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Roman Kläger


astroman added a product to a list
24 days ago
astroman added products to a list
February 20, 2017
astroman commented on A17-FUD-Fully operational LRV-Straight by meens
February 8, 2017
A17-FUD-Fully operational LRV-Straight
astroman Ooooook. Since the Apollo 17 CSM and the LM also carried some cool experiments I might change my mind and go with the 17. They were all badass missions. Where did you get that kind of information? That is amazing. I know NASA puts everything on the net. But everything makes it difficult to extract what one wants.
astroman You write explicitly Apollo 17. Are there big differences if i wanted to make the Apollo 15? I love you other models too!
astroman added a product to a list
January 23, 2017
astroman commented on Apollo SM RCS 1:100 4-Pack by keymichael1855
January 23, 2017
Apollo SM RCS 1:100 4-Pack
astroman Can you make these available in 1/144 as well? I know they are tiny but the resin ones from realspace are made poorly...
astroman commented on Design 5 by Mecube
December 9, 2016
Design 5
astroman Much cube. Such wow. Does it do anything?
astroman commented on Mars Rover by WillLaPuerta
September 23, 2016
Mars Rover
astroman @WillLaPuerta no hurry! December is still ok.
astroman We need a scale.... is 1/48 possible? It's the most popular scale among real space modelers.
astroman favorited N-1 Naboo Starfighter 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
September 22, 2016
astroman commented on Moon by lord_of_the_red_rings
September 22, 2016
astroman It's 1:100'000'000 which nicely fits to a 12cm earth model. Place them 3.6m apart and you can create a solar eclise. Works very nice, love it.
astroman commented on Mars Rover by cseys
September 22, 2016
Mars Rover
astroman We're gonna need a scale here... 1/48 would be perfect and 1/144 (thats about 10mm long) are the popular ones amongst real space model builders.
astroman commented on F1 Engine 1:48 Scale Top by keymichael1855
September 21, 2016
F1 Engine 1:48 Scale Top
astroman Do i see this correctly that you have two models of the same engine? One with the complete bell and this one? Or is the difference an other?
astroman commented on Mercury LES Tower Estes 1:42.7 by keymichael1855
September 21, 2016
Mercury LES Tower Estes 1:42.7
astroman Can you make it for 1/48? to fit the Revell/Monogram sets? In Ultra frosted detail this would be nice.
astroman commented on Mercury LES Tower by keymichael1855
September 21, 2016
Mercury LES Tower
astroman 1/15.... but yes, i'm looking for 1/48 too :-)
SP-Apollo15-car-144-kitset-20141014c (repaired)
astroman Every Saturn I or V Model comes with a lunar lander. If you build the rocket without peeking-windows you get a LEM. Add the Astronauts and the rover and boom! excellent diorama. Decals are not available, but you can download the 1/48 version and scale it down.
astroman commented on Orion Crew Module (CM) 1:144 by keymichael1855
September 9, 2016
Orion Crew Module (CM) 1:144
astroman Mgnificant details! Even washing is possible and brings them out even more. Very expensiv, worth it. Can't wait for the Service Module.
astroman commented on 1/144 V2-A4 Rocket by legoboy99
September 9, 2016
1/144 V2-A4 Rocket
astroman A great addition to the the wide available rocket collection in 1:144. The price is lower than a resin model from a manufacturer of modelrockets. Do recommend!
astroman commented on Gemini EVA Astronaut / 1:48 by Max_Grueter
September 9, 2016
Gemini EVA Astronaut / 1:48
astroman Fits the Revell Gemini Model and makes it look very good. Great addition for this exciting moment in american spaceflight!
astroman commented on Mythosaur Skull Pendant by RVeldhuyzen
September 9, 2016
Mythosaur Skull Pendant
astroman Excellent bottle opener, keychain and necklace. Leatherband naturally not included. Love it!
astroman favorited Gemini Astronaut 1:48 by Max_Grueter
August 2, 2016
astroman added a product to a list
April 25, 2016
astroman added a product to a list
August 1, 2015


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