As summer winds down and school looms on the horizon, college students (and their parents) are searching for the perfect items to furnish their dorm rooms and apartments. From essentials and accessories like tablets and phone stands, to wall art, interior decorations, and catch-all trays, the list of products to buy can be extensive. The Shapeways Marketplace is a popular platform with an eclectic mix of goods for the student who really wants to stand out with their collegiate decor. 

The Shapeways Marketplace allows creators to upload their original work. Many own their own business and design and produce everything themselves. Options on the Marketplace include those falling into sections like Art, Tech, and For Your Home. From designers’ individual shops you can pursue models and order them in 3D print with a choice of material and color. These unique designs, like 3D printed phone stands, 3D printed catch-all trays, or 3D printed photo frames, are the perfect finds for anyone seeking cool products that feature both functionality and ingenuity. 

To help simplify your shopping, we’ve curated a list of the top ten dorm essentials on the Shapeways Marketplace. We hope these unique 3D printed products will not only check off items from your shopping list but also help create a more personalized space in your college dorm or apartment.

Top 10 Dorm Essentials from Shapeways Marketplace

Polaroid Photo Frame

Do you want to display photos of your family and friends in your new home away from home? Have you snapped a fun Polaroid with your roommate while experiencing your new campus together?
One or more of these 3D printed Polaroid photo frames are perfect for decorating your dorm room!

Drain Filter for Sinks/Showers

We all dread having to reach into a gross, clogged shower or sink drain to unblock it. 
The easy solution? A drain filter. Great for both sinks and showers, this 3D printed drain filter is a practical and helpful tool.

Ghost Spinning Top

Any student knows just how stressful school can be. This 3D printed fidget toy from Michiel Cornelissen is a helpful tool in those moments!
The Ghost Spinning Top is available in a variety of metals and creates a unique semi-transparent outline of a top when played with. The unique geometry of the Ghost also allows the 3D printed toy to spin for up to 1.5 minutes.
The Ghost is also available in a smaller version.

Soap Dish

Living in a dorm often means sharing bathrooms. This 3D printed soap dish will keep your bar of soap clean and dry–and safe from the communal ledges.
This 3D printed soap dish is designed to be small enough to fit on narrow ledges, but large enough to hold a brand new bar. Adding this product to your shower caddy will be sure to extend the life of your soap bar!

Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

In college you’re often surrounded by roommates, friends, and other students. While this can be fun, an open-door policy isn’t always ideal.
Whether you need peace to write a paper, study for a test, or get to bed on time before an 8 a.m. class, this Do Not Disturb Door Hanger will come in handy.

UE Boom Wall Mount

Music is a quintessential element of college, from high-energy songs for a party, to soothing classical tunes to study for your midterm too.
Having a 3D printed speaker holder on your wall makes listening to your playlists and setting the vibe that much easier.
This wall mount from Prodo Innovations is available in a variety of colors, 3D printed with Versatile Plastic.

Tablet & Phone Stand

This 3D printed phone stand works universally for tablets, smartphones, and any other devices featuring screens up to 10 mm in thickness.
Use the Tablet & Phone Stand to display your textbook while completing homework, play a movie for yourself and your roommate, or to make use of the self-time feature on your phone’s camera.

Voronoi Pearl Light Lamp

Adding some soft light to your room can be the perfect way to make it feel more like a home. This gorgeous 3D printed lamp from GRAVITYSHAPES will cast patterns and structures of light all over your walls and ceiling. 
While off, the Voronoi Pearl Light Lamp also functions as a piece of art to display in your dorm room.

Success Kid

We all need some encouragement sometimes, and the so-called Success Kid is the perfect person to help. 
Place this 3D printed desk accessory anywhere in your room to receive extra support and you-can-do-it energy.
50% of profits are sent to the mother of the Success Kid.

Catch-All Dish

If you’re looking for a catch-all dish to throw your keys, your paper clips, or your jewelry into, this customizable dish by First Planet Studio is perfect.
The 3D printed dish is available in multiple materials, including plastic, sandstone, and steel. By placing a custom order, you can also personalize this piece!  

Hopefully this list has given you some interesting 3D printed finds to add to your dorm room or apartment for the upcoming school year. Shapeways’s Marketplace offers all these items, and so much more, including 3D printed vases, 3D printed trays, 3D printed dorm decor, a 3D printed dorm shelf, and 3D printed photo frames.