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james norskow


GL2814 favorited New England Assassin's Emblem by KadzaNeon
January 18, 2019
GL2814 favorited Mjölnir Hammer Pendant by Kestosterone
October 4, 2018
GL2814 favorited Paintball Mask GoPro Dye i5 by BrainExploder
August 27, 2018
GL2814 favorited Burst XL Molle Adapter by BrainExploder
July 13, 2018
Cal Lynch Black Blade - Assassins Creed
GL2814 I still have mine and absolutely love it. This is a great model
GL2814 commented on Lee blade by BlackWingArsenal
January 1, 2018
Lee blade
GL2814 Who’s it called lees blade??
GL2814 How does it look put together??
Assassins Creed Origins Bayek - Hidden Blade
GL2814 Do you have a video that shows how it works??
GL2814 favorited Ear Cuff of Belle (Left Ear) by 2wing
April 10, 2017
GL2814 favorited Indian feather by galeno20galeno and Feather by thomaskostiuk
March 11, 2017
GL2814 commented on Bracer Attachments for Hidden Blade by Lightman
February 12, 2017
Bracer Attachments for Hidden Blade
GL2814 Where's the hidden blade?
GL2814 commented on Main Body [Neo HB] by Sicarius_Builder
January 29, 2017
Main Body [Neo HB]
GL2814 Do you have a video on how to put it together
GL2814 favorited Bleeder hidden blade by BlackWingArsenal
September 10, 2016
GL2814 commented on Romano (L) Toy Replica Kit by Ammnra
June 30, 2016
Romano (L) Toy Replica Kit
GL2814 decided to add this and the hook blade to my collection of ammnra blades thus completin the collection. was wonderin if you were plannin to do one based off the movie design???
GL2814 commented on 12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver by DoctorOctoroc
February 11, 2016
12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
GL2814 Got my clear rod in today and it looks awesome added to the screwdriver
GL2814 @DoctorOctorocalso how'd you do the electronics??? I might get another one so I can do that as well
GL2814 @DoctorOctorocit was durin test assembly when I was checking to see what went where before paints and final assembly
GL2814 @DoctorOctorocthe bottom blue piece fave me the most trouble as it was the piece that broke. The bottom portion the ring and end cap fit on broke free but I just threw some super glue on it and slid it inside the bottom of the silver piece and now it's good to go.
GL2814 Got clear rods comin in a few days but here's a pic for now
GL2814 Got mine today and I was really surprised at how many pieces there were. Was able to put together with no difficulty, some pieces did break but I was able to work abound them. all put together (minus rods) and painted. Will post pic when dried
GL2814 Miners comin on Monday, can't wait. Couldn't find acrylic rods but I found carbon fiber and styrene so I hope thosell do
GL2814 commented on Altair Bracer armor plates by cebt
December 23, 2015
Altair Bracer armor plates
GL2814 Got mine in this week. Will be makin a vambrace for them later
GL2814 commented on The Elite Hidden Blade by BlackWingArsenal
December 8, 2015
The Elite Hidden Blade
GL2814 How does the blade lock in place? Through friction lock, magnets, or locking pieces, i.e. ammnras hidden blades?
GL2814 commented on Hidden blade (Iris blade) by BlackWingArsenal
September 18, 2015
Hidden blade (Iris blade)
GL2814 im a fan of AMMNRA's blades and i like the overall design of this one as well and will at some point definitely get it. what other materials have you printed it in??
GL2814 Have you tried it yet yourself???
GL2814 commented on Assassin Toy Prop Kit by Ammnra
September 3, 2015
Assassin Toy Prop Kit
GL2814 I saw on etsy that you had a different blade for one of your kits.... Is this somethin you'll be offering as a separate item for ppl to add to their kits previously bought or just an etsy thing?
GL2814 commented on PS3 controller & Apple iPhone 6s by UtorCase
August 6, 2015
PS3 controller & Apple iPhone 6s
GL2814 Leave it in then that's cool but can you unhighlight it??? Like I said not everybody wants to go through a whole lot of pages of stuff that doesn't relate while tryin to find actual products.
GL2814 Assassins creed is tagged in your description..
GL2814 Dude you really need to stop tagging the game names because I'm pretty sure nobody wants to see a controller frame when they look up game names lookin for possible con props.
GL2814 commented on Hidden Blade Toy v2 [Dual Action OTF] by Tonicity
February 21, 2015
Hidden Blade Toy v2 [Dual Action OTF]
GL2814 @TonicityYeah i noticed the friction right off but a little sanding fixed up a majority of it. The only issue I have with mine right now is gettin it to work right. Every time I push the slide plate in the up position I hear it activate the blade but it doesn't shoot out. Think I have too much tension on the activation paddles to allow for smooth movement. I'll figure it out but in the mean time nice piece.
GL2814 commented on Altair Harness Buckle by cebt
February 18, 2015
Altair Harness Buckle
GL2814 Got mine in yesterday. A little bigger than expected but still cool. Can't wait to add to my modern assassin outfit


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