Echoco favorited "Arbitor" Heavy Assault Mech 6mm by multihawk
January 28, 2021
Echoco favorited MR-073 MAKO Cruiser by nicholassagan
March 3, 2020
Echoco commented on Bo 105 by Echoco
January 30, 2020
Bo 105
Echoco @camins7 no rotor, they're too fragile.
Echoco @camins7 I don't understand 'helix'?
Echoco commented on Ki-19 (WW2) by Echoco
July 30, 2019
Ki-19 (WW2)
Echoco @nihonkaigun Thanks for the photos, very nicely painted.
Echoco commented on Fokker Super Universal/Ki-6/C2N (WW2) by Echoco
July 19, 2019
Fokker Super Universal/Ki-6/C2N (WW2)
Echoco Thanks for the photos
Echoco commented on Stryker Family by Echoco
May 4, 2019
Stryker Family
Echoco @Scouls502 Thanks for the photos
Echoco commented on F/A-27C by Echoco
February 19, 2019
Echoco @takashiq Here's the link but I'm expecting printing issues with it, autochecker gave me neither pass nor fail.
Fixed AH-1W and Z scaling, it was 10% too small. (Edited)
To all customers who have bought my FUD models, I need your feedback. I'm looking for anything relating to durability, details/quality and pricing.

Also there is some noise on the Shapeways forum about painted FUD crystallizing after long period in storage, what had been your experience with this?
Fixed Barnaget AVP printing issue for 1/4800 and missing details for 1/4800 and 1/3000.
Made changes to 1/350 F-22, F-35A, F-35C and F-35C custom 2 with thicker raft to solve print rejection. (Edited)
I am now back from vacation but will take a few days to sort through the message inbox.
Will update the to-do list when it's done.
I'll probably not take anymore requests if these messages makes the list too long.
Fixed scale of 1/600 CH-53E - 1/600 CH-53E x4 (FUD)
Updated F/A-18s

Canopy frames
F/A-18C 1/700
F/A-18D 1/700
F/A-18E 1/700
F/A-18F 1/700, 1/600, 1/400
F/A-18G 1/700

Rhino nose
F/A-18F 1/700, 1/600, 1/400
F/A-18G 1/700
Updated 1/600 MV-22 with a model with ramp up - 1/600 MV-22B w/Gear x2 (FUD)
Echoco commented on An-22 Antei by Echoco
January 31, 2018
An-22 Antei
Echoco @codenameranh Hi, it'll be up tomorrow.
Added tail rotors to 100mm EC725 - 100mm EC725 x2
Rescaled all AB412 to correct size, about 78% of previous size. (Edited)
Updated models and added F.50 and F.27 Maritime - 1/700 Fokker F.27 & F.50 x4 (FUD)


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