Harry Burger


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer
I bring wax seals into the 21st century with 3D printing & mail-safe wax.
Mechanical design engineer using SolidWorks since 2001.

New Telescope Wax Seal is a perfect gift for astronomers, astrophysicists, and stargazers! http://shpws.me/Pcee Telescope Wax Seal
Impress your friends and family with this new Holly Wreath Wax Seal! http://shpws.me/PaTX Holly Wreath Wax Seal
Lightbringer commented on Masonic Signet Ring by Lightbringer
July 25, 2017
Masonic Signet Ring
Lightbringer @ajstanich24 - I must have missed the notification, just saw the comment now - glad to hear it! Thanks!
Buy this Quill Pen Wax Seal as a graduation gift for your favorite new writer! For the first time, the bronze versions of the seal have a more detailed impression than the stainless steel. http://shpws.me/Ovh8 Quill Pen Wax Seal
Fleur-de-lis wax seal now available! - http://shpws.me/Ov5Z Fleur-de-lis Wax Seal
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December 15, 2016
All aboard! Get our new Locomotive Wax Seal to give a special finishing touch to your holiday cards, or as a gift for the train lover in your life! http://shpws.me/MNi8 Locomotive Wax Seal
Order your Menorah Wax Seal in time for sending out Hanukkah cards! http://shpws.me/MNhG Menorah Wax Seal
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September 26, 2016
Lightbringer commented on Donald Trump by tomislav_veg
September 25, 2016
Donald Trump
Lightbringer Where are Jill Stein and Gary Johnson?
Lightbringer commented on Hillary Clinton by tomislav_veg
September 25, 2016
Hillary Clinton
Lightbringer Where are Jill Stein and Gary Johnson?
Lightbringer commented on Trinity Signet Ring by Lightbringer
July 26, 2016
Trinity Signet Ring
Lightbringer @jxr1063 I'm saying that if you want this in stainless steel I could do it, however it could arrive a full size too big or too small, and nothing I can do about it. With silver, bronze, brass, gold, and platinum, this is not a problem.
Lightbringer @jxr1063 My apologies, I thought I had disabled all stainless steel rings. Shapeways considers a stainless steel ring that's a full size too big or too small as acceptable and not worthy of a refund or remake. That's not acceptable to me or most of my customers, so you still have a chance to cancel the order and choose another material if you like. Cast metals do not share this problem. Sorry to do this in a public forum, but you have private messaging turned off and I can't get to you any other way.
Lightbringer commented on Custom Signet Ring by Lightbringer
July 15, 2016
Custom Signet Ring
Lightbringer @ZIROSURVIVAL I did, until Shapeways subtly changed the rules without notice so that according to them, nothing is wrong if they make it a full size too big or too small. They stuck me with 11 custom rings my customer couldn't use, all a half size over, no refund, no remake, and no guarantee that if I scaled them up half a size that the second set would not be a size and a half too big. Don't order any rings from Shapeways in stainless that you want to wear. Cast metals are fine though.
Lightbringer @baxtercraft I'd prefer a private message first, so I can evaluate the design and possibly give feedback. Sometimes compromises need to be made to accommodate what the material can do.
New Microscope wax seal now available for purchase! A great gift for a scientist or laboratory technician. http://shpws.me/MgOm Microscope Wax Seal
Come see our table at the Long Island Pen Show March 12-13 at the Hofstra University Student Center! More info on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Scales of Justice Signet Ring
Lightbringer @rjleal 98 mm diameter? That's 3.85"? That's one giant finger, I could fit my whole hand through it. It's certainly /possible/, but the material would get very expensive. Please confirm you didn't mean 9.8 mm. That would be extremely small, but I might be able to do it in silver.


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