Oh, thank goodness. I think we're all happy that's over! - http://shpws.me/QoYd Gallows - Double Posted, Dropped (1/87 Scale)
The Old West Gallows are now available at 1:87 scale - http://shpws.me/QoY9 Gallows - Single Posted (1/87 Scale)
Carrotwood Pod Pendant to go with the earrings - http://shpws.me/QmUa Carrotwood Pod Pendant
WillLaPuerta commented on Japanese Numbers Die by WillLaPuerta
July 5, 2017
Japanese Numbers Die
WillLaPuerta @marcelozem2009 I'm afraid Shapeways prints these as is. There's no post processioning beyond a little cleaning and maybe some polishing depending on the material. You can always try painting them yourself if you have a steady hand. The surface is very porous so it'll need a base coat first.
New product made by request. Anyone else want me to make something? - http://shpws.me/ODYP Carrotwood Pod Earrings
At last! The next batch of 2" Monsters is out! - http://shpws.me/OkcA 2 Inch Monsters: Batch 14
WillLaPuerta commented on Byte Dice by WillLaPuerta
January 30, 2017
Byte Dice
WillLaPuerta @gamrin_claws That's ok. Their purchase is not compulsory. Anyway, I made them a as a joke but the thing about humor is it's subjective. I know someone out there must have gotten it because I've sold four of the individual Bit Dice already. Now THAT'S hilarious!
WillLaPuerta commented on Covered Wagon (Z-Scale) by WillLaPuerta
November 20, 2016
Covered Wagon (Z-Scale)
WillLaPuerta @grumpusbumpus Yes. These are not mass manufactured in factories optimized to churn out thousands of them a day. They're printed one at a time, which makes things more expensive than you might expect.
WillLaPuerta commented on Mars Rover by WillLaPuerta
September 22, 2016
Mars Rover
WillLaPuerta @astroman I'll have to dig up my original files and see. Not sure where they are right now and I'm kind of busy at the moment. I'll let you know if can as soon as I'm able.
Ghost robot! So very, very spoo~ooky. - http://shpws.me/M8pP Ghost Robot
Fortune Frame (2.5" by .625") Chain - Five
WillLaPuerta @peacoate OK, that went fairly smoothly. Here's a set of five: http://shpws.me/KBZQ and a single if you want to extend the chain beyond that: http://shpws.me/KBZS Now I'm not familiar with Baci Peugina, so please let me know how they turn out and feel free to send pictures.
WillLaPuerta @peacoate I'll see what I can do. Let you know when I've got something.
WillLaPuerta commented on Li'l Spooky by WillLaPuerta
October 5, 2015
Li'l Spooky
WillLaPuerta @paoloro00 ........ Not sure how to respond to that.


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