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I am a N Scale modeller who enjoys modelling American Railroads. Using Shapeways to produce those not available models.

3rdboxcar commented on HO 1-87 Scale BQ23-7 Cab by 3rdboxcar
May 26, 2019
HO 1-87 Scale BQ23-7 Cab
3rdboxcar @ncrailfan805unfortunately not since the window material is no longer available.
3rdboxcar @amosph I have a window set here http://shpws.me/M82v in transparent acrylic, please note this material is not totally transparent, I have not personally tried using them but another modeller has.
Progress Rail / Kershaw Scorpion ramp
3rdboxcar @oahukidz50 there are a couple of youtube videos out there as well https://youtu.be/lirl9JUBxXQ and https://youtu.be/8KZjHgcWwX8
3rdboxcar @Yurii@Yurii Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to print this in strong and flexible due to wall thickness on various parts of the model.
3rdboxcar commented on Chicago Met Car 2717 by 3rdboxcar
May 18, 2018
Chicago Met Car 2717
3rdboxcar @orionfield Thanks for your info about the car.
3rdboxcar commented on Amtrak Surfliner Cab Car by 3rdboxcar
January 18, 2018
Amtrak Surfliner Cab Car
3rdboxcar @SouthernPacific5339 I worked with somebody on 2 halves, it cost us quite a bit of money and did not work, one of the main issues was the printer tolerances did not make for perfect alignment, we also had warping issues which could be cured by adding strengthening, my models are also designed for the scale they are sold in so re-scaling would make the walls very thick and the extra detail possible on HO would not be there, any of my HO models are a completely different drawing from the N scale version, the cost today at a best guess would be over $200, there have been a lot of pricing structure changes since the previous posts.
3rdboxcar @lgbkollector Hi, There is not really any need for an underframe, check out what I have done here http://members.trainorders.com/3rdboxcar/page5.html
3rdboxcar commented on SN Holman Combine by 3rdboxcar
July 31, 2017
SN Holman Combine
3rdboxcar @kharstin Thank you, that looks good, It makes it all worth while when I see finished models.
HO scale 1:87 CSX SD40-3 Wabtec Cab
3rdboxcar @Roadslug Hi, I cannot say for certain it will, it was designed for a Kato SD40-2, as a general rule the long hoods and frames are all normally about the same size. It will certainly require a bit more kitbashing as the nose comes off with the cab on the Kato loco.
3rdboxcar @moelalon2000 Hi, not quite sure what you are asking, but if you check on your orders tab it will tell what stage your cab is at in the production process.
3rdboxcar commented on SAL - SCL - Amtrak Sun Lounge by 3rdboxcar
November 11, 2016
SAL - SCL - Amtrak Sun Lounge
3rdboxcar Unfortunately probably not due to price.
HO Stephens Railcar TGX SD-ME Dynamic Brake
3rdboxcar @Tur3063 I am pretty sure they will, I cannot see Kato changing body width etc. between sd40 and sd40-2 models.
3rdboxcar commented on 1:29 Scale Cab Signal Box by 3rdboxcar
September 14, 2016
1:29 Scale Cab Signal Box
3rdboxcar @facebook37 Thanks for your comments and picture, sure does look good.
3rdboxcar commented on Sacramento Northern GE Steeplecab by 3rdboxcar
September 4, 2016
Sacramento Northern GE Steeplecab
3rdboxcar @fbb738a There is not enough clearance in the shell for a bandai shorty straight out of the box, I know of modellers who have fitted one but the body sits slightly high.
3rdboxcar commented on APT TS-TF-TU body by 3rdboxcar
October 13, 2015
3rdboxcar @cornishtrainsjez project has been on hold for a most of this year due to a very poorly wife, who is now nearly recovered so things should get moving again by the end of the year, I need to go through refreshing my head with where I got to first.
3rdboxcar commented on NFI C40LF MBTA by 3rdboxcar
August 14, 2015
3rdboxcar @Tonyh360 At the moment no, I really am quite busy at home at the moment, but will put it on the to do list.
3rdboxcar commented on PTC Equipment HO Scale X3 by 3rdboxcar
April 29, 2015
PTC Equipment HO Scale X3
3rdboxcar @chris4dalejr Thanks for adding the picture, always nice to see peoples work.
3rdboxcar commented on RI 2700 Series Coach by 3rdboxcar
April 28, 2015
RI 2700 Series Coach
3rdboxcar @bwoelk Hi, thanks for the enquiry, they are now available in FXD.
3rdboxcar commented on CNSM Electroliner by 3rdboxcar
January 26, 2015
CNSM Electroliner
3rdboxcar @prraynes@prraynesHi, The single truck is still not yet available to buy from tomytec, they are notoriously slow at producing things. If you are building a Liberty liner there is a bit more room possibly to fit a standard tomytec single drive bogie, but I have not had the chance to try.
3rdboxcar commented on CNSM Battery Loco 455 - 456 by 3rdboxcar
January 24, 2015
CNSM Battery Loco 455 - 456
3rdboxcar @wc581 Unfortunately not in the near future, just to many other projects on the go.


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