Kaja's Models and Machinations

Kaja's Models and Machinations, since June 2013. I originally thought that I could make model engine parts with 3d printing, substituting rough sand castings for precisely-fabricated blanks which required very little machining. Sadly, the cost of doing so is prohibitive, so I'm making toys instead. Perhaps, one day, I'll start making functional steam-powered devices with a majority of 3d-printed parts, and truly live up to the screen name that I chose.

1/100 KV-2


1/100 KV-1


If I ever find enough time, I might actually make this shop appear organised. Right now, I have the beginnings of Soviet tank lines in both 1/100 scale and 1/285 scale. I also have numerous ships in 1/1000 scale, 1/1250 scale, and 1/10 000 scale.

SECTION 1 - Tanks - This section has mostly Soviet heavy tanks from World War II, and I originally meant to make a lot more of them (IS-2 is giving me trouble, thanks to a lack of decent blueprints to work from).  I originally made only 15mm (1/100) scale models, but due to demand I began adding 6mm (1/285) scale models as well.  Some of these include experimental U.S. heavy tanks from late in the war as well.  There are also some fictional designs that are very closely based on the Soviet designs.  The most unusual item in this section is the ShU-255 Chuyinka Assault Gun: one day, I thought to myself "what would happen if I crossed a KV-2 with a dalek casing?" The ShU-255 was the result, and I made it a chuyinka weapon, which brings me to...

SECTION 2 - Chuyinka Empire - Models of war machines used and/or built by the chuyinka, a race of hyperintelligent, genetically-engineered, shapeshifting avian creatures from the planet Varanganska (all my own creation). These war machines (as of this writing) include the steampunk airships that they used to regain superiority over the mammalian races after they returned from the brink of extinction, as well as the ultra-powerful space weapons that they employed to bring entire galaxies to heel in later millennia. If I ever find the time to get Lightwave up and running on my computer, I'll even upload little figurines of the chuyinka themselves.

SECTION 3 - Jewellry - I feel like an idiot for sticking to my British spellings, considering that International English uses (mostly) American spellings. What do I care, English isn't my native language anyway! This section includes mostly alto clef accessories, given that I live right across the road from a violist who is constantly ranting about there "not being any alto clef products on the market." Look at us now, we've got my shop, as well as The Alto Clef on Etsy (which I supply: her pendant is my zipper pull version 2 on a chain). The rest of my jewellry consists of whatever I feel like making, such as variations of my sigil (sigil meaning "seal" in this context, as I put it on everything).

SECTION 4 - Sailing Ships - This one will change a lot in the near future. Green Feet Games hired me to make the tokens for their board game, The Pirate Republic (at least, that's what it's called as of this writing). At the time, the only surface ship I had in my shop was the trireme, and the only other surface ship I had ever worked on still wasn't finished. As you might see, some of my sailing ships look pretty good, others look horrid. That's because when I first started making them, I had to figure out for myself how to make the bloody things look both historically accurate and visually appealing. Now that I have a good method for doing that (which didn't take long to figure out, mind you), I can start ridding myself of the embarassing prototypes and filling the shop with high-quality models. I will eventually display the game tokens that Green Feet Games decides to use, but as they are no longer my property, I won't be selling them.

SECTION 5 - Steampunk Airships - As I get time (and inspiration), this section will fill up with all kinds of crazy designs. Right now, there isn't much here, but the introduction of black high-definition acrylate should open up a world of possibilities that simply didn't exist before in 1/1000 scale. This section, more than anything else, needs input from other designers (preferably fellow steampunks who don't have a Frankenstein's Monster of a computer to run CAD software, as I do).

SECTION 6 - Model Parts - this section is made up mainly of separate tank turrets and hulls so that buyers can mix and match, but also contains other odds and ends.



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