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Over the years I have added more and more 3D models to this page, mostly Bluebell loco's or coaches,

Captain Baxter #Body Only
mattwicksbluebell @ORogers Sadly no this body will only fit an LnY pug produced by Dapol or Hornby, with the motor located in the cab.
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 sadly not was designed for WSF walls are about 0.7 and mean a lot of work and I'm too busy for that, it is what it is.
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 Hello Both are not too bad, I was doing some research last night on your behalf I have found a P-Class drawing from the NRM which you can order a copy of, also while I was looking I came across Gladstone (LBSC). Might be worth looking at. Your 3D drawings are a good starting point.
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 I did, but before actually making the model I made it in CAD to see if the plan would work... plus if I required a certain part I couldn't get hold of, I could print it direct off the model. Although I only used one. no problem.
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 Hi there Sorry for the late reply been busy. Yes scratch built the E Class only one part was 3D printed. I may release this in the future but at the moment it's a low priority and needs a lot of work, as some of the parts were under sized. Drawings can be found in various books, SR locos / SECR locos, LBSC ect... sadly not cheap but they are your best bet.
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090Yes indeed they did announce an H as you mentioned, but I do not believe they will be doing this model, I believe it will be a commission, but we are possibly a number of years away. Yes always give it ago, I generally haven't too much with shapeways and use a Print hub to check things before uploading here for sale.
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 No problem. Sadly no other loco's are in mind at the moment, from information I have there will be a rtr P-Class at some point in the future. It is a shame about Dean Sidings, as I have 4 of his kits and couldn't recommend them enough. The SE Finecast version is a very small model quite a bit smaller than the Dean Sidings kit, but it depends on your skill levels, the body can be glued together, but the chassis will require soldering together... which I have done some videos of trying to assist others with improving their own skills. There are drawings out there in books you just have to find them, but some are hard to find.
Check out this cool product! - LNWR Observation car LNWR Body C, OO
Check out this cool product! - LNWR Observation car LNWR Body C, OO
Metropolitan Railway (Full Third) 394  OO
mattwicksbluebell @maxopolitan123 Body only, print is split in to different parts to aid quality, bodies, chassis, body, detail roof, and seating. Assemble and paint yourself.
mattwicksbluebell @Alex_H Hello, they were on sale for a short time, but sadly Shapeways put up the prices on White strong and flexible, which pushed the price of these coaches to high, All 4 have been printed and work fine, sadly prices are to high so all 4 were taken off sale.
Check out this cool product! Revised Bulleid 4-8-2 chassis - Bulleid 4-8-2 (Chassis part 1/2)
LCDR - SECR All 3rd OO
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090,
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 Hi Sadly not, because of the wall thickness limitations, it just wouldn't be possible to do it in a cheaper material, and because of the detail on it, it certainly wouldn't benefit from WSF. Sadly for me Whitemetal can be glued, problem is coaches are incredibly heavy and hard to pull, Etched brass is quite nice to work with, you can pick a soldering iron up for £20 - 25 (25W) Antex iron is all I use, bit of flux (could use cokecola) and 145 degree solder I have posted a couple of instruction videos to make brass kits.
Metropolitan Railway 387 (Brake 3rd Body) OO
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 Thanks yes currently writing for them and doing presentations at a few clubs. Well your the only person who has asked for them so, not really that popular... a few things in the pipeline which is covered on our FB page.
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 Sadly being printed in WSF it doesn't stack up as they put people off, if I did them myself in resin they will be nearer £100 per coach which is just silly. and that's just the body. Being a pre-grouping modeller They are too short the wheel base for anything pre grouping, I may re-release them as a spare or detail.
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 Yes basically cost, after shapeways changed how they charge these were nearer £65/70, plus the print reliability was 50/50 and it just wasn't do-able, as they were not being printed in the correct orientation. Overall a set would cost £550
mattwicksbluebell commented on LBSC, Fruit/Milk Van by mattwicksbluebell
November 4, 2016
LBSC, Fruit/Milk Van
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 not a problem, it's relatively straight forward sadly I didn't get round to writing instructions for it, still working on the SECR / LCDR coach instructions at the moment.
mattwicksbluebell @sem34090 Hello SEM34090, I currently don't have anything in the works for LBSC, I am doing some research on one in particular but measurements or plans have not been easy to get hold of. So never say never but sadly not at this time.
Metropolitan Railway A Class
mattwicksbluebell Hi Would it be possible to make the chassis available as a separate item to upgrade the old K's kits? I have one and it's in need of a new one.


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