On the heels of last week’s Net Neutrality day of action in the US, today Shapeways is filing formal comments in the United States Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) net neutrality investigation. Pete’s post from last week explained why we believe that an open internet is key to the success of Shapeways and the Shapeways community. This post will explain exactly what we are telling the FCC in our comments.

Shapeways’ comments do not attempt to address every question raised by the FCC in its request for public comment. We have no doubt that nonprofit organizations working on the front lines of the net neutrality fight in Washington will be filing long responses to those today (speaking of which, if you think it is important to have thoughtful, sophisticated responses to questions raised by the FCC in its open internet proceeding you should consider donating organizations like Public Knowledge, the Open Technology Institute at New America, and Free Press).

Instead, our comments today focus on why an open internet is important to Shapeways. More specifically, they focus on how Shapeways has been able to rely on an open internet since its founding, and how the current investigation undermines that reliance.

There have been a number of rounds to the US net neutrality fight since Shapeways was founded. Setting aside the specifics, each round has moved the FCC toward stronger rules to protect an open internet. No matter where we were in the cycle – rule discussion, rule creation, rule challenge – the FCC was making it clear to companies such as Shapeways that it fundamentally supported the concept of an open internet. The form that support would ultimately take might be in flux, but the underlying support was clear. This support made it clear to ISPs, internet users, and internet companies alike that there would be consequences for undermining the open internet.

The current investigation is the first time since Shapeways’ founding where the FCC is departing from that support so dramatically. The FCC no longer appears to be searching for the most effective way to protect an open internet. Instead, after establishing strong net neutrality rules and having those rules affirmed by the courts, the FCC now appears to be walking away from them. By extension, this is walking away from the open internet.

This turn is incredibly worrying to us here at Shapeways. That is why we participated in last week’s day of action and why we are submitting comments today. If you participated in this investigation last week, thank you. If not, there is still time. The reply comment deadline is not until August 16. For a quick primer on how to write effective comments, read this piece by Gigi Sohn.

Regardless of how you feel about the FCC’s current proposal, we urge you to weigh in during this process. As an internet user, the FCC’s decision will impact you. This is your opportunity to impact that decision. If you have thoughts, comments, or questions, we encourage you to share them below.