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Controller mount for PS4 & Nokia 7.1 - Top
UtorCase @Vettigedennis the picture is just a demo. The mount fits the Nokia 7.1
NVIDIA SHIELD 2017 Controller & Tablet-Front Rider
UtorCase @Sentinel2 You can try contacting with the issue in case your order is still in the warranty period. Otherwise, a little superglue can reattach the snapped piece!
Controller mount for Xbox One & NVIDIA Tablet
UtorCase @DeanBe The Xbox One S version is backwards compatible, although it does block the USB port, and you wont be able to use that on the old Xbox One with a USB OTG. The Xbox One S works fine over bluetooth.
UtorCase commented on NVIDIA SHIELD tablet & controller 2014 by UtorCase
December 26, 2016
NVIDIA SHIELD tablet & controller 2014
UtorCase @kramer_man no way. As per the description, you are only getting a plastic mount here...
UtorCase Hi @xfactorman, yes! Check shipping costs here
UtorCase @ezpmijh True, the demo pic is of a nexus, but the dimensions of this model are for the Shield Tablet.
UtorCase @ecolas You should assume this unit is for the hand held experience :) When I need to carry it around for long distance I put it in an empty shoebox. Otherwise, playing around the house, in the bed, on the toilet, in the car etc. is great. :)
Controller mount for Xbox One & Lenovo Tab S8
UtorCase @jgugenheim Why not go with the PhoneMounter version (made for tripods) ? :)
NVIDIA SHIELD 2015 controller & Google Pixel C
UtorCase @ezpmijh No. only in landscape mode.
NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet & Controller 2014 - "Over the
UtorCase @nyanlinzaw76 Stock will be unlimited :) Shapeways ships to Singapore as per
UtorCase @nyanlinzaw76 Fair enough :) I am working on an adjustable version that should be ready in a few months. Will post here once the new case is good to go.
UtorCase @nyanlinzaw76 UtorCase is incompatible with the cover as that changes the dimensions of the device.
UtorCase @jrb0031 I use an empty black shoe box to carry a UtorCase around. A big box would be somewhat expensive via 3d printing due to the amount of material required. I am working on an adjustable version that can be folded, but even then I will still recommend a shoe box for carrying it around. :)
UtorCase Hey @sik187 Here we go Apologies for the delay, I updated the model to make the SHIELd controller button more accessible. Also, do double check your measurements... :)
UtorCase Hey @sik187 thx for posting the dimensions. I have had requests for a holder with the poetic case, but you are the first one to send the dimensions (Poetic does not publish the dimensions). So, the weekend I will put together a version for the poetic case, and let you know once it is up.
UtorCase @Bashz87 Yep, the case is pretty tight and secure! One of the users mentioned in a video that the case was a bit wide (even if it was based on the official NVIDIA dimensions), but this issue has been resolved in the latest model.
UtorCase Hey @Bashz87, UK shipment is a go, and this case fits perfectly the Nexus 7. Pro pics are coming in a few days. Also looking to make a new video as the demo is indeed for the Nexus 7, but it shows just fine how to mount the case on the controller.
UtorCase Hello @Xephrey Thanks for asking. Looking around simple NVIDIA cases that do nothing but look good cost way more than UtorCase... :) The model requires quite some material hence the higher price, but in a few months the new HP 3d printers may bring the price down as per
Controller mount for PS3 & Asus Google Nexus 7 (20
UtorCase Hello @blutuu1 please contact with this issue.
UtorCase commented on Controller mount for PS3 & Sony Xperia E4g by UtorCase
September 13, 2015
Controller mount for PS3 & Sony Xperia E4g
UtorCase Try this @Big_Vic
Controller mount for PS3 & Apple iPhone 6s
UtorCase @GL2814 It is not highlighted just linked to the actual 2nd screen app... This search issue seems more of a Shapeways problem, if this page appears on top of other products that have Assassin Creed in their title. Those items that have Assassin Creed should come out on top. You can contact
UtorCase @GL2814 It's not a tag. Just mentioned in the description as an example 2nd screen app...And it's staying there :)
UtorCase @GL2814 What game name you have in mind? There are no game tags here dude.
Controller mount for Shield 2015 & Asus Google Nex
UtorCase Hi @ecolas, This version works with the NVIDIA Shield Tablet It definitely does not fit in my pocket though :)
Controller mount for PS4 & Motorola Nexus 6
UtorCase Hello @tjohnson4, Apologies for this issue. 3D prints can rarely be brittle, but only in a very small percentage of the cases. Please contact for a resolution.
Controller mount for PS3 & Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10
UtorCase Hello @johnbcomeau, Here is the PS3 stress test Let me know what you think. I also noticed your comment on YouTube. Please update the comment if you get a new model and you are happy with it.
UtorCase Hey @johnbcomeau apologies for the delay. I am just preparing a stress test video for the PS3 mount, and will post it here today. Feel free to cancel the order until the video is up. In a tiny percent of the cases, 3D printing may be somewhat weaker then the experience of most that could explain your issue.
UtorCase Hello @johnbcomeau, Apologies for this issue. Rarely a 3d print can turn out somewhat brittle. Please contact and they will issue a refund or a reprint. No need for a paypal dispute... The Shapeways customer service team is superb.
Controller mount for Xbox 360 & Samsung Galaxy S5
UtorCase Hey @pax1, sorry to hear about this issue. Please contact with a pic, and they will inform you of your options for a resolution. The thickness of the clips was increased since your purchase. I also need to mention I never encountered breakage with UtorCase during my tests.
Controller mount for PS4 & Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet L
UtorCase Thanks for asking @ktizm520 The official dimensions are the same according to the Sony website
UtorCase commented on Controller mount for PS4 & LG Nexus 5 by UtorCase
February 3, 2015
Controller mount for PS4 & LG Nexus 5
UtorCase Hey @cdeoliviera UtorCase should not break as the material is flexible enough, so you can put the case on the controller just as on the video. Can you send a photo of the issie with a description to and put in cc?
Controller mount for PS4 & Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.
UtorCase @aj74 Please send an email to Shapeways at and they can brief you of your options for a resolution.
UtorCase Hey @aj74 Looks like the Shapeways team sent you a print for a different model! The side on the phone part should say SGT370. What does yours say? Please contact the Shapeways team at and they will send you a reprint!


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