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Dznutz commented on Alpinetech A+ Replacement Lid DNA200 by Dznutz
April 23, 2017
Alpinetech A+ Replacement Lid DNA200
Dznutz @jaymitch2001 It is designed to fit the alpinetech A+ box, unless they changed the box I and several people have used this successfully, I have had a few things come misprinted before, you should measure the part and make sure it is in the specs listed here and make sure it was not misprinted, if it is misprinted contact shapeways and explain to them the situation.
Dznutz @michaelreeves21I have mine cerakoted by ocd mods so they are holding up very well, I do use an xt30 connector and it takes a little moving but fits fine. The balance plug wires normally tuck in below the battery and between the posts. Yes there is a screen holder and up/down actuators attached to the lid on the inside.
Dznutz @shimmy1973 I must have misread your other post, in no way will these fit modcrate boxes, I have tried to work with them to design things but they are no help. How many kids did you order?
Dznutz @shimmy1973 well, they are designed for them, I have never not tried them, so my best guess is it should work.
Dznutz @shimmy1973 indeed it will sit flush, viewing this on mobile I am not sure why it won't display the pics I uploaded.
Dznutz @drewfromthefuture you might be able to use those, this is what I use o will update later tonight with links to parts
Dznutz @jake1191 I swear I had it in the description, this one will only for the 12mm version
Dznutz @annanabel I used a maxamps 1800mah
Dznutz commented on DNA200 passthrough by Dznutz
March 26, 2016
DNA200 passthrough
Dznutz @rayformica The door can be found here , I have tried numerous times to tag them together but it never seems to work.
Dznutz @alee132 I used 12 awg on the inside for the power supply and then 16 awg from the plug to the hand unit. I have had this thing cranked up and have had zero issues with it yet.
Dznutz @alee132 These are the plug connectors I used
Dznutz @alee132 I used this one off amazon
Dznutz commented on DNA200 by Dznutz
November 15, 2015
Dznutz @Rigure Sorry was in the hospital for a week, so you mean like the wismek or like design?
Dznutz @drewfromthefuture your welcome good sir, I did get your pm and when I have a fee moment I will call, life has been crazy for me the last few days but like everything it should mellow out soon.
Dznutz @drewfromthefuture actually the newest firmware does allow for dual 18650, you need to do some wiring with the balance plug but it is an option now.
Dznutz @Torn2bits I don't, I could design one here this weekend maybe.
Dznutz @theonejay22 it should work just fine. They have pretty much the same dimensions.
Dznutz @flavored @civiking84 @sgtmonty I have a question for you guys, I built a passthrough DNA200 and with this design I can make a door with a hole so you can swap between batteries and cords if you guys used connectors. Any interest in that?
Dznutz @civiking84 that looks good, I like that color combo a lot
Dznutz commented on 1590G SX Mini J Lid V2 by Dznutz
September 24, 2015
1590G SX Mini J Lid V2
Dznutz @annanabel this lid is designed to hold the chip and no, no balance board in this design
Dznutz @annanabel this was designed to be used with the actuators that Varitube sold, last I looked they where out of stock and not totally sure they will restock them.
Dznutz commented on DNA200 Hammond 1590g Replacement Lid by Dznutz
September 2, 2015
DNA200 Hammond 1590g Replacement Lid
Dznutz @annanabel 1.59 x 4mm is the exact size.
Dznutz @alee132 this lid is designed to aborsb the depth of the chip including balance charging plug, I designed it to be used with a 16mm mitek switch, it can be had at its a flat click switch with low profile in the back so depth of switch is no issue
Dznutz @skullcrusher1997 Yes sir, you would just discard the fire one but the other 2 will work just fine.
Dznutz @crushkrew it can be epoxied, glued a piece of foam or double sided foam taped down, there is only a matter of a few mm from the chip to the screen.
Dznutz commented on SX Mini J (P Box Size) by Dznutz
August 11, 2015
SX Mini J (P Box Size)
Dznutz @robertdavidhelton Sorry man tried to reply the other day but I guess they where having issues. Ok so I pop the tops off the built in tacts and solder to the points inside there for the up/downs the fire switch I full blown replace it. Here is a different one I completed and painted.
Dznutz @DuecesWild16 Just the standard Dome tact switches which can be bought here
Dznutz @robertdavidheltonThe way the box is designed you don't need any. It all fits pretty snug together.
Dznutz commented on DNA200 1590A Replacement Lid by Dznutz
August 10, 2015
DNA200 1590A Replacement Lid
Dznutz @alee132 if you look in the fb dna200 group you will see mamu posted a pic with the 1800 in the 1590a body, I believe it will fit but tight tight.
Dznutz @alee132 I have seen the max amps battery fit, I personally have not used it yet myself, I have tested the turnigy 1000mah, the rhino 1050mah and few more that escape my mind at theoment that fit and work.
Dznutz @Always_Jonezen This is where i get mine They are M1.59 Size, 4mm Long, .45mm Pitch
Dznutz @john9 this is where I get all mine.
Dznutz @john9 which screws you after?
Dznutz This is the depth the chip and edge of the box should be, I gave the lid 4mm boost automatically from the start.
Dznutz I know this chip is wired for another mod but I had to check placement with it as it was the only one I had on hand, from back of the chip to edge of the box is about 5.23mm I will post another pic showing that. At least with this pic you can see the insides.
Dznutz @sgtmonty the lid absorbs the chip plus balance charger so none of the chip sticks out and I tried to get the balance plugs as close to the screw humps as possible.
Dznutz @sgtmonty I used a 1000mah turnigy from hobby king, but a 1050 from them fits as well. I have seen the 1800 from maxamps fits in the a body as well but those are back ordered so I have yet to try that one myself.
Dznutz @Cajunvapor I added pics up above so you guys can see how they fit.
Dznutz commented on SXmini Diamond Cut Screen by Dznutz
April 25, 2015
SXmini Diamond Cut Screen
Dznutz @michael_vaness_9@m Nice, if you get a chance you should toss a pic up :D
Dznutz commented on DNA40 1590B Large Screen Insert by Dznutz
March 1, 2015
DNA40 1590B Large Screen Insert
Dznutz @Tread890 No problem, if you have any questions please don't hesitate.
Dznutz @Tread890 4mm should work, this is what I use
Dznutz commented on DNA40 1590A Lid V2.0 by Dznutz
January 8, 2015
DNA40 1590A Lid V2.0
Dznutz @charlievapes Nice, did you run into any issues?
Dznutz @vinhluong03 I have not yet, I got sucked into a few other designs with a time crunch. I am hoping a few of the others that have purchased this come back and share there results, I have no doubt everything will line up just fine. I would use a 1042 battery sled in this case, I use one in one of the other designs I have posted here and here and have had zero negative effects with V drop or anything.


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