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Michael Peng


3D modeler

N scale 1:160 New Flyer Xcelsior CNG (2)
Themikepeng @TobysNscale it's supposed to be a window on the roof, translink's xcelsiirs have it
Themikepeng @TobysNscale Yes, it does come with wheels (on the inside of the bus) and yes the windows are hollow
IMPORTANT: Shapeways has recently tightened the requirements for all strong and flexible plastic materials! This means all N scale buses are now only available in frosted ultra detail materials! I know that this has resulted in some dramatic price increases, but frosted ultra detail is a much higher quality material anyway! (Edited)
n scale Amtrak Surfliner Coach Baggage (cab car)
Themikepeng @surftram20 im in college now, i cant make any more models, sorry
Themikepeng commented on HO scale 1:87 MCI J4500 coach by Themikepeng
August 9, 2016
HO scale 1:87 MCI J4500 coach
Themikepeng @vincen47 I'm going to be going off to college in 2 weeks, so after that I might not have time to do major modeling work. Just letting you know
Themikepeng @vincen47 Yes, however it would cost about $900
Themikepeng commented on N Scale Nova RTS 06 Bus NJT by Themikepeng
August 8, 2016
N Scale Nova RTS 06 Bus NJT
Themikepeng @kevins9145 I'm really sorry, but I don't think I'll be able to find time to work on the VII because I have to move to college in 2 weeks and I haven't been able to find any time to model
Themikepeng @kevins9145 OK I'll start working on a hybrid then
Themikepeng @kevins9145 The older one sounds good, now would you prefer a CNG or hybrid version
ho scale 1980-1983 toyota corolla wagon
Themikepeng @Esoteric777 are you still interested? I smoothed it out a lot
Themikepeng @Esoteric777
Themikepeng @Esoteric777 i got it to less than 100
Themikepeng @Esoteric777 oops I just posted with my other account
n scale 1980-1983 toyota corolla wagon
Themikepeng @ghewitt94 no problem and thanks -- I put that in all the models' descriptions.
Themikepeng @ghewitt94 But each car includes wheels, they are attached on the inside using sprues
Themikepeng commented on N scale Bombardier Coach by n3dpm
April 15, 2016
N scale Bombardier Coach
Themikepeng @CESM no it isn't the same
 Ho Scale 1997-2001 Toyota Camry (FUD)
Themikepeng @SethNeumann I see what you mean now, it's called black high definition acrylate or something like that. Wow, what a mouthful. Do you mean the lines that show up while painting? Yeah, those are kind of annoying. I'll keep an eye out for when this material releases.
Themikepeng @SethNeumann you mean frosted extreme detail? No, I haven't... but I might if I design something with really small parts
Themikepeng commented on n scale nabi 40-lfw bus by Themikepeng
February 11, 2016
 n scale nabi 40-lfw bus
Themikepeng @integratey1 I used tamiya acrylic paint, and you have to paint everything over in white before you paint in any other color, or else the paint will seep through and spread, also in the video it shows where everything goes; you need white, black, red, orange, and silver paint
N Scale Washington DC Metro 7000 (4)
Themikepeng @cambronj ok I changed the original picture so now it shows the A car instead of the B car
Themikepeng @cambronj that's because the original picture shows the cab side of the B car, yeah kind of confusing
Themikepeng @cambronj Still not sure what you mean... I am sure that the front side window on the A car is much narrower than the rear side window
Themikepeng @cambronj Thanks for your help, I double and triple checked the A and B cab side windows using pictures and drawings. Maybe you mistaked one of my B cars for an A car. Also, the drawings are outdated and are a bit different from the actual car. I uploaded renders of the sides of the cars so that you can take another look. Also thanks for the disco ball logo because I was looking for that everywhere.
Themikepeng commented on HO scale LRV pantograph by Themikepeng
October 26, 2015
HO scale LRV pantograph
Themikepeng @nemesisx81Thanks for telling me, yes the buses are much better quality, the LRV stuff is old has not been made to the same standards as my buses or cars
Themikepeng commented on ho scale 1984-1987 toyota corolla by Themikepeng
September 24, 2015
ho scale 1984-1987 toyota corolla
Themikepeng @pacbelt no problem :)
Themikepeng @pacbelt I guess I can make a wagon e70 too then! but i think i found the e30 you're looking for:
Themikepeng @pacbelt is it close enough to do a e70 corolla? because i just happened to be starting on that car, an e30 corolla will be really hard with all those curves
n scale school bus 2015 international/ic re 300
Themikepeng if any of my buses don't have ho scale versions yet, i can make one at request
n scale school bus 2015 ic re 300 (long)
Themikepeng if any of my buses don't have ho scale versions yet, i can make one at request
N scale 1:160 new flyer D40lf Bus
Themikepeng @ewilson248 I personally think that working with a solid bus is better, however I happen to not have a solid D40lf, so if you would like a solid bus you will have to go with the xcelsior. However, this bus is very thin so window glazing installed on the inside won't look too bad. Just watch out for the walls because they are very brittle. For the glazing you could glue some clear styrene sheet plastic on the inside.
n scale FAW-VW jetta king MK2 CiX
Themikepeng @rwhamm OK, I will try to make the passat by the end of next week
Themikepeng @rwhamm the jetta cix from the link i showed you has the exact same front end: if it's not good enough I could make you a passat b4 but that would take at least another few days
n scale FAW-VW jetta king MK2 CiF
Themikepeng @rwhamm if you want a stand in for the 4th generation passat, you should look at this: it's very similar to the "jetta cif", but it has the exact same front as the passat
Themikepeng @rwhamm thanks! i think i'm going to glue the wheels directly, but if you want to make an axle, you might be able to using a thin brass rod they sell at hobby shops
Themikepeng @rwhamm here's the first pic again it didn't upload for some reason
Themikepeng and this: the pics aren't that clear but i'll post better ones when i'm done painting and decaling them
Themikepeng @rwhamm here you go:
Themikepeng @rwhamm Yes it does come with wheels, however if you plan on ordering them, you should probably wait a week or so because I just ordered some and when I get them I will post pictures for you


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