use the Solidworks Student Edition to convert to STL and 3D print

Former Shapeways intern Mathijs van Beers noticed that you could not save to STL using the Solidworks Student Edition (Solidworks Student Design Kit). This meant that students who use the Solidworks SDK could not use this cheaper version of Solidworks to 3D print. The STL file format is the standard for the 3D printing industry so if you have your own 3D printer, if you use a 3D printing service or if your school has a 3D printer in house this keep you from 3D printing. Mathijs found out how he could solve this and described it in this little mini-tutorial/hack showing you how to go from SLDPRT to STL here. If you have Solidworks and need additional tips we also have an additional tutorial showing you how to optimize your Solidworks design for 3D printing here. Thank you so much Mathijs!