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3D modeler, Animator, Artist

TheClayKnight favorited Pig Coin by drloris
August 3, 2017
TheClayKnight commented on Kanohi Hau by meliug_ocan
March 10, 2017
Kanohi Hau
TheClayKnight @Michael12 You can see it's a stud connector in the 3D preview
TheClayKnight commented on Kanohi Ignika V2 by meliug_ocan
March 5, 2017
Kanohi Ignika V2
TheClayKnight @meliug_ocan I'd suggest just having both versions as separate items in your shop.
TheClayKnight commented on Revenant Revolver by Ulrich5010
February 26, 2017
Revenant Revolver
TheClayKnight I love the design overall. I got it in FED, the hinge fit together and worked well. Unfortunately it's EXTREMELY fragile, don't put any amount of torque on it.
TheClayKnight Just ordered this in Black High Def Acrylic and it got canceled. Any idea why?
TheClayKnight commented on Avohkii by crunchyn
February 26, 2017
TheClayKnight @fbfe3c0 It's about the right size to be a mask, if you glued an axle to it it would work pretty well with Mata and Metru heads. That said, it would be so much better to have a version with the axle printed.
TheClayKnight commented on HauXa Hybrid by meliug_ocan
February 23, 2017
HauXa Hybrid
TheClayKnight Woa... that looks really cool!
TheClayKnight commented on Noble Kanohi Hau (Turaga Lhikan) by meliug_ocan
February 11, 2017
Noble Kanohi Hau (Turaga Lhikan)
TheClayKnight I love this mask. The design is fantastic (though a little thin in some parts). I got it in white, then colored it with a gold sharpie, has a great texture now.
1:4800 Donnanger - The Expanse [100mm]
TheClayKnight Could this be printed in WSF? or would it lose too much detail?
TheClayKnight favorited Avohkii by crunchyn
January 27, 2017
TheClayKnight favorited Metagross by TheHivesMind
December 20, 2016
TheClayKnight commented on Metagross by TheHivesMind
December 20, 2016
TheClayKnight I ordered this in WSF Polished and it got canceled. Do you know why?
TheClayKnight commented on Strigon Class Assault Carrier by Steve3d
November 16, 2016
Strigon Class Assault Carrier
TheClayKnight @Steve3d Thanks! I'll pick one up in my next order. I'm surprised they took the model offline altogether if the turret loss wasn't a print error though.
TheClayKnight Apparently this can't be printed in FUD now. Any way to get this printed?
TheClayKnight Is it possible to get this in WSF? I love this design, but I'd like something cheaper and more durable.
TheClayKnight commented on Power Armor by Brickinator99
October 31, 2016
Power Armor
TheClayKnight @Brickinator99 Do you have any plans to make more Fallout stuff? I'd love to see more armors and guns like the classic laser rifle.
TheClayKnight I love this armor, I got it in Metallic Plastic and Green SF. The metallic helmet fits great, but the GSF isn't fitting properly. The hole in the top isn't large enough to fit the head's stud in. I'm currently trying to file it fit. I've noticed with both of them that the leg pieces aren't quite fitting right. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the models or just the printing's margin of error. It's mostly negligible since the plastic flexes and stays on well. Also, is it possible to get this in metals?
TheClayKnight commented on Nebulon-B Escort Frigate by Carter77
October 29, 2016
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
TheClayKnight @Carter77 I recently tried to order this in White Strong & Flexible Polished and the order was canceled.
TheClayKnight commented on Custom Reinhardt Inspired Lego by nirvager
October 25, 2016
Custom Reinhardt Inspired Lego
TheClayKnight Is it possible to get this in polished/unpolished metallic plastic?
TheClayKnight commented on Last Exile Anatoray Battleship by karlius
October 24, 2016
Last Exile Anatoray Battleship
TheClayKnight @karlius thanks, and thanks for the reply
TheClayKnight It looks great! Have you tried making a Disith warship?
TheClayKnight commented on Wardog Class HvyCruiser by Nashstarshipyards
October 21, 2016
Wardog Class HvyCruiser
TheClayKnight Is there any difference between this and the other one?
TheClayKnight favorited Fusion Coil Launcher by AtomicBricks
October 19, 2016
TheClayKnight favorited Power Armor by Brickinator99
October 17, 2016
TheClayKnight commented on Golden Sun Bond by Brickinator99
October 17, 2016
Golden Sun Bond
TheClayKnight What is this piece for?


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