea27742 favorited Detective Adapter by InsaneGalvatron
September 15, 2016
davea27742 added products to a list
August 20, 2016
davea27742 added a product to a list
August 20, 2016
davea27742 added a product to a list
August 5, 2016
davea27742 added a product to a list
January 3, 2016
davea27742 commented on Premium Fixit Hand Accessory by Quixtrike
December 12, 2015
Premium Fixit Hand Accessory
davea27742 @devesco_ale That was added after I made a comment about it. But yes maybe put it in the title so that people will see it right away. It is a great item by the way. I wonder if the creator would make leg covers for CW Long haul.
davea27742 I really wish they would have said somewhere on this listing that it is only for 1 hand and not a pair of hands. Sure it shows the figure with a pair of hands but unfortunately it is only 1.
TFC Uranos Backpack upgrade "Echo" kit--rev5
davea27742 @echotransformer dang it, Would have been cool. No one is touching old stumpy it seems.
davea27742 Will you be making any add on parts for combiner wars Long Haul? He really needs some longer legs. It could snap on using the combiner ports.
davea27742 added a product to a list
November 15, 2015
davea27742 added products to a list
November 15, 2015
Combiner Wars Voyager Figure Port Fills
davea27742 Could you make legs for CW devastator Long haul? It could use the combiner ports to snap on.
davea27742 commented on Uranos Thighs V4--THIGHS ONLY by echotransformer
October 6, 2015
Uranos Thighs V4--THIGHS ONLY
davea27742 @echotransformer I went ahead and contacted them. Hopefully the issue can be repaired. As of now the parts are kinda useless to me.
davea27742 @echotransformer actually the holes for the posts to go in are too big. They slide right off the figure.
davea27742 mine don't lock onto the connector pieces of Blackbird. They just fall right off.. Any idea whats going on?
davea27742 added products to a list
October 6, 2015
TFC Uranos -- full "Echo" upgrade kit
davea27742 @stanleybk does yours connect to the pegs on Blackbird?
davea27742 commented on MiniBot - Explorer Upgrade Head by wulongti
May 31, 2015
MiniBot - Explorer Upgrade Head
davea27742 What figure does this fit? Or would it fit the rager 3p figure?


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