Oscar González


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker
Aficionado al modelismo ferroviario en escala N desde los tiempos del Ibertrén y ahora disfrutando de la impresión 3D para el hobby

Pz.Kpfw.35(t) / LT vz.35 1:48 (Frosted)
ngauge_es @hobbycastle Hi. Sorry, but these days I'm on vacations. Next week when I back home I'll send you a quote. Regards, Oscar.
ngauge_es Hi. Sorry but I'm still working on it. I have my horrible 8 hours regular work at the office, my family, my comissions, and now I've got a 3d printer at home, so I've got a large lack of time. I'm wasting a lot of time modifying my models so I can print with my printer and making tests and it's difficult to have some time to spend in projects like the Panzer 35t. This week I've been working in this model, but I've had some troubles to find good pictures and references for the inner parts of the tracks. And If I don't get good references, I can't finish the model. But when all the information I've gathered, maybe I finish next week if I don't have any unexpected issue. You have to undestand that I'm a just-one-man company, trying to make a lot of things but some big companies with lots of workers like Tamiya or Dragon spend years making a new mold. And this is "just me, my computer and google pictures". I'm very glad you like my work, but although I'd like to dream with making this my way of life, the truth is that when I finish this model, I'll have spent like 80 hours of modelling job (plus lots of hours gathering information), and all that I'm going to earn is around 2€ for every model I sell. And it's very probable that all the models that I'm goind to sell are those that you're going to buy, because the truth is that Shapeways is very expensive and no one is going to pay these prices even considering that models like this in 1:48 are almost unique. So thanks for your patiente and I'll hope you'll be still interested when I complete this project. Regards, Oscar.
ngauge_es @ero_nobili Hi. The model is not yet finished and I'm still working on it, but I've got several comissions to do and I don't have too much time for this project. Some time ago, Shapeways decided that models not for sale can't be shown to the public in the shop, so for the models in process that are not for sale the only way to show in the shop is to stablish a price. And as the model is not finished, price must be so high that nobody buy the product. I don't know the final price of this model, but it's sure that will be a bit lower than 11000€.... XD


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