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Vykes commented on (Armada) Dreadnaught v2 by Mel_Miniatures
November 16, 2016
(Armada) Dreadnaught v2
Vykes @ecs_norway They're both FUD, mate. I just can't quite make WSF work for me without a significant amount of extra time and effort. It's not to say that they can't work in WSF, just that FUD is a lot nicer and tidier to work on. Now, if there was some hi-def black acrylic versions of them... #notsosubtle @Mel_Miniatures :P
Vykes The rust details are made up of 5 usual colours, but it can really be broken up into 3 different paints that serve 3 different functions. I use a very watered down chestnut ink or a ghost-tint, to get the long vertical streaks. It tends to be very-very watered down and often added in 2 layers. The second is a high pigment flesh wash (mine is from Reaper). It's completely undiluted and adds the warmer rust colours right in the corners and recess. The final, and most important, is a water mixable oil colour from Windsor and Newton (You can often pick 'em up for $5-10 per tube and it lasts for a long loooong time). Anyway, take just a little bit with a touch of water on an older brush (oils hurt bristles, we don't ruin a good brush, eh?). Add a small dot of the watered down paint to the ship and let it dry for 15-20 seconds before taking a damp brush and going over the spot. It will end up giving you those subtle easily controlled 'burn' like marks that taper off into a blend. I do hope that helps some :)
Vykes I've never been a big fan of the old dreadnaughts, so I always gave them a pass. But with this new version I just had to pick up a pair. The print's details are sharp, crisp, and numerous. I adore these new ships because they actually look like big beefy warships. Love 'em, thanks a million for making these up, Mel! They're awesome. I may need to get some more to make up a 'far Outer Rim' Imperial task force.
(Armada) Assault Frigate Mk I Type III
Vykes @Mel_Miniatures Thanks a ton again for making up the Type III, mate! Seriously, it's by far my favourite of the Assault frigate variants and one that I'm glad to have in my collection. Type III's just feel like the most militaristic and 'hefty' of the frigates, to me. The Mk.II's, as much as I like cutting them up to convert them, just don't cut it. These are terrific. There was a bit of graininess on the lower portions of the hull but nothing of a distorting nature. So they painted up nice, the ships themselves are surprisingly large, the designs look completely right, and the sides aren't entirely mirrored which makes it feel like a Star Wars ship should. Seriously well done and thanks again.
Vykes favorited (Armada) XQ5 Platform by Mel_Miniatures
September 9, 2016
Vykes commented on (Armada) XQ5 Platform by Mel_Miniatures
September 9, 2016
(Armada) XQ5 Platform
Vykes I sorta' ran out of time to make a scratchbuilt station, so this was a nice nostalgic option. Sure, I wasn't 100% convinced that I liked the large base over a smaller, less intrusive one. That is, until I bumped it and the thing stayed right where it was supposed to instead of keeling over.
Vykes favorited (Armada) Dreadnaught v2 by Mel_Miniatures
September 8, 2016
Vykes favorited (Armada) Dreadnaught v2 by Mel_Miniatures
September 8, 2016
Vykes favorited (Armada) XQ5 Platform by Mel_Miniatures
September 4, 2016
(Armada) Mon Calamari MC40a Light Cruiser
Vykes Thanks a ton Mel, the MC40a is an absolutely awesome model and one of those ships I've been champing at the bit to get my grubby little claws on. So many good memories from the old PC X-Wing series!
(Armada) Modified Nebulon B2 Frigate
Vykes @endobai Aye, mate. That's exactly what I use mine for when I can't use it for the fan made stuff. I'm not a fan of the GSD model, but I'm loving the B2.
Vykes I'm a little surprised there hasn't been much said about the Nebulon B2's here. They're an iconic ship for gamers with a background in the X-wing computer game series. I'm not sure what I' do without this little gem! It had a bit of graininess on the fore section but it painted up fine.
(Armada) Immobilizer 418 cruiser (Expanded Univers
Vykes Undoubtedly worth it. It really adds that 'something' to an Imperial fleet. The model is great, definition is crisp in FUD, and it's a great size. Thanks mate!
Vykes favorited (Armada) 12x TIE Avenger by Mel_Miniatures
April 2, 2016
Vykes favorited Arm 12 Assault Mix 2 by tsalt
January 16, 2016
(Armada) Mon Calamari MC80-A Wingless Liberty
Vykes You brought my favourite original trilogy ship to life, many-many thanks, mate! I had a bit of an issue with stepping on the underside, but a bit of putty, a bit of superglue, it'll all well and good.


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