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  1. MichaelAtOz
    MichaelAtOz Well-Known Member
    I think the 3D viewer icon needs to be more noticeable.
    I hadn't seen this thread, had loaded a new product, went to preview it, noticed the 3D thumbnail was missing, but never noticed the little icon.
    I was about to post a complaint then found this thread.
    I needs to be bolder/bigger or maybe pulse twice or something.
  2. MichaelAtOz
    MichaelAtOz Well-Known Member
    Also, it sometimes gets 'selected' when trying to drag it. Looks like this: (Firefox)
    3D viewer - selected.JPG
  3. 3DSculptures
    3DSculptures Member
    Is there any way to remove the 3D Preview or to use the old version for my shop items?
    The new one doesn't work properly most of the time for me.
  4. coines23
    coines23 Well-Known Member
    Haven't seen it work once yet. Using Waterfox, Chrome and Edge browsers.

    Edit: Working fine in Edge now. :)
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  5. AgeOfPlastic
    AgeOfPlastic Member
    The 3D viewer is certainly interesting. But for a really tiny model it looks extremely pixelated and low quality. I can see it discouraging some potential buyers.
  6. robs_mw
    robs_mw Well-Known Member
    Is it possible to embed this 3D viewer in your own website (like it was possible before)?
  7. Wedding3D
    Wedding3D Member
    3D scanning software like 123D Scan needs small niose to track the camera position relative to the object.
    With the 3D renderer, it looks like the texture is maped on the object also relative to the camera position. So for the scanning program, there is nothing to hold on to for tracking becouse the texture is differend every time you'll tilt the object
  8. derouser
    derouser Member

    Would be nice to know what technology is used to deliver the renderings in the browser & if it can be used to embed 3d models on external sites

  9. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    To protect your designs, they use a backend engine to render the image for the angle that you have selected, and deliver each frame to you as a JPG. The rendering is not happening in your browser. This keeps your source model private, always on their server, with only rendered images of it being delivered to the the customer.
    Unfortunately, that means you can't use the same viewer software on your site.

    There are browser-based STL viewers (such as the one available from but they send your STL to the end customer.. not a safe way to maintain your files.
    Here's an example:
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  10. shockras2020
    shockras2020 Member
    can shapeways have a separate upload for inches ?

    i uploaded 43 items , all accidentally in centimeters. now they are all too small............... thx
  11. SemperVaporo
    SemperVaporo Well-Known Member
    You have posted this oddity several times... No need to do that.
    I don't believe there is any option for dimension selection in upload. What you upload is what you have selected when you drew the object. MM, CM, INCHES or FURLONGS, they are all the same to Shapeways and will be shown in either MM or Inches when you display the item and will be printed in the size you specified. If you are getting objects too small, you drew them that size.
    Go back to your original drawings and change it to display and work in inches and you will find your drawings are too small for what you want. Most drawing programs have a "Scale" function... select all of your object and scale it up by 2.54 to make it the right size. If you drew something 1 CM long, thinking it was 1 inch, you need to scale it up by 2.54 so that 1 CM long section will be 1 inch long.
    When you have an object on ShapeWays, you can display its size in either MM or Inches with a selection box, but that does not scale the object, it just converts the displayed measurement from MM to Inches or vice-versa.
    The 3-D tools function has a scale function that will change the object's size.
    Also, when ordering the item there is a drop down menu item to select whether to show the dimensions in MM or IN (which does NOT change the actual size, just whether the dimensions are shown a MM or IN) and there is a link to "Resize" which will change the size (scale) it. You can do the X, Y & Z dimensions separately if you wish to distort the object or do them all at once to maintain the aspect ratio.