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rue_d_etropal there wa never a brake coach version of this. This composite coach was part of an EMU set. The coacheswere based on standard LMS ones, similar, but different length to standard ones.
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February 7, 2020
rue_d_etropal updated sides to match drawings.
rue_d_etropal @cloggydogthis was an early design I did, based on what I could find at the time, namely inaccurate models which are still sold eg HD wagon on wrong length chassis. Something I need to look at as I now have drawings, but wagons are not something I do many of. I think these wagons were only nice and smooth when they were first built. Far too many of the model wagons seen on layouts are in too good a condition. It does not take that much effort if you use the right sandpaper to do enough smoothing of the surface. I fitted wheels to my test sample OK. The nylon will wear down smooth after a few spins the the wheels.
rue_d_etropal there are versions in different scales including HOe. Better to see what is on offer on my website
rue_d_etropal @Kupferbergbahn@Kupfethere are versions in variourbergbahn@Kupferbergbahn
rue_d_etropal Nothing r2r, but it might be possible to modify a low cost Hornby chassis. Another option mightbe a Mehano(rivariossi) 040 loco chassis. The motor might be a bit big, but a SPUD motor bogie could be used at other end. My own interest is HO and I managed to fit a liliput Fireless loco chassis.
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November 10, 2017
B-1-76-open-simplex1-plus  OO9
rue_d_etropal @SilverTail The enclosed version fits a Tomytec chassis, but finding a small chassis with motor not visible might be more difficuly. Kato used to do a small motot bogie for one of their trams butI think it is no longe available. Suggest keeping an eye on Plaza Japan ebay site as new chassis appear sometimes.
B-1-76-joffre-9ton-060-1-76 OO9
rue_d_etropal @Minicric_Breton measurement above, length is 5.8cm
rue_d_etropal @sem34090for chassis search online for Roco N gauge BR80 loco.
rue_d_etropal @sem34090 The Jinties did not stray far, but were used in Dunkerque. The Dean Goods is a possible as anything GWR is relatively easy to get scale drawings. Might even try the big austerities, and then there is the 8F. The Jouef chassis should fit.
rue_d_etropal just made 2SL available, but still need to update my own website. Nothing fancy for next item, working on track and buildings. Possibly an LMS Jinty in HO to fit Bachmann J72 chassis. Obviousl;y it is already done in both OO and TT,but it is another Britih loco that was used in France.
rue_d_etropal been away so catching up. Working on various other ideas as well.
rue_d_etropal looks nice. just need a simple way to do glazing now. had thought about the transparent materials 3Dprinted, but they seem to vary.I am hoping that is one of the improvements in 3D printing we will see soon.
rue_d_etropal at the moment I am in no rush. Away for a couple of days. The way Shapeways price is mainly based on space used in machine. Other companies might have to follow suit, to continue. The world of 3D printing is advancin so fast. What I might try is using frame design for bigger scales, where space is used better. I am not bothered about pre printed colour sides, but may design something which can be cut out, stuck to sides then painted.
rue_d_etropal cost is not much less than a complete coach body, as it still uses same space, but for smaller scales is not too bad.Without the rainstrip, it might be possible to reduce cost be removing part of the roof
rue_d_etropal I wonder if there would an interest in a basic coach sheel Could do it for LMS 57ft, 56ft 6in(?) and 59ft. With ends and sides just up to below windows, and pillars to support roof. Would not add detail to roof, except the rain strips. Then any overlay could be applied.
rue_d_etropal those are the ones. I got one many years ago, but either sold it or it is lost. I bought a couple of sheets from Freestone. Had not looked at other sheets. For printed sheets it might be worth consideing getting the done on transparent plastic, like the old PC kits. Not sure of cost, otherwise get them printed on A4 sized label pabel, which can then be fitted to transparent plastic. To do complete coach side best to start with original drawings, as my drawings only show outline. I know some like their models in museum(non running)condition, but I prefer them in real condition, and given the air polution, paintwork would not have been that clean in service. The 3D printed plastic can be smoothed down quite a bit, it is not as bad as some suggest, and it is better than it used to be. Some form of transfer sheet for the sections of lining mght work One reason I started in 3D was that models are only produced to order, so no need to invest in stock up front. If range is too big, stocking up becomes a nightmare. If there is an easy to use online service use it.I have looked into that option for laser cutting and it can be expensive. Silhouette cutting is more a craft activity and I have not found anyone offereing aservice. I think if anyone was up to it, it might be a good business venture, but until there is such a service I am sticking with 3D printing.
rue_d_etropal paper printed coach sides have been around for years. I have some of the superb prints of pre war london Underground coaches. They were actually done pre-war, and stock was just put to one side. I plan to use them for background, ossibly moving. Problem with any print on paper is loss of 3D effect. Some are doing it pretty well, but it dtill does not give that full 3D effect. Mayb because I switch between 2D and 3D so well, I see the difference. That is why I asked if you were doing it as transfers, as that can be applied to my 3D printed coach sides and you get best of both worlds. I had considered the development of 3D printed coach shells, and laser cut/silhouette cut sides, with laminated sides for panelling, but don't have the software or machines to do it. The pseudo panelling type lining the LMS used is only oddity, but it is flat anyway. If I get a 4mm scale model of then I plan to paint them in wartime livery. they were not reoainted, but colour photos of the time show that the lining is worn out and is not that visible.
rue_d_etropal just thought, are you therefore thinking of transfers?
