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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker

X33A - Wizard's Apprentice
Lockdowns_Trophy_Case @squiggy119 Thanks so much for your interest in these, and for taking the time to write to me about them. I would absolutely love to make these available in colored plastics so that you and others would be able to enjoy them as well. There are a couple different reasons why they are not, and why I won't be able to make them available anytime soon. The first and most critical reason is that Shapeways has a technological limitation with the material it uses for colored plastics that requires printed parts to be bigger than a certain size. On this particular model there are a number of pieces that fall below that threshold, that are crucial to the construction of the figure. These are pieces like the joint ports in its chest, for the waist hinge and head's ball socket, the ball sockets in the thighs, the hands, details on the heads, and parts of their pile drivers. The second reason is that the material used for colored plastics prints in a lower fidelity than the material these are currently available in. If you've bought other things in this material like items from @fakebusker83 (who I'm a huge fan of and routinely inspired by), then you're no stranger to the porous, sandstone, sugarcube-like texture of the material. While it works fine for solid planes and bodies, it does obscure small, intricate details. Parts of this figure like the iconic details of its chest, the cassette wheels in its back, and the details of its faces would all be muted if not entirely unreadable. For example, attached is a photo of the Solar Tower accessory I recently did to complete Magic Square Toys' Grapple. It is printed in the same material that colored versions of this figure would be, and nearly all of the detail that I intently researched and captured in its model are lost in the print. The last, and probably most important reason to you would be that it'd be covered in white squares. That's because the colored plastics that Shapeways offers aren't colored completely through. They are a white plastic that is then dyed the appropriate color. All of the parts of this figure are joined onto a sprue tree, that you need to cut them off from. Every connection that was cut would would expose the white plastic on the part, that is beneath the dye. So you'd be right back at wanting to paint these for them to at least be a solid color. Unfortunately, I can't offer all of the pieces individually to avoid the sprue tree issue because some are so small that they'd be lost in Shapeways' print-cleaning process. I can appreciate your aversion to painting these. They have some of the hardest details to paint well that I've ever painted. If you're ok with them being one solid color, or having a simpler paint job, then that's probably something you could try if you wanted to. If you think painting something so small would be difficult, then my only other suggestion is that I do have these guys available in the larger "Legends Plus" scale. Those ones are available in the colored plastics, but will still have the white sprue connections that I discussed above. Sorry to hit you with this big essay on these little guys. I wanted to make sure I fully explained why they're not available in the colored materials for you. Again, thanks so much for your interest. The things in my shop are almost all things that I wanted to make for myself, so it's always humbling when someone else has a desire for them.
Lockdowns_Trophy_Case commented on arm by leopoly
March 5, 2018
Lockdowns_Trophy_Case At the risk of sounding rude, can I ask the story behind this? It popped up in my search result for something unrelated and it made me curious.
TFP Voyager Class Megatron's Shield of Megatronus
Lockdowns_Trophy_Case @CyberstormSM I can just sell you this one when I'm done using it for design. I saved the box and all.
Lockdowns_Trophy_Case @CyberstormSM Just so you know, he totally looks awesome with it:
Lockdowns_Trophy_Case @CyberstormSM I tracked one down after going to 5 stores (what a rare figure?) and will definitely be able to adapt this model to work with it. I have limited internet access for the next few days but will be in touch later this week with pictures and more details. Stay tuned.
Lockdowns_Trophy_Case @CyberstormSM Absolutely, I think that's an awesome idea. I was actually in the process of refining this model so that it has a smoother surface, reduce the depth of the inlay designs, and reduce the amount of material it uses so that it is less expensive to print. I had hoped to upload that this week. I don't have TLK Megatron but it looks like he's got a peg on his left arm that will work for mounting the shield. I don't have him in my collection so I'll see if I can track one down nearby tomorrow to get started. Do you want the same exact design as this, or do you want me to adapt this design to include elements of TLK Megatron's aesthetics?
The Desecrated Vambrace
Lockdowns_Trophy_Case I have ordered a number of your TFP items, and this is easily the most impressive to me. Mine arrived today (in red strong flexible polished) and I am amazed at how refined its design is. This looks like a store-bought accessory with its symmetry, perfect fit to the figure, and there are no ridged printing layers to be found anywhere. I recently made Megatron's shield, and when it arrived in white strong flexible and polished, the ridges between the layers of 3D printing that form the curved face (like on yours) were incredibly evident. I would be forever in your debt if you were to shed the slightest ray of light on how your curved faces are so smooth while mine are not. Thanks for another fantastic accessory.
TFP deluxe (FE) Starscream left blaster
Lockdowns_Trophy_Case @fakebusker83 Would it be possible to get the version for the right arm since that's the one he has replaced in the show?


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