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Karel Janacek


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer
Thought I could make steam engine parts when I started here, instead I make game pieces and jewellery. I'm still having fun, though.

Now available in 1/144 scale with a 2mm post for rotation. Let me know if you want me to make more of these. - KV-2 Turret, 152mm Howitzer
The first fictional AFV of my 15mm Challenge is now available for sale! If you don't know what that means, you can see what that challenge is here: -
The first historical AFV of my 15mm Challenge is now available for sale! If you don't know what that means, you can see what that challenge is here: -
BEHOLD! Object 272 is now available in 35mm scale! - T-10M Heavy Tank
The round caravel has been dethroned - now THIS is my single MOST POPULAR MODEL, with over 150 having been produced! - 25x 1/1200 Small Lembi with Marines (Edited)
After one too many failed prints, I decided to change the configuration of this model. It should work a lot better now. - 1/2000 Pirate Ship Game Pieces
I've had to temporarily remove this model, as well as the version with the stowed sail. Supposedly, the sprues are too thin, but since it's supposed to be the same as on all my other 1/1200 scale ships, I don't really believe that. I'm not sure when I'll be able to fix it. - 1/1200 Viking Longship (Sailing) Game Pieces
It's been a LONG TIME since I've last made a starship, but I haven't given up on that collection. Here's an orbiting platform! - 1/10 000 Orbiting Platform Lotus Design 1
I've added another gun to this model, so now you can make the ISU-122! I now have two different versions of the ISU-122 in 1/285 scale as well. - 1/100 ISU-122/152
BEHOLD! The SU-100Y is finally here!- 1/285 SU-100Y
The KV-122 is back! I think that's everything. Now that I'm done fixing things, it's time to get back to working on your requests. Next up will be either the SU-100Y or the Yuan Wang 7 - depends on when Kubinka gets back to me about certain details on the former. - 1/285 KV-122 (Edited)
Good news, everyone! The SU-152 is back! (Get out of here, Farnsworth, Dr. Weird does all my announcements!)- 1/285 SU-152
You cannot keep the fires out! The KV-8S is back! - 1/285 KV-8S
This is SPARTA! The Spartans have just joined my ancient naval collection, to do what they do best. And yes, I'm aware that they liked red, but I have to distinguish their ships from the Romans somehow! - 1/1200 Spartan Hemiolia Game Pieces
I'm back to making ships! Here is yet another trireme, this time belonging to Egypt! - 1/1200 Classical Egyptian Trireme Game Pieces
Bad news, everyone! I had to make this and several other miniatures temporarily unavailable because of issues with the towing shackles. I won't get a chance to fix them for another 2-3 weeks, but rest assured they will be available for sale once again! - 1/285 SU-152
Is it getting hotter in here? YOU TELL ME! - 1/285 KV-8S
Gentlemen, OBSERVE as I ADJUST THE HEAT! - 1/100 KV-8S
So cute! I actually managed to upload both scales the same da- wait, it's after midnight. Bloody hell. - 1/285 KV-1S
BEHOLD! The KV-1S! Another gap in the collection has been closed.- 1/100 KV-1S
BEHOLD! The SU-100M! (Object 416!) Gentlemen, what was that?! - 1_285 SU-100M
BEHOLD! The Cooperative Artisans' Guild badge is now available! - Cooperative Artisan's Badge
It has come to my attention that one of my followers is a bladesmith! Well, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have something for everyone! - I.A.M.A.D.A. Bladesmith Badge (Edited)


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