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Vehicles and scenery for historical & sci-fi wargames in 1:48 / 1:56 scale for 28/32mm

jebbimettal commented on Imperial Assault tile 26A by jebbimettal
June 14, 2017
Imperial Assault tile 26A
jebbimettal @jcghiri Hi. The reason of uploading my Imperial Assault modules here is to show in some forums how stupid the Shapeways 3d printing prices are. My idea is to sell the STL's of the modules via crowfunding or maybe preorder, so anyone can print all of them at home. We're talking about more than 100 different modules, plus doors (open and closed) and lots of scenery bits and furniture. So the only way I think is possible to comercialize this project is via STLs because printing at home is costless and 3d printers are cheaper every day. In adittion, I've designed modules bigger than original tiles, so they're not compatible. Regards, Oscar.
A new version of the german gun Ig18 in 1:56 scale http://shpws.me/OC47 GA 7.5 cm le.IG 18 German gun 1:56
I've been making some corrections in the M3 Stuart and now I've uploaded a new version - http://shpws.me/OkDo Light Tank US M3 Stuart
Sd.kfz 263 1:48 28mm wargames - http://shpws.me/Oa6O Sd.kfz 263 1:48 28mm wargames
Sd.kfz 231 8 rad 1:48 28mm wargames - http://shpws.me/O8ww Sd.kfz 231 8 rad 1:48 28mm wargames
German ammo halftrack vehicle Sd.Kfz 252 1:48 scale 28mm wargames - http://shpws.me/NXF3 Sd.Kfz. 252 1:48 28mm wargames
WIP German armoured car SD.Kfz. 234/1 1:48 28mm wargames - http://shpws.me/NWK4 WIP Sd.Kfz. 234/1 german armoured car 1:48 28mm wa
A new version of the BA-6 soviet armored vehicle - http://shpws.me/MQAg Soviet armored car BA-6 28mm 1:48 scale
French gun 16 Pounder 7 Years War 28mm - http://shpws.me/NU1Z French gun 16 Pounder 7 Years War 28mm
French gun 12 pounder Seven Years War 28mm wargames - http://shpws.me/NU1X French gun 12 Pounder 7 Years War 28mm
VBA Light tank LT vz.38 - Panzer 38(t) - 1/48
jebbimettal @ero_nobili Hi, Ero. I'm really sorry but I've never realized that those details have been removed from the model. I guess it happened using netfabb to fix the STL. This model is from 2014 and I've changed the 3D software I'm using, but I'll try to find a way to recover the mesh, generate a new STL and upload the right version. Although it is no excuse for my error I think it won't be too difficult to add those details with some plasticard. Again, my sincere apologies. Regards, Oscar.
Pz.Kpfw.35(t) / LT vz.35 1:48 (Frosted)
jebbimettal @baker24 Hi!. I've never used an ultrasonic cleaner, just some isopropanol. You can ask in Shapeways forums for more information or check some luseful links like this one: http://micromimesis.com/forums/topic/cleaning-frosted-detail-plastics/ Regards, Oscar.
jebbimettal @baker24 Hi. Thank you for buying this model. I've got a lot of problems to achieve a printable STL (once the model was completed, I've got to make 29 additional versions just to solve printability issues) and I have lost so much time fighting with Shapeways chekings that I have not noticed some small but important details, such as the thickness of the links. I think that in FUD the model is 100% printable, but WSF is always more problematic because this material has greater compromises with thickness. As I've mentioned in a previous post, I've uploaded a version for WSF material in this url: http://shpws.me/Ndyy. When I started with my Shapeways shops, I used to order printing tests for every model, but due to the unnafordable cost, the low number of sales and the important fact that printing test are useless because the results of the printing process are unpredictable, I'm not ordering printint tests any more. Despite all my efforts, with models so complex is very hard to produce a 100% printable model at the first attempt but I always try to do the best. So I'd like to offer 100% printable models, but the only way to do is trusting in my customers and solve the printability problems after models are ordered and Shapeways staff send me the information about the issues when they can't print the models. So, thank you very much again and I hope you enjoy the model!. Best regards, Oscar.
jebbimettal Hi @ero_nobili . I've decided to left this model with finer details to be printed in frosted material and I've made a version that can be ordered in WSF material in this other link http://shpws.me/Ndyy. The model has been ordered by a customer in frosted material but I can't tell you if it's 100% printable because it's still being processed. And I've made some modifications too to correct the problems that Shapeways staff has found trying to print in WSF. But as I'm not ordering printing tests anymore, all I can tell you about printability in frosted or WSF is the information that Shapeways staff sends me when somebody order any of the 2 versions and they try to print them. Regards, Oscar.
jebbimettal @ero_nobili As far as i know, somebody has ordered the model in WSF and Shapeways staff has removed that option because is not printable in that material. I've got to make some modifications and try again to get a 100% printable model in WSF.
Base 25mm diameter cobblestone texture - http://shpws.me/NtcX B_COB_01 Bases 25mm round cobblestone texture
Rounded bases 25mm diameter cobblestone texture - http://shpws.me/Nt56 Bases 25mm round cobblestone texture (Edited)
This is the Panzer 35(t) version to be printed in WSF material - http://shpws.me/NdJl Pz.Kpfw.35(t) / LT vz.35 1:48 (WSF) (Edited)


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