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Kaja's Models and Machinations, since June 2013. I originally thought that I could make model engine parts with 3d printing, substituting rough sand castings for precisely-fabricated blanks which required very little machining. Sadly, the cost of doing so is prohibitive, so I'm making toys instead. Perhaps, one day, I'll start making functional steam-powered devices with a majority of 3d-printed parts, and truly live up to the screen name that I chose.

Most of the products I offer are miniatures, though there are a few other odds and ends.  There are a few products floating around my shop that have yet to find their way into any section, but I probably have more models that simply aren't for sale - yet.  Some of those are just waiting to be tested, while others are show-off pieces.  If you enjoy history, science fiction, wargaming, or even cosplay, stick around!  I might have something that interests you.  More information can be found in the Shapeways thread on my blog, coloured artwork of my designs can be found on my Hive page, CAD tutorials can be found on my BitChute channel, and you can further support my work through SubscribeStar (also, this is how I accept payments for .stl files and shipping models to Russia, since I can do that but Shapeways can't).

1/100 KV-7


1/100 KV-85


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1/285 ST-1


SECTION 1 - Historical Tanks 1/100 - This section has mostly Soviet heavy tanks from World War II, but also some early Cold War designs as well.  My primary goal is to eventually complete the entire KV and IS tank families.  I am starting to add some rare German vehicles as well, some of which do not qualify as tanks, but they have tracks and guns and were used in the war.  If you visit this blog post, you can download the latest version of my tank model database to see my completed and pending projects.  Please note that any tank in this section that does not have "1/100" before its name is available in multiple scales.

SECTION 2 - Historical Tanks 1/285 - This section contains nearly everything in the previous section, as well as different variants thereof from different years.  Furthermore, some of the models that I've made are available only in the smaller scale, such as the experimental U.S. heavy tanks and the British engineering vehicles.  As of this update, the only tank available in 1/100 scale that is NOT available in 1/285 scale is the T-10M.  Most of the these models are available as single tanks, a pair with the turrets on a sprue, or five with the turrets on a sprue.  I did this to reduce the cost of building a tank division.  However, with the most recent change to the pricing algorithm, it is much more cost effective, especially for collectors not interested in large quantities of identical vehicles, to buy these directly from my website.

SECTION 3 - Fictional Tanks - When I started out, I had some fictional designs that closely resembled experimental Soviet designs, and all of them were in the same section.  As the numbers of these increased and the designs became more varied, I saw fit to split this section of my shop.  The most unusual item in this section is the ShU-255 Chuyinka Assault Gun: one day, I thought to myself "what would happen if I crossed a KV-2 with a dalek casing?" The ShU-255 was the result, and I made it a chuyinka weapon, which brings me to...

SECTION 4 - Chuyinka Empire - Models of war machines used and/or built by the chuyinka, a race of hyperintelligent, genetically-engineered, shapeshifting avian creatures from the planet Varanganska (all my own creation). These war machines (as of this writing) include the steampunk airships that they used to regain superiority over the mammalian races after they returned from the brink of extinction, as well as the ultra-powerful space weapons that they employed to bring entire galaxies to heel in later millennia. If I ever find the time to get Lightwave up and running on my computer, I'll even upload little figurines of the chuyinka themselves.

SECTION 5 - Adornments - This is the section for musicians, cosplayers, and anyone else seeking some unique and/or edgy accessories.  This section includes jewellery and key fobs.  If some of the items in this section look familiar, that is because I have supplied them for an Etsy shop called "The Alto Clef." 

SECTION 6 - Sailing Ships -  You might notice that some of my ships are labelled as "1/700," but when you look at "what's in the box," it says "1/1000."  This is because many of my earlier models were larger than they should have been, so I simply changed the scale.  As more and more ships become available in multiple scale options, this problem may begin to disappear.  This section is here only because I had gotten requests for a wide variety of sailing ships after uploading my first trireme model, and just went crazy experimenting with different designs and rendering techniques.  Some of these models are small, very simple game pieces, and others are much larger, more detailled miniatures.  In short, model shipbuilding has been my most valuable learning experience here on Shapeways. 

SECTION 7 - Galley Game Pieces 1/1200 - Unlike the previous section, which is quite varied, this section contains only sets of 1/1200 scale ancient war galleys and similar ships.  I started making these as 3d playing pieces for Avalon Hill's Trireme board game, but I'm sure that they will be suitable for other board games as well.  All of these game pieces are colour-coded in the shop: red for the Romans/Italians, blue for the Greeks/Byzantines, yellow for the Egyptians, purple for the Phoenicians/Carthaginians, orange for the Ottomans, pink for the Chinese/Koreans, green for the Japanese, black for the vikings, and white for civilian/multi-faction ships.  Of course, you can order the models in any colour you want, I simply chose different default colours to make it easier to sort through them all.  In addition, you may have noticed that not every faction I listed has representation - yet.

SECTION 8 - Steamships - As the number of steamships in my shop has grown, I saw fit to add this section to make them easier to find.  Some of these are historical ships, but most are my own creations.  There is some overlap of this section with sailing ships, given that sailing steamers were quite common during the 19th century.  

SECTION 9 - Steampunk Airships - As I get time (and inspiration), this section will fill up with all kinds of crazy designs. Right now, there isn't much here, but the introduction of black high-definition acrylate should open up a world of possibilities that simply didn't exist before in 1/1000 scale. This section, more than anything else, needs input from other designers (preferably fellow steampunks who don't have a Frankenstein's Monster of a computer to run CAD software, as I do).

SECTION 10 - Tank Parts - this section contains model tank hulls and turrets, so that customers can mix and match to create rare or fictional 1/100 scale models.  This section also contains turrets in other scales, such as 1/144 and 1/30.

SECTION 11 - Ship Parts 1/300 - this section contains masts and hulls for 1/300 scale model wooden ships of all eras, from ancient Mediterranean war galleys to 18th century frigates. 

SECTION 12 - Miscellaneous Parts - this section contains components for models other than tanks or sailing ships.

SECTION 13 - Random Art Objects - this section contains, you guessed it, random decorative items and mathematical art.



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