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Check out this cool product! - Imperial Federal 4x4 APC 15mm
Colonial Assault Carrier - Starship Miniature
Steve3d @stuber2 Hi Stuber, it has 4 circular mounts on the sides this time, which can be used for customization, these are used for the accessory parts which are located on a small sprue attached to the underside of the engines. Large turrets could be mounted in their place but do not come with this kit. The accessory sprue also contains a comm tower/bridge which may or may not be installed depending on how you want it to look! Hope that helps, thanks for your interest!
Steve3d commented on Strigon Class Assault Carrier by Steve3d
December 28, 2016
Strigon Class Assault Carrier
Steve3d @woodsforthetreescomic Acrylics enabled, engage.
Steve3d @TheClayKnight OK, another order was cancelled for the same revision, within 24 hours of yours, the issue was infact not a turret, nor was your order printed; It was a tiny block, hanging out in space off the stern which caused the issue. It was too small to print, but obviously shouldn't have been there. So previously this was a non-issue as it wouldn't resolve anyway, despite there being no returns for the previous 6 prints, someone this time decided this tiny free block was an important part of the model. anyway, the model is fixed and more importantly improved, thanks, i appreciate your support and patience:)
Steve3d @TheClayKnight OK, file should be back online, I also optimized it further so you should see a reduced cost!
Steve3d @TheClayKnight Hi , sorry about that, your print turned out fine... and the model has been printed successfully many times over the past few years. what happened this time is after printing, shapeways lost one of your turrets and cancelled the order, then took the model offline. I'm rebuilding a new version this evening to avoid this issue so you can add it back to your order if you still want to.
Steve3d @night_tea0 just wanted to say thanks for sharing the pics, sorry it took months to reply!
Steve3d @nostromo98 Hi Mark, it turned out great! I like the mods and the paintjob, great work!
Steve3d commented on A1200 Rear Expansion DVI USB collar by Steve3d
November 18, 2016
A1200 Rear Expansion DVI USB collar
Steve3d @fb93068 OK I understand you're unhappy with it, but It looks to me like you could get that to fit. It is always going to be a very tight fit to get the USB and DVI side by side, so you will want to trim/file the plastic on the connector and/or remove some material from the side of the USB to get everything squeezed into the space allowed by the rear expansion area of the Amiga casing.
Steve3d @fb93068 The conflict is between the DVI connector and the USB 'collar' only? its designed to the standard specifications and should fit just a few of these are in the wild (it was built on request for someone) and so far I've had no other feedback, for others it may work fine, have you considered trimming the connector so it fits better, or removing material from collar too? I don't think there's anything missing from yours, we had to remove the clips on the one side to allow room for the connector on this one.
Steve3d @fb93068 I appreciate the feedback, it won't let me see the links, are you able to post pics to this thread? Thanks.
Steve3d @fb93068 Hi, sorry if you're having problems with the item, could you please describe the problem in more detail? thanks!
Steve3d commented on Rylos Class - Civilian cargo conversion by Steve3d
September 9, 2016
Rylos Class - Civilian cargo conversion
Steve3d @roguewolf thanks for the comments, glad she found a home in your rag-tag fleet - feel free to share a pic, thanks! :)
Xe95 Huntsman - 1/270 boardgame scale - 3 Pack
Steve3d @sjpflug OK I've enabled it so you can try it, its really built for frosted detail but who knows....
Steve3d commented on T-667 Hover Tank by Steve3d
June 7, 2016
T-667 Hover Tank
Steve3d its good for 6mm.
Steve3d commented on El Diablo 6mm scale pack of three by Steve3d
January 12, 2016
El Diablo 6mm scale pack of three
Steve3d @stukamilov it was designed for larger scales, i've intended to make 15mm and 28mm fig scale versions for example, i haven't had time to do everything with it that i'd like. Sales of this 6mm version have gone nowhere sadly.
Steve3d commented on Tech Dice - D100 by Steve3d
November 25, 2015
Tech Dice - D100
Steve3d @thatmarkguy "I'd love an opaque-white detailed one, but such a thing does not seem to exist." White Acrylic (previously called white detail) has those properties.
Steve3d @thatmarkguy Hi Mark, White Detail is what White Acrylic used to be called. It should presently be available in several highly detailed materials, such as White Acrylic and Frosted Detail.
Steve3d @billybilly334 Thanks for leaving a pic and a happy review, I've added it to my description. if you take any more (maybe against a lighter background?) i'd love to see them.:)
Steve3d @thatmarkguy its up to the customer which material they choose, I've never recommended that one. note billbilly's post about how great it looks in better quality materials, perhaps that one would meet your needs. Whether you get one or not I hope you & your family have a great Christmas.
A1200 CPU Expansion Port Cover - 40mm Fan Rev2
Steve3d @Boost Thank you brother, really pleased to see it installed and that it fits so well. Seriously massive props to Boost for testing this panel and helping me to improve it for blizzard 1260's Great picture too, i'll add its distinctiveness to my own collective...
Steve3d commented on Ay-wing 1/270 by Steve3d
September 28, 2015
Ay-wing 1/270
Steve3d @jakerr6 its built to be as scale as possible in 1/270
Steve3d commented on Scarab APC by Steve3d
July 16, 2015
Scarab APC
Steve3d @dukoth check the sculptor name....;) another producer also makes a 15mm version in resin. microworld are great, buy everything they have, they produce a lot of other stuff i sculpted too.
Steve3d commented on Titan Class - Assault Frigate by Steve3d
February 16, 2015
Titan Class - Assault Frigate
Steve3d @night_tea0 cool! thanks for posting those pics!
Steve3d commented on A1200 Case Badge Amiga by Steve3d
January 29, 2015
A1200 Case Badge Amiga
Steve3d @cherokeeblade you had a toaster? cool. I still have my 1200, upgraded to an 030 and with 128mb of ram. I make pixel art on it, (I'm developing graphics for a NEW amiga game) and if i ever find the time, its quite good for games;).


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