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Robert Beth


Thedragonbuilder commented on YSC BDt 54 (H0m, 1:87) by yvesg
November 10, 2018
YSC BDt 54 (H0m, 1:87)
Thedragonbuilder Can this be made for HOn3 gauge?
HOn3 Uintah Railway #50 combine shell
Thedragonbuilder Will you be making any more HOn3 passenger cars, like steel passenger cars from the 1950's? I would greatly appreciate it for my upcoming ET&WNC expansion, which is basically a thing about the ET&WNC if it survived. If you didn't know, the ET&WNC was a narrow gauge railroad that ran from Johnson City, Tennessee, to Boone, North Carolina.
Thedragonbuilder commented on HOn3 scale kauila by rkapuaala
November 4, 2018
HOn3 scale kauila
Thedragonbuilder What do you think this would be good for? As a scrap engine or yard engine?
Thedragonbuilder commented on Nn3 Conversion Parts A by pinddle
October 15, 2018
Nn3 Conversion Parts A
Thedragonbuilder Btw, hon2 runs on z scale track
Thedragonbuilder Could you make an hon2 version? I would greatly appreciate it.
HOn3 hopper/ore car
Thedragonbuilder Will this work with link and pin couplers?
Thedragonbuilder @NarrowGaugeCreations Do you need any ideas? I have got plenty of them!
Thedragonbuilder Make so more things like this.
Thedragonbuilder commented on Bust fox by Kitsune
August 6, 2018
Bust fox
Thedragonbuilder That's a renamon bust.
Thedragonbuilder commented on Narrow Gauge Coach by MaxArtemas
July 26, 2018
Narrow Gauge Coach
Thedragonbuilder What decals should I use for this?
Thedragonbuilder commented on Gilpin Excursion Car v3 by Gryfoon
July 22, 2018
Gilpin Excursion Car v3
Thedragonbuilder Is this small enough for HOn2?
Alice Anthro Furry Panther 150mm
Thedragonbuilder And what I mean by 4mm scale is that it 1/87 size of how it would be in real life.
Thedragonbuilder Oh. That's ok. Just a bit of advice, you could just resize.
Thedragonbuilder Could you do this 1/87 scale/ 4mm scale?
Critterpocalypse - Coyote (Curious)
Thedragonbuilder Could you do this in 4mm scale/ 1/87 scale?
HOn30 Carbon Limestone dump car
Thedragonbuilder How do I fit the wheels?
Thedragonbuilder commented on gilpin ore car as used by Gryfoon
May 13, 2018
gilpin ore car as used
Thedragonbuilder Nice work. Now all we got to do is find the right z scale trucks and couplers for this.
Thedragonbuilder commented on Gilpin ore car as built by Gryfoon
May 13, 2018
Gilpin ore car as built
Thedragonbuilder Sorry if I sound rude. I just get excited real easily. If you can't make the higher side board version, should I just use styrene posts?
Thedragonbuilder And is this also the prototype ore car type, you think?
Thedragonbuilder And where can I get the HOn2/ HOf trucks?
Thedragonbuilder Can you make the version of it with the higher boards?
Thedragonbuilder commented on HOn3 Coupler Gauge by vulturenest
May 9, 2018
HOn3 Coupler Gauge
Thedragonbuilder Can you make a coupler assembly fixture? I have a kadee one, but the pins are out of place.
BR 99 3351-53 der MPSB in H0f (1:87)
Thedragonbuilder What chassis should I use?
Thedragonbuilder commented on HOn30 Climax Class A by Marsh_Creek
May 7, 2018
HOn30 Climax Class A
Thedragonbuilder And the instructions page doesn't work.
Thedragonbuilder @Marsh_Creek And if it is in HOn3, should I use kadee couplers?
Thedragonbuilder Thank you. And do you still make things like this?
Thedragonbuilder And is this suitable for hon3?
4 Round Buffers for CIE Container wagons
Thedragonbuilder Are you dead or something?
Thedragonbuilder commented on 3D Garrat Caldera by jmcarrilero
May 6, 2018
3D Garrat Caldera
Thedragonbuilder @jmcarrilero Want me to send you the pics of the engine I would like?
Thedragonbuilder ¿Podrías hacer una versión hon2 de este tren de garratt?
HOn30 Mann's Creek Hopper (x2)
Thedragonbuilder Can you make some hon3 products?
Thedragonbuilder commented on On20 Passenger truck 8 pack by tebee
May 5, 2018
On20 Passenger truck 8 pack
Thedragonbuilder Are you dead or something?
HOn30 / OO9 Geared locomotive
Thedragonbuilder Can you make some hon3 stuffs?
HOf Whitcomb hood and cab. Part 2 of 3.
Thedragonbuilder Make more things like this.
Thedragonbuilder commented on CPR Ore Car - robust by renegourley
May 1, 2018
CPR Ore Car - robust
Thedragonbuilder What scale is this?


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