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Model_Monkey favorited Rotterdam LPD by Wits
May 21, 2021
Calling all sailing ship fans! Sets of lanterns are now available in many popular large scales such as 1/100, 1/96, 1/84 and 1/76. Other scales may be possible. Here's the set in 1/84: 1/84 Ship Lanterns, 18-19th Centuries (set of 12)
Model_Monkey favorited 1-125 USN Combat Set 201 by HOLDEN8702ND
February 9, 2019
Revell 1/96 scale USS United States fans! Here is a set of 42-pounder carronades with carriages to replace the Revell kit's incorrect and too-small 32-pounder carronades: 1/96 Carronades, 42-pounder for USS United States
1/72 scale single-engine, jet aircraft model builders! Here is a stand to display your models in-flight. Simply insert the stands arm into your model's jet engine exhaust. Stand for 1/72 scale Single-engine Jet Aircraft
1/72 scale model aircraft builders! Here is a stand to display your models in-flight: Stand for 1/72 scale Model Aircraft
1/350 scale US Navy cruiser fans! A set of 4 accurate and highly detailed Mk.33 fire control directors is available for your Pensacola class, New Orleans class, Northampton class, Portland class, Brooklyn class and St. Louis class kits. - 1/350 Mk.33 Directors, Late, Enclosed (4)
B-17 Flying Fortress fans! An accurate and highly detailed set of 1/48 scale flaps and flap wells is now available for your classic Monogram and Revell kits. - 1/48 B-17 Flying Fortress Flaps and Flap Wells
Model aircraft fans! Nameplates for your favorite plane are being made available in real metal or inexpensive, paintable acrylic. Nameplates feature raised lettering and a decorative rope border. Requests for custom names are accepted. Here is the nameplate for the P-51D Mustang: Nameplate P-51D Mustang
Baltimore class heavy cruiser fans! A set of enclosed bridges for USS St. Paul CA-73 as they appeared during the Vietnam War is now available in 1/350 scale. Vietnam War appearance enclosed bridges are also available in 1/700 for USS St. Paul CA-73 and sistership USS Los Angeles CA-135. Here's the set in 1/350 for USS St. Paul: 1/350 USS St. Paul CA-73 Enclosed Bridges
1/350 scale battleship fans! A set of cage masts for Colorado and Tennessee class battleships is now available. 1/350 Cage Masts for US Navy Battleships
Lindberg "Blue Devil Destroyer" fans! An accurate, movable, single Fletcher class destroyer rudder is now available for your 1/125 scale USS Melvin DD-680 kits. Other scales are possible. 1/125 Fletcher class Movable Rudder
Fans of USS Arizona's sistership USS Pennsylvania! Accurate and highly detailed superstructure and funnel models are being released to help convert your USS Arizona model kit to USS Pennsylvania as the ship appeared in 1945. Here is the forward superstructure in 1/350 scale: 1/350 USS Pennsylvania Forward Superstructure 1945
P-51 Mustang fans! A set of accurate and highly detailed hollow Merlin engine exhausts is now available for your 1/32 scale kits: 1/32 P-51 Mustang Exhausts (hollow)
US Navy battleship fans! Joining already-released sets of 7-sided and modernized Mk.38 directors, an accurate and highly detailed set of original 6-sided configuration Mk.38 directors is now available in several popular scales to include 1/700, 1/350, 1/200, 1/192, and 1/96. Other scales are possible. Here's a set of eight in 1/700 scale: 1700 Mk.38 Directors, original 6-sided shield
USS Constitution and HMS Victory fans! An accurate "Brodie" galley stove is now available for your 19th Century US Navy or Royal Navy sailing ship models. It is available in several popular large scales. Here's the stove in 1/96: 1/96 Brodie Galley Stove, for 19th Century Ships
1/96 scale Revell USS Constitution fans! A set of 6 carriages for 24-pounder cannons is now available. - 1/96 Carriages for 24-pounder Cannons
1/25 scale armor fans! An accurate 200 liter fuel drum as used by the Wehrmacht is now available. - 1/25 Fuel Drum, Wehrmacht, Steel 200 L
Essex class aircraft carrier fans! An accurate and highly detailed island for USS Hornet CVS-12 is now available in three popular scales: 1/350 (for Gallery), 1/530 (for Revell) and 1/500 (for Renwal). The island was in this configuration when Hornet recovered the astronauts of Apollo 11 and Apollo 12. Here's the island for Revell: 1/530 USS Hornet CVS-12 Island 1967-1969
Cold War-era warship fans! A set of 35 US Navy life raft racks in 1/700 scale is now available for your Iowa class and Essex class model ships (and others!). Sets in other scales such as 1/350 and 1/530 are available, too: 1/700 Life Raft Racks, US Navy (early Cold War)
USS Arizona BB-39 fans! A pair of aft gun tubs for quadruple 1.1 inch "Chicago Piano" anti-aircraft mounts is available in several popular scales. Here's the pair in 1/350 scale: 1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 Aft 1.1 inch Gun Tubs
1/25 scale Tiger I fans! An accurate and detailed muzzle brake for your classic Tamiya kit, and GPM, Halinski and Modelik models is now available in acrylic, brass or bronze: 1/25 Tiger I 88mm KwK 36 L/56 Muzzle Brake
USS Nevada and USS Oklahoma fans! Sets of twin-gun 14"/45 cal. superfiring turrets are available in several popular scales. Here is the set in 1/200 scale: 1/200 Nevada class Twin Turrets with barrels


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