Steve Larsen


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artisan

1/96 scale Revell USS Constitution fans! A set of 6 carriages for 24-pounder cannons is now available. - 1/96 Carriages for 24-pounder Cannons
1/25 scale armor fans! An accurate 200 liter fuel drum as used by the Wehrmacht is now available. - 1/25 Fuel Drum, Wehrmacht, Steel 200 L
Essex class aircraft carrier fans! An accurate and highly detailed island for USS Hornet CVS-12 is now available in three popular scales: 1/350 (for Gallery), 1/530 (for Revell) and 1/500 (for Renwal). The island was in this configuration when Hornet recovered the astronauts of Apollo 11 and Apollo 12. Here's the island for Revell: 1/530 USS Hornet CVS-12 Island 1967-1969
Cold War-era warship fans! A set of 35 US Navy life raft racks in 1/700 scale is now available for your Iowa class and Essex class model ships (and others!). Sets in other scales such as 1/350 and 1/530 are available, too: 1/700 Life Raft Racks, US Navy (early Cold War)
USS Arizona BB-39 fans! A pair of aft gun tubs for quadruple 1.1 inch "Chicago Piano" anti-aircraft mounts is available in several popular scales. Here's the pair in 1/350 scale: 1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 Aft 1.1 inch Gun Tubs
1/25 scale Tiger I fans! An accurate and detailed muzzle brake for your classic Tamiya kit, and GPM, Halinski and Modelik models is now available in acrylic, brass or bronze: 1/25 Tiger I 88mm KwK 36 L/56 Muzzle Brake
USS Nevada and USS Oklahoma fans! Sets of twin-gun 14"/45 cal. superfiring turrets are available in several popular scales. Here is the set in 1/200 scale: 1/200 Nevada class Twin Turrets with barrels
South Dakota class battleship fans! Sets of 1/200 scale 16"/45 cal. turrets for the Oriel USS Alabama BB-60 paper card model kit are now available. Turret sets are available in other popular scales for other kits. Here are Turrets 1 and 3 (Turret #2 is slightly different in detail and available separately) : 1/200 South Dakota class Turrets Nos.1 and 3
There are now over 300 distinct, ready-to-3D-print metal or acrylic nameplates with decorative nautical rope border available for your favorite model ships and submarines. Here's the design for "Old Ironsides": Nameplate: USS Constitution 1797
1/48 scale armor fans! A set of radiators, cooling fans and ducts is now available for your Tiger I models: 1/48 Tiger I Radiators and Fan Ducts
Essex class aircraft carrier fans! Joining several new 3D-printed island designs for World War Two and Cold War-era ships, are crane sponsons and life raft racks, all available in several popular scales including 1/350, 1/500, 1/525, 1/530, and 1/700. Here's the set of 35 early Cold War-era life raft racks in 1/500 scale: 1/500 Life Raft Racks, US Navy (early Cold War)
1/350 scale "long hull" Essex class fans! An accurate island for USS Hancock CV-19 is now available for your Trumpeter kit. This design corrects significant deck shape, splinter shield and detailing errors of the Trumpeter kit.- 1/350 USS Hancock CV-19 Island 1944-1945
1/700 scale US Navy modern aircraft carrier and amphibious assault ship fans! A set of 60 life raft canisters is now available for your models. A set of slightly smaller canisters is available in 1/720 scale. Here's the set in 1/700: 1/700 Life Raft Canisters (set of 60)
1/700 scale Essex class aircraft carriers fans! An accurate and highly detailed "short-bridge" island for early ships of the class as they appeared during 1943-1944 is now available for your Dragon, Hasegawa, Pit-Road and Trumpeter kits. The island is also available in 1/525 scale for the classic Lindberg Essex class kits. Here's the 1/700 scale island: - 1/700 Essex class Island 1943-1944
Happy to announce metal nameplate designs have been updated to include a decorative nautical rope border. Nameplates for over 50 popular ships are available now. Requests for nameplates with custom names are gladly accepted. Here's the nameplate for USS Missouri BB-63 rendered in raw brass: - Nameplate: USS Missouri BB-63
HMS Victory fans! Sets of accurate cannons are now in design. First design complete is a set of 32-pounder cannons in 1/100 scale for the Heller kit. The models feature King George monograms. - 1/100 Royal Navy 32-pounder Cannons (1805)
1/350 scale Forrestal class aircraft carriers fans! An accurate and highly detailed island for USS Saratoga CVA-60 as it appeared circa 1970-1975 during the Vietnam War is now available. This island can help you convert your Trumpeter USS Kitty Hawk or USS Constellation to a Forrestal class ship. - 1/350 USS Saratoga CVA-60 Island 1970-1975
1/1250 scale model warship fans! A set of 5"/38 cal. Mk.28 Twin-gun Mounts (turrets) is now available for your Argos, Atlas and Navis-Neptune fast battleship models. A set of Mk.37 Directors is also available separately. Here is the set of 5"/38 Mounts: 1/1250 5"/38 cal. Mk.28 Twin-gun Mounts
Large-scale USN battleship model scratch-builders! An accurate 16"/45 cal. turret for North Carolina BB-55 class battleships is now available in 1/200 scale and another in 1/192 scale (1/8 inch = 1 foot). Here's the 1/200 scale turret: 1/200 North Carolina class 16"/45 cal. Turret
1/800 scale Forrestal class aircraft carriers fans! An accurate island for USS Saratoga CV-60 as the ship appeared in 1958 and another island for the ship as it appeared from 1970-1975 are now available for your Arii and Micro Ace kits.
A set of eight 5"/54 cal. "Frog-Eye" mounts (turrets) is also available in 1/800 and other popular scales. Here's the 1970-1975 island: 1/800 USS Saratoga CV-60 Island 1970-1975
Classic Revell 1/426 scale Arizona fans! If you would like to convert your model into a New Mexico class battleship, here is a set of turrets and barrels to help: 1/426 New Mexico class Battleship Turrets
1/700 scale Cold War-era US Navy warship fans! A set of 15 gun tubs for 3"/50 cal. twin-gun mounts is now available: 1/700 Tubs for 3"/50 cal. mounts (set of 15)
World War Two-era New Orleans class heavy cruiser fans! A pair of accurately sized and shaped funnels is now available for your 1/700 scale or 1/350 scale USS Quincy CA-39 or USS Vincennes CA-44 models. Quincy's and Vincennes' funnels were small than their sisters. Here is the 1/350 scale pair: 1/350 Quincy CA-39 or Vincennes CA-44 Funnels
More for 1/1200 scale US Navy ship fans! A set of 8 Mk.37 Directors, late-type (with commander's cupola) is now available: 1/1200 Mk.37 Directors, late (set of 8)


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