Above, limited edition Rockin’ Space Marine Kit, created by me (Andrew Simon Thomas) and Pop Goes the Monkey.

Last week we were at the Las Vegas Open, a premiere tournament for the most popular tabletop wargames. We called on community members to stop by and show us their coolest custom minis, and you did not disappoint!

Here are a few of the best 3D printed bits we saw at LVO:

Our Contest winner was this incredible steampunk tank painted by Quentin Ponath. Vehicle insignia by Pop Goes the Monkey.


Some scary/amazing Knight Titans by Christopher Price, with Gadgets + bits.


Space Marines with custom insignia, painted by Michael Linke, with 3D printed bits by Pop Goes the Monkey.


A spectacular recreation of the Dota® 2 battlefield, printed by our partners Whiteclouds in full color sandstone as part of the Valve + Shapeways licensing partnership.


The Shapeways Crew!

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