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February 21, 2017
rue_d_etropal no mention of one yet, but I only find them useful if it is free postage, so I can order just one or two items, otherwise the delayed option is often almost as cheap as a discount.
rue_d_etropal I have the templates for the Peco points. I will have a look at doing the wrap around inlay. It is something I need tolook at, as I already do 12mm gauge sections for HOm, so working through points as required. All you would then have to do is cut the inlay where you want the join. I do have a complete point panel, but not sure on radius without checin,and i would have to do a smaller stone version.
rue_d_etropal The current stones are just under 2mm , nearer to 8in , which is still too big. I did do some for N gauge which are half that size. Will have a look at those. If you are using NOm track, presumably Peco then I might be able to do a wrap around for those. As HOm uses code 75 rail, it is only just possible. My system uses code 100 for straights and curves, but this can still be connected to code 75, by filing down the base of the code 100 rail. Once it is fixed down, the difference is not that obvious.
rue_d_etropal stone size on 12mm gauge is same as HO/OO, so might be too big. It depends on what size stones would be used. it is 3 rows per 7mm. the point being part cobbled might be tricky. wonder if you might be better off with a flexi track cobble section. could make that with smaller stones.
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February 17, 2017
rue_d_etropal thanks for the link, I have used that collection for wagons. For the LT/Met stuff I have both Ian Huntley;s London Underground Surface Stock pPlanbook, and James MSnowdon's Metropolitan Railway Rolling Stock, which is better for coaches , but wanted the other for locos.
rue_d_etropal I have the book of drawings for LT/Metropolitanstock, so hope to tackle some of those at some time.
rue_d_etropal if I can get drawings, I would like to do other units, in particular some of the ones that ran on Merseyside and Manchester. I would need info for the 501s, I presume they were just shortened versions of the SR ones. I used to use them a lot when I first worked in London.
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February 11, 2017
rue_d_etropal I would probably use the Dapol chassis. The debate would be whether the much reduced cost of cut and shunting is worth it, as not everyone ca cut accurately enough. The old Graham Farish coaches apparently are very close, but are actually spot on for the Altringham 58ft stock. When it comes to considering other classes, if I can get drawings I will consider anything
rue_d_etropal @sem34090 The ends are the same. In fact I have used this as a start point for a GEC unit, 3D printed. Although I have done it in HO, I still need to do it for 1/76 scale. The cabs are the same, but the motor compartments are different. It is the engine compartment sides which are difficult to make. The ends are just square holes cut in the coach ends. I could do separate ends,to convet the Dapol/Airfix coaches. They need a lot of cut and shunting as compartment arrangements and sizes are different. Hornby do actually do a model of the All 3rd coach which was used to augment the GEC units. Cutting up a Hornby coach might be a bit excessive. Matching the 3D printed plastic to the Dapol plastic might be tricky, as it is rougher.
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August 19, 2016
B-1-76-pechot-bourdon-1a OO9
rue_d_etropal There were no tender locos, but I needed someway to power a small 20hp Simplex. Not perfect, but there are no r2r chassis this small now(Kato tram one used to be suitable but no longer available).
rue_d_etropal Possible chassis might be this one There are not many small steam loco chassis in N gauge. If you mean the Kato 103/5/7 , then not sure, I know Tom Bell(Tebbee) has some locos designed to fit. I used the bogie one under a wagon to push a snmall Simplex.
rue_d_etropal tricky. a standard lsteam loco chassis might fit. Otherwise look through various Japanese chassis and one might be right length, or could be modified. The Kato ones are not right length. There are some small 040 locos available which might fit.
B-1-76-protected-simplex1 OO9
rue_d_etropal have successfully fitted this chassis. almost as though I designed bidy to fit it.
rue_d_etropal is the one that fits. It is a very good fit, just a bit of the top of the Tomytec body each end and it fits in. It even comes with N gauge couplings so Peco OO9 ones can be fitted.
rue_d_etropal Tomytec make a small box like chassis available from PlazaJapan on ebay. look for Tomytec HM-01 Hakotesu Powered Motorized Chassis N scale
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August 18, 2016
rue_d_etropal not sure. I designed original in diffferent scale, and even then it was tricky. Wheels on prototype are bigger than normal bogie wheels, so a standard lsteam loco chassis might fit. Otherwise look through various Japanese chassis and one might be right length, or could be modified.
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March 13, 2016
rue_d_etropal @fergusonanthony05@fergusonanthony05@fergusonanthony05 I have not tried but it should be possible to fit the Kato 13 or any of that series of chassis


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