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Check my new X3S! Classic, Prison and Espresso -
Check out this cool product! -
There are many different sizes:
- length from 40mm to 125mm
- tube size from XS to XL
Thanks Q4e 85mm
pedro69 commented on KHD X3 espresso 75mm [3"] ring 45-50mm by pedro69
September 24, 2018
KHD X3 espresso 75mm [3"]  ring 45-50mm
pedro69 @addictwithapick Hello, or (with more space in the bottom) thanks
pedro69 @addictwithapick your tube and your ring are identical to X3-75mm + 40-45mm ring+adapter Thanks
pedro69 @addictwithapick Hi That's right, all my devices are made of one solid piece, impossible to break. The ring and tube of the "clone" are not interchangeable with the X3 series because the coupling system is slightly different. I use the 7mm padlock, this clone uses the 6mm padlock (reusable through an adapter, supplied with the kits). "Clone" device are a 1:1 copy of my X3-75mm, one ring are a copy of my 40-45mm, one ring of my 45-50. I don't have the third ring because they accidentally sent me two identical rings. Please write me your current configuration Thanks
pedro69 @snugglebunnykalea coming out this week... thanks
pedro69 @ChasteNewb exact, sculpteo has more colors but not this. thanks
pedro69 @snugglebunnykalea X3 65&75&90: about 34mm ( 1 3/8") wide x 30mm ( 1 1/8" ) height. KHD X3 espresso 90mm+20% wide: about 39mm (1 1/2") x 32 ( 1 1/4") It's also possible to make a 65 or 75mm "wide" thanks
KHD X3 espresso 65mm [2 5/8"] ring 45-50mm
pedro69 @forrest_hale hello, I do not understand the problem. BTW, this product is designed for use with a 7mm lock, with an adapter you can use the 6mm lock (more common). Did you use that little one directly? With a little patience, you should be able to insert the key again and pull out the padlock. Thank you for contacting me
pedro69 commented on 6mm locker - 21mm - Nylon by pedro69
May 3, 2017
6mm locker - 21mm - Nylon
pedro69 @Lockedffun Hello, only with numbered plastic locks. Thank you for contacting me.
KHD X3 espresso 90mm [3 1/2"] Ring 45-50
pedro69 @generaljoust 7-10 days. thank you for contacting me
pedro69 @tldugan hello, It's equivalent to 45-50mm. 40-45mm is almost ready thanks
pedro69 favorited L040-A01D by pedro69
January 22, 2017
pedro69 commented on KHD V2 espresso "Long edition" - tube by pedro69
October 5, 2016
KHD V2 espresso "Long edition" - tube
pedro69 Hi, perimeter is 104mm (about 33mm of equivalent diameter) thanks
KHD X3 espresso 105mm [4 1/8"] ring 45-50mm
pedro69 @Diggerg Hi, you need this (length=105mm d=41mm) + a X3-ring 45/50/55.... (+adapter) thanks
pedro69 @jeggelaar chlüssel/dp/B00373PETEänger-Kupplung-inkl-2S chlüssel/dp/B0036HXFC4 upling-Towing-Security-Hitch-Lock-2-Keys-/261283211673?pt=UK _Trailers_Transporters_Parts&hash=item3cd5b16999 camping-trailer-/380133880519?pt=UK_Trailers_Transporters_Pa rts&hash=item5881beb2c7
Check out this cool product! - Q4 custom made tube - not for sale - SAMPLE ONLY
 KHD V2 Summer Short - Diameter -8%, Length -20%
pedro69 @meserkha Hi, this is the volume of 3d printer.... nothing.
KHD X3 espresso 90mm [3 1/2"] +20% *** tube only *
pedro69 @bedo02 Hello, 45x33mm thanks!
KHD X3 espresso 65mm [2 5/8"] *** tube only ***
pedro69 @wucki Hello Please give me some pictures
Special KHD X3 espresso Ring Middle 45-50mm
pedro69 @BrokeTheMold this is the difference. Thanks
KHD X3 espresso 135mm [5 1/4"] Ring 45-50mm
pedro69 ship to usa
pedro69 Hello chlüssel/dp/B00373PETE oränger-Kupplung-inkl-2S chlüssel/dp/B0036HXFC4 or upling-Towing-Security-Hitch-Lock-2-Keys-/261283211673?pt=UK _Trailers_Transporters_Parts&hash=item3cd5b16999 or camping-trailer-/380133880519?pt=UK_Trailers_Transporters_Pa rts&hash=item5881beb2c7 shipped to USA Daxara-Trailers-Many-Models-/121168369232?pt=UK_Trailers_Tra nsporters_Parts&hash=item1c36329650 thanks Pedro
pedro69 commented on X3 metallic pin by pedro69
March 19, 2015
X3 metallic pin
pedro69 hi it's an adapter for a standard 15mm padlock
KHD X3 espresso 90mm [3 1/2"] +20% wide/big ring
pedro69 This tube is 45mm (1 3/4") wide, standard tube is 35mm (1 3/8")


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