Paul Sandip already has a red dot design award under his belt and it is not hard to see why. His product design is simple, stylish and yet the things he designs seem eminently usable and practical. 

KesselsKramer is one of my favorite ad agencies. They have done some very creative campaigns, notably for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam and Diesel. The campaigns seem to be a lot more intelligent than most of the ad stuff pushed in your face nowadays. The Hans Brinker Campaigns focus on giving you the idea, “well it can’t be as bad as that.” Check out some examples here, here and here. Their website is hilarious too, it keeps changing and never ever is about them but is rather a parody of some sort with just a phone number somewhere. Their london office is an example of great design but their Amsterdam office is still much nicer. They even have, a very heavy, and very pretty book. In an age where quirky seems to work, they know quirky like nobody else.

Ansley Jones designed the Victa Amore, a lawnmower straight out of the Jetsons. I really never thought the slick product designers of the world would get round to making something so advanced looking out of something so boring. I’m still not sure if I like it, but I like the fact that it exists.