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Magella Attack Tank + Top! My first attempt to use the Variants feature to capture several scales. HT-01B Magella Attack Tank + Top
ScornMandark commented on 1:3000 Salamis from Gundam by ScornMandark
April 20, 2018
1:3000 Salamis from Gundam
ScornMandark @alrobinson29 - heya, sorry I haven't noticed your comments! I'll give it a go, same scale
ScornMandark @Scouls502 Great! There's plenty to come, don't worry. I need to do some minor tweaks, but I think a 1:7000 range wouldn't be too hard. Would you want the Armada peg still?
ScornMandark @Scouls502 Here we go, with Armada peg attached.
White Base Team from Gundam, 1:1000
ScornMandark @ecs_norway the Gundam would probably need reposed to make it sort of stable when printed, though. Feel free to message me to work out details :)
ScornMandark @ecs_norway 1:400- ish? I should think so, I'm assuming without the pegs and platforms?
ScornMandark commented on 1/100 MMP-80 by ScornMandark
January 28, 2017
1/100 MMP-80
ScornMandark @kmopotato Thanks for looking! I'm actually repairing the WSF material version at the moment, but there are other materials available. If you're curious, almost all of that cost is materials:
ScornMandark commented on Defiant Class Starship by ScornMandark
November 25, 2016
Defiant Class Starship
ScornMandark @weregobbie ET VOILÀ!
ScornMandark @weregobbie - I can make a squad, but the acrylic wall thickness minimums would mean the ship would need to get decently larger to support that material.
ScornMandark commented on Tin Cod 1:600 by ScornMandark
November 25, 2016
Tin Cod 1:600
ScornMandark @Scouls502 Hot off the presses, as it were :)
ScornMandark @Scouls502 I'm putting a squad together as we type :)
ScornMandark @Scouls502 That's great! Mind if I put it up as an example print?
ScornMandark @Scouls502 Hey, great! Give me a bit (just got a new computer, taking a bit to get things sorted), but a fleet pack seems reasonable :)
ScornMandark @Scouls502 Sure thing! There's more Armada stuff coming soon, too, of the two!-legged variety... :)
ScornMandark @Scouls502 Great! Glad to help :)
ScornMandark commented on Sovereign by ScornMandark
August 20, 2016
ScornMandark @TheBalzan I think it's FC based, although I'd need to go back and check to be sure.
Magellan Battleship from Gundam
ScornMandark @Scouls502 I've set up a page on Boardgame Geek: I'll post finished models there for Armada scale, and probably a 1:7000 section as well.
ScornMandark @Scouls502 ah gotcha. Ok, give me a bit and I'll see about a Feddie and a Zeon pack :)
ScornMandark @Scouls502 oh you said cm - that'll be closer to 1:12500 scale. I should be able to do that, although I have no idea what details will survive lol
ScornMandark @Scouls502 As a matter of fact I do have more ships :) They're taking more work than I expected to get into printable forms, but basically most ships from 0079. I'll release them in 2 scales, this 1:2500 and 1:5000 - that'll put them in that 2.5"-3" range. Is there any particular connector you're looking for on the bottoms? Or just smooth hull and you'll figure it out?
ScornMandark commented on BatmobileNScale by ScornMandark
July 21, 2016
ScornMandark @DabidGuty Heya - sorry that I haven't gotten back before now, I honestly never saw the notification about the message =/ If you're still looking:
ScornMandark commented on Tin Cod by ScornMandark
July 21, 2016
Tin Cod
ScornMandark @Gliver I take that back, it's actually a little undersized for 1:100, which I'm fixing.
ScornMandark @Scouls502 Sorry for the delay - here it is, FUD and FED only:
ScornMandark @Gliver Yep, 1/144 (or as close as I can ballpark it).
ScornMandark commented on Type 61 Tank 1:100 by ScornMandark
July 21, 2016
Type 61 Tank 1:100
ScornMandark @Gliver Sorry - there's nothing I can do about the cost, it's mostly due to the size of the part in plastic and space in the printer. I had it at about 1:200 scale before, so the amount of plastic used and total volume went up quite a bit since it doubled in size. I've hollowed out the main body of the tank as best I can to cut down on material cost. Unfortunately, the biggest cost driver right now for WSF is the amount of space it takes up in the print bed, and since the tank is the size it is, that's about the best I can do right now. I'll see if there's a better way to get it cheaper, but that's probably about where I can get it to for now. Thanks though! There are a few more vehicles that I should be able to crack out soon, too.
ScornMandark @Gliver OK, fixed the scaling. It's a hefty chunk of plastic, but I've hollowed it out as best I can.
ScornMandark @Gliver whups! That would be because I scaled it down instead of up lol Give me a bit to hollow it out - that size makes it too big to leave it solid.
ScornMandark commented on Type 61 Tank 1:144 by ScornMandark
July 20, 2016
Type 61 Tank 1:144
ScornMandark Fixed scaling and hollowed out the main body.
ScornMandark @Gliver 1:100 here:


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