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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer
Aircraft design engineering.

G930,G430,G230 (L&R Inside Bracket Joined)
ReneeCelDesigns @carolwade81, sorry typo, 'due'. I have removed the single option as the cost to manufacture 1 or 2 is the same. Yes they will need 'snapping' and 'cutting' apart.
ReneeCelDesigns @carolwade81 Dude to the change in pricing that Shapeways has introduced, a single part is now very expensive. I have linked parts to keep the cost down.
Logitech Compatible G930 & G430 (R/Outside) New
ReneeCelDesigns @mldionglay I don't know anyone who makes repairs for G230 however I will design one in the next month.
ReneeCelDesigns @mldionglay This part does not fit G230. Only G930 and G430.
ReneeCelDesigns @wizardeiges All brackets are tested on multiple headsets for fit and function. I am sorry you had issues fitting to your G430, this should not have happened as they have been specifically designed for the G430 and G930 which internally are identical. On very rare occasions manufacturing issues can result in poor fit. Constructive feedback about the exact problem will allow me to look into the problem.
ReneeCelDesigns @chris_kth Sorry you are having issues with the new bracket fitting onto your G230. I am personally going to look into this issue.
ReneeCelDesigns @hamajangs As you correctly say the lip has been removed for ease of installation of the new bracket. I am updating the bracket design to take into account customer feedback. I will adjust the screw hole side to solve the screw issue you are having. Thank you for your feedback.
ReneeCelDesigns @Hakura77 sorry you're have issues with fitting. If you would care to explain the problem I will see how I could help. Regards, Reneeceldesigns
ReneeCelDesigns Use code SFONSALE20 on all strong and flexible Logitech fixes for a 20% discount. Spread the word!
ReneeCelDesigns @kwadruppel the part is designed to be tight as it will loosen once fitted. You should be able to fit the new bracket with the rubber ring. Please do let me know if it is too tight a fit and I will update the design for future customers. I appreciate your custom. Reneecel
ReneeCelDesigns commented on Logitech G35 Outside LEFT by ReneeCelDesigns
November 15, 2017
Logitech G35 Outside LEFT
ReneeCelDesigns @KamiAmaya very glad you like the design, it took some time to make sure everything fit OK, with my aim to achieve a better fit than the original. Thanks again.
ReneeCelDesigns @KamiAmaya I've cancelled the stainless steel outsides due to the screw not screwing in correctly. The part would need to be tapped really. Sorry for this. I could however give the option for metal coated?
ReneeCelDesigns @MARCOPIO We are glad you found our product to be of good quality and fit. It was not easy to design, but after many customers requesting it we decided to make a suitable fix. Thank you again for your purchase! Regards Reneeceldesigns
ReneeCelDesigns commented on Fusion Micro ACRO Frame 114 by fusionimaging
December 7, 2016
Fusion Micro ACRO Frame 114
ReneeCelDesigns Hi, I like your quad design! I my self am a designer and have a ShapeWays shop. I am very interested in developing new rotors for quad copters. Interested in doing a partnership? Cheers, Reneeceldesigns.
Logitech G35 (R/Inside) Bracket Upgrade
ReneeCelDesigns @sEKx Hi, this was a promotional code that has since expired. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
ReneeCelDesigns Use code SFONSALE20 on all strong and flexible Logitech fixes for a 20% discount. Spread the word!
ReneeCelDesigns @nayem_sufi Please do let us know how it fits and if you want to send in a photo to help future customers that would be much appreciated.
ReneeCelDesigns @nayem_sufi Hi, the Nylon is very strong and is a high quality engineering plastic. The Stainless steel will be much stronger and as you can see from the photo lillebjorn559 has sent in, looks very smart. The Nylon bracket is over 2x as strong as the original logitech design. Thank you and we hope this helps in your dessision making. Lukas
ReneeCelDesigns @KamiAmaya Thank you. Have a merry christmans!
ReneeCelDesigns @KamiAmaya We will purchase a logitech G35 and reverse engineer the outside bracket. This will be coming first thing next yeati Also thank you for putting up the photo we would like to use it on our website if that is ok? Regards
ReneeCelDesigns New improved design. Taking into account customer feedback.
ReneeCelDesigns @krisma Hi, we will update the model and correct this for future customers. Thank you we appriciate your feedback :)
ReneeCelDesigns @Judicator Hi, We are currently working on a fix for he outside bracket, Which will be available from shapways in the comming weeks. Thank you Reneecel
ReneeCelDesigns @Chikara Hi, Thank you for your comment. Due to the design, initial fit will be tight as here are clips on the underside that click into place. It does apear to sit lower on the headset than intented. We will look into this and see what can be changed to solve this minor issue in the future. Thank you again for your comment. Reneeceldesigns
Upgrade for Logitech G930 & G430 (L/Outside) New
ReneeCelDesigns @comradedispenser Hi, our replacement brackets are designed to work with the original Logitech brackets. The original screws are all that is required for our upgraded brackets to be securely fixed. To summarise, you do not need any additional screws. Though we do recommend buying the inside bracket if you only required the outside one. As this will ensure a proper ans secure fit.
ReneeCelDesigns Use code SFONSALE20 on all strong and flexible Logitech fixes for a 20% discount. Spread the word!
ReneeCelDesigns @bsrbulletsllc If you think the stainless option is too good to ditch I will work to redesign the outer bracket to make it fit correctly and come to a solution with the threaded holes (the metal printing process that Shapeways uses is not accurate enough to 3D print the threads, but I will find a solution). Thank you again :).
ReneeCelDesigns @bsrbulletsllc Hi, I am very sorry to hear that! This is something that was overlooked with the outer bracket being made from such a hard material. We will remove this material option for the outer bracket to prevent this happening again in the future. For your trouble we would like to offer you £5 money back. We appreciate your support and feed back. Regards, Reneecel.
ReneeCelDesigns @garugaga yes this should fit the G430 :). Have a merry christmas.
ReneeCelDesigns @jatb very sorry to hear that. They layer resolution on Steel 3d prints differs to that of plastics so the tight tolerence may just have been out on the bracket you recieved. All we can suggest is try a little filing and sanding to see if you can bring the bracket back in tolerence and be usable. Kind regards.
Logitech G35 (L/Inside) Bracket Upgrade
ReneeCelDesigns Use code SFONSALE20 on all strong and flexible Logitech fixes for a 20% discount. Spread the word!
ReneeCelDesigns @geert_gerard@geert_gerard You car correct we have designed the G930 to not require any wore cutting. The G35 outside bracket fix will be no different so not wire cutting needed just a simple swop.
ReneeCelDesigns New improved design. Taking into account customer feedback.
ReneeCelDesigns @Dsoto Hi unfortunately we have not yet created a model for the outside face due to it being very tricky to install and wires needed cutting. We will have a solution in the near future. Regards and thank you, Reneeceldesigns
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September 10, 2015


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