Combiner Wars and Unite Warriors - Bruticus Barrel
amd098 Can you make this available in black for those with the G2 bruticus and then maybe also Defensor?
amd098 favorited Janus Head by SteamShield
February 10, 2018
amd098 favorited Tyrantron Canon by sinvraal
February 2, 2018
amd098 favorited Energo Sword for PotP Slag by energonhotshot04
December 31, 2017
amd098 favorited Orion head by 3dprintron
November 2, 2017
amd098 commented on Galvatron for titans return by 3dprintron
December 1, 2016
Galvatron for titans return
amd098 Createx Wicked Violet matches very well too!
amd098 commented on Boosted Team Captain's Head by SteamShield
November 4, 2016
Boosted Team Captain's Head
amd098 @SteamShield any idea how much it would be? if its $20, i don't mind. i guess i would have to replace the ball joint on mine, since the head I'm using on my boss is from CW offroad on chug blurr.
amd098 hey can you make this available [along with your other turbomaster heads] in HD black acrylate? and will this fit the offroad/ironhide mold?
amd098 commented on Transformers Turbomaster Missile by Znistus
November 2, 2016
Transformers Turbomaster Missile
amd098 hey will you make this available again? its so hard for me to find these and i need at least 6 of them haha
amd098 commented on Bionicle: Mask of Ultimate Power by SirTumbleweed
November 1, 2016
Bionicle: Mask of Ultimate Power
amd098 hey do you think you can make this available in high def black acrylate?
amd098 favorited Hillary Clinton by tomislav_veg
September 26, 2016
amd098 commented on Bludgeon head G1 style by CALLOWAY75
September 13, 2016
Bludgeon head G1 style
amd098 Is this for the ROTF Bludgeon?
amd098 commented on Bludgeon head IDW style B by CALLOWAY75
September 13, 2016
Bludgeon head IDW style B
amd098 Which figure is this for, the voyager HFTD / ROTF Bludgeon?
ARIEL homage Cyrene Head for RID Arcee
amd098 Thanks man! I'll be using this for a League of Legends crossover transformer. I'll order in a few days or so!


